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Published at 20th of March 2019 04:32:47 PM

Chapter 106

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Seeing this attack made Chen Xiao surprised . He knew that fire dragons were loved by all kinds