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The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) - Volume 3 - Chapter 92

Published at 20th of February 2019 02:30:28 PM

Chapter 92

The next day .

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“Boss, there’s a customer for you . ” [Carm]

“A customer?” [Ryouma]

When I dropped by the store, I was immediately informed that a customer was waiting for me .

“Miya-sama has something to talk about regarding your experiment . ” [Carm]

In that case, bring her to the reception office, I told him .

“Miya-san?” [Ryouma]

“Ryouma! I’ve been waiting, nyaa!” [Miya]

“Good morning . Sorry for making you wait . ” [Ryouma]

“Nah, it’s my fault since I just showed up without an appointment, but I just really had to get more of this odor-absorbing liquid . ” [Miya]

“I take it that means it was effective?” [Ryouma]

After hearing her out it would appear that the effect lasted from yesterday afternoon until evening the next day . So, about a day at most .

“Was it effective in the morning?” [Ryouma]

“Nyaa doubt it! This liquid of yours is amazing, nyaa . It got rid of the stench coming from the landfill so well that I could actually take a deep breath and be refreshed for once . Although when a neighbor came to throw trash, he looked at me like I was some weirdo or something, nyaa . ” [Miya]

“Well…” [Ryouma]

When you think about it, breathing in air fresh from the landfill and making a satisfied face would have surely looked odd, to say the least .

“But when he approached the landfill, he quickly realized that there was no smell, and he was able to understand why I was acting like I did . Since even that guy could tell the difference, there’s no doubt that Ryouma’s liquid is super effective, nyaa!” [Miya]

“I see… But one day is just too short . ” [Ryouma]

“Nyaa? You can tell, nyaa?” [Miya]

“More or less . ” [Ryouma]

As soon as I started this experiment, I found out that there’s a limit to how much the odor-absorbing liquid can absorb . For example, if I were to use Identify on this sack of odor-absorbing liquid…



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A sack filled with the deodorant slime’s odor-absorbing liquid .

Due to the odor-absorbing liquid having already absorbed as much odor it can, it no longer has any effect .


That’s what it says .

Just as it says, this odor-absorbing liquid has already absorbed as much as it can and can no longer absorb any more odor . Unfortunately, I found out that its capacity to absorb odor that is relatively small . Even if it is able to last longer than the cleaner slime’s version of the odor-absorbing liquid, also known as the deodorizing liquid, it can at most last up to a week . But I doubt it can actually take effect that long .

“But in that experiment I was using the scavenger slime’s Stench, so it wasn’t representative of a normal household’s environment, which is why I had to ask you for your help . ” [Ryouma]

“I see, nyaa~ So, don’t you have anything that lasts longer, nyaa?” [Miya]

“Then how about trying the Odor Component Extraction Liquid next?” [Ryouma]

Given th same amount of stench from the scavenger slime, the Odor-Absorbing Liquid could only last for a few minutes, whereas the Odor Component Extraction Liquid could last for almost an hour . The downside is that it has a smaller area of effect .

So, it lasts longer, but it’s area of effect is also smaller . That’s how the Odor Component Extraction Liquid works .

“Got it, nyaa . I can just leave it in the same place as before, right, nyaa?” [Miya]

“Please . ” [Ryouma]

“Leave it to me, nyaa . I also want this experiment to be concluded as soon as possible, nyaa! It’s for my sake too, nyaa!” [Miya]

As she said that, Miya-san took the sack of Odor Component Extraction Liquid and went home .

“Conclude, huh…” [Ryouma]

Actually, I can already see the conclusion . It’s right before my eyes, after all .

I turned to the deodorant slime that was puking out Odor Component Extraction Liquid while its body shook .

As one might infer by this point in time, the deodorant slime is capable of combining the Odor Component Extraction Liquid with the Odor-Absorbing Liquid inside its body . And just like the cleaner slime it can puke out that combined liquid . Unlike the cleaner slime’s liquid, however, the deodorant slime’s liquid can be diluted and combined with other liquids .

So, why don’t I do just that and mix it up?

If we were to combine the Odor-Absorbing Liquid that has a much greater area of effect with the Odor Component Extraction Liquid that has a greater capacity to absorb more odor, then it might just be possible to overcome each liquid’s individual weakness . It might be possible to use other ingredients as well .

But regardless what product we end up making, we won’t be able to sell immediately . As for why, that’s because the deodorant slimes are still too few in numbers . Hmm?

The deodorant slime seems to be trying to absorb the sack filled with used Odor-Absorbing Liquid . It looks like it wants to eat it .

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…Could it be? Is the Odor-Absorbing Liquid actually a trap for the deodorant slimes to acquire their food?

Time slowly passed as I pondered on the deodorant slime .

After finishing my job at the store and lunch, I visited the people cooperating with my experiment and asked them how things were going . Other than Miya-san, no one else’s sack has lost its effect . Miya-san’s circumstances were an outlier, as expected .

Even the sack at Zeke-san’s butcher still hadn’t lost effect . While thinking something rude like that to myself, I arrived at my destination .

“Excuse me . ” [Ryouma]

“Welcome—” [Clerk]

As soon as I entered the store, a voice called out to me from the right side . When I turned to the right, there was a young man resting his chin on his hands on the counter . He didn’t appear enthusiastic .

“Huh? Aren’t you that Bamboo Forest kid?” [Clerk]

“Yes . I am Ryouma Takebayashi . You know about my store?” [Ryouma]

“I’m Dansbel . As you can see, I work at this store . Not that I want to, mind you . My dad just sort of pushed the job to me . Your store has been word of the town recently . If there’s a book you’re looking for, just say it and I’ll help you find it . ” [Dansbel]

The guy was unexpectedly talkative as he glanced at the crowded book shelves of the dark store . The shelves were so packed that there wasn’t even a bit of gap between them . Finding a book from that looks like it’ ll prove a challenge .

