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The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) - Volume 3 - Chapter 129.1

Published at 15th of June 2019 07:36:19 PM

Chapter 129.1

~Side Roche~

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“And so, the match will be held from 3PM . The place is the plains . The exact location is visible from here and there will be spectator seats built by Ryouma . So use that as your landmark . Attendance isn’t compulsory . I’m sure there are some of you who haven’t completed your job just yet, so you can go ahead and prioritize those . But if you’re done with your work, then do drop by and watch . The rest is your responsibility . Dismissed!” [Roche]

 When the morning assembly ended, the students could be seen going about their own business . Some immediately went off somewhere, while some talked with someone else for some time .

“Roche, can I have a sec?” [Lucas]

“What’s the matter, Lucas?” [Roche]

“We’re done deciding the groups for the match . Here . See if there aren’t any problems . ” [Lucas]

 After receiving the document from Lucas, the names of the participants of each group of two and their specialty were written .

“As detailed and faithful as ever… We have 10 people, so that’s 5 matches in total . I don’t see any problems in particular . We can also just follow this for the order . ” [Roche]

“In that case, I’ll inform the participants . ” [Lucas]

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“I’ll leave it to you . By the way, what do you think about the students this time around?” [Roche]

“Their techniques are still sloppy, but there’s a lot with a good disposition . And Ryouma is around this time too, right? Having a kid their age or younger than them working as an instructor with the adults is bound to be a concern for them . I’m sure there are a lot of students conscious about it . ” [Lucas]

“Yeah . But if they’re adventurers, being that confident is better . ” [Roche]

“Is that why you revealed Ryouma’s matter on the first day in the carriage?” [Lucas]

“Well, it would have been hard for him to do his job if they looked down on him . He also didn’t seem like the type to assert himself, though his skills are the real thing . ” [Roche]

 Just one look at his base was enough to give one an idea of how much mana he had and how skilled he was at Earth Magic .

 I’m sure there are other adults who can do the same thing .

 But if you’re talking about kids his age, well… Finding another one capable of the same thing might prove to be difficult .

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 It gets even harder when you add the condition that they need to be able to build the house while acting as if they hadn’t spent a drop of mana .

 Just based on that he’s far and away from the usual kids his age .

 Yes, completely unlike your average kid…

“Hey, Lucas . Did you hear? Although Ryouma is like that, his magic is still just that of a ‘mage in training’, and his real specialty lies in his close combat just like us . ” [Roche]

“What? But in today’s match, he’s…” [Lucas]

“Yeah . That’s because I asked him to join as an archer . Still, it seems like he can use all sorts of weapons . I don’t know his actual skills, but he seemed confident, so his fighting skills are probably above his magic . ” [Roche]

“Considering how much room he has left to grow… What a terrifying child . ” [Lucas]

“That’s why I’m so troubled . ” [Roche]

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“Troubled?” [Lucas]

“You know that the guild master talked to me before, right? That he asked me to make Ryouma participate?” [Roche]

“Yeah . ” [Lucas]

“But now that I think about it, I feel like there was a strange implication there . ” [Roche]

 He kept explaining this and that . Like how he had enough skill and camping experience and how he’s a calm guy and stuff .

“At the time, I thought he was just watching over a new kid like he usually does, but when I saw Ryouma himself, I started to think differently… Ryouma still doesn’t have any party members . There are many times when you have to form parties for a job on the fly . But that’s all . ” [Roche]

“…Is he asking us to have Ryouma party with the students? It’s true that they’re all new adventurers . Their experience should be roughly the same . But there’s a large gap in their skills . There’s no way he doesn’t understand that . ” [Lucas]

 I get where Lucas is coming from . While having differences in the abilities between members is given within a party – after all, it’s a gathering of humans – if the difference in abilities is too great, problems will occur . That is especially true with the younger adventurers .

“I also can’t agree with making Ryouma form a party with the students . I’m sure that person thinks so too . In that case…” [Roche]

 In that case, maybe we should look at it not as getting Ryouma to form a party with others but getting others to want to form a party with him?

“Aren’t you thinking about it too much? It hasn’t been a year since that child registered . He’s done a lot of dangerous jobs, and he also has a background of living out in the forest alone . There shouldn’t be any reason to help him get a party so quickly using such an indirect method, is there? Or is there another reason?” [Lucas]

“That’s what I don’t understand . ” [Roche]

 I don’t think it’s just my imagination, though…

“He saved our friends, so I want to help him if possible . But we haven’t received an actual job . We have to prioritize the job at hand . The guild master hasn’t made his intentions clear either, so we have a reason not to act too… Unless he just forget to say it, anyway . ” [Lucas]

“Right . ” [Roche]

 First, let’s prioritize the job at hand .

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