“Thank you . I don’t have a particular book in mind, but I was hoping to find some illustration books on medicinal plants and books related to medicine . ” [Ryouma]

Whether it’s medicine or poison, making either requires that one possesses the necessary knowledge and technology . I already have knowledge on medicines, but that knowledge is just something that was given to me . I don’t think it’s a bad idea to study it from the basics, but I don’t have the time to become someone’s apprentice, so I figured I could get myself some reference books instead .

“Follow me then . ” [Dansbel]

Dansbel led me to the bookshelf near the opposite corner .

“The books here are all related to medicine . I’m not sure if you can read them, though . They’re rather difficult . ” [Dansbel]

“I’ve studied a little under my grandmother . It should be alright . There’s just a few things I want to confirm . ” [Ryouma]

“Hmm… In that case, I recommend these . ”

Dansbel took out three books . Two were illustration books on medicinal plants and poison, while the last one was handbook on mixing medicine . Every one of the books had ‘Edited by the Medical Guild’ written on the cover .

“How much for these three?” [Ryouma]

“Huh? You’re buying all of them?” [Dansbel]

“Depending on the price . Is there a problem?” [Ryouma]

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The store clerk shook his head .

“Now that I think about it, your store is quite popular . If you can buy them, then it’s fine . It’s just that books are expensive, so there aren’t a lot of people who would so easily buy one . ” [Dansbel]

“Is it that expensive?” [Ryouma]

“Long-lasting paper would cost 10 suits at the cheapest, so with books having hundreds of those, it’s only natural that the price would end up in the thousands . On top of that, there’s still the ink used and the author’s share . ” [Dansbel]

All three books cost 15,000 suits in total . It’s not a problem for me, but it is indeed expensive . Definitely not something a person could buy frivolously .

“In that case, how about these ones too?” [Dansbel]

Seeing how much money I had, the male clerk started recommending more books to me, but there were no more books that had been edited by the medical guild . They were probably self-published .

“I’ll just go with these three for now . ” [Ryouma]

“I see . Alright then . ” [Dansbel]

He didn’t force the issue and quickly processed my purchase .

“Come again if you need more books . I’ll give you a little discount if you pick a book that doesn’t sell, so do drop by regularly . ” [Dansvel]

The male clerk sent me off listlessly .

He doesn’t seem like a bad person, so I might come back once I’m done with these books .

“!? What is this smel…” [Ryouma]

When the wind carried a foul stench with it, I turned toward its direction . There I saw some children pulling a carriage with heaps of trash piled atop it . I even recognized one of the faces with them .

“Hello . Wist-kun, right?” [Ryouma]

“Ah . R-Ryouma-kun?” [Wist]

I called out to the boy with a tall stature, and apparently, he remembers me .

“Hey! What are you stopping f— Ryouma?” [Berk]

“S-Sorry!” [Wist]

“I’m sorry too . ” [Ryouma]

After a boy small for his age called out to Wist, Wist started walking again .

It was Berk, from the Small Monkey Man Tribe, who called out to Wist-kun, who himself was from the Big Monkey Man Tribe . These two participated in the abandoned mine subjugation job .

“Didn’t mean to interfere . ” [Ryouma]

“Nah, it’s cool . That guy’s just too much of a scaredy cat . ” [Berk]

“So, the same as ever, huh . ” [Ryouma]

“What did you want? We can talk while walking . ” [Berk]

“I just called out because I happened to notice you… Are you working today?” [Ryouma]

“I’m supervising them . ” [Berk]

Now that he mentions it, these children carrying trash all look young . Except for Wist-kun, that is .

“Is that the town’s garbage?” [Ryouma]

“That’s right . Gathering all of this town’s trash and dealing with them is a common job for slum brats . ” [Berk]

“What do you with the trash?” [Ryouma]

“The adults either burn them at the designated location or bury them outside town . We did the same job before becoming adventurers, but it’s the adults who are responsible for dealing with the trash, so I’m not that particular about it . ” [Berk]

That’s probably because of the monsters .

“But it’s dangerous even in town . You could get run over by a carriage or bump into people . Adults could do this job early in the morning or late in the evening, but doing it in the afternoon is easier . These guys are still no good, though . If you leave them for even a second, they end up like that . Ruth and the others are escorting other groups too . ” [Berk]

“…So this isn’t a job from the adventurers guild then?” [Ryouma]

“Our senpais who’d become adventurers themselves also watched over us when we did this . It’s not anything weird, you know . ” [Berk]

“I don’t know about being normal, but I think what you’re doing is admirable . ” [Ryouma]

Although it might not bring them any profits, they made sure to pass on the good will that they’d received themselves in the past . It’s because of that that they’re able to work together as a group and help each other .

And if they really consider doing something like this as a matter-of-fact, then even if they might be poor financially, they’re rich in terms of spirit .

“Admirable? W-What are you looking at me like that for?” [Berk]

“I don’t have an agenda . I really do think you’re admirable . ” [Ryouma]

“The hell are you going on about? That’s gross…” [Berk]

“Sorry, sorry . Anyway, I’ll be going now . ” [Ryouma]

A lot happened when we first met, but I’m sure they’re alright now . The color of their face looks much better now too . At the very least, I can’t feel that tense atmosphere they carried with them before . As I prayed for them to be able to keep that up, I went home alone .

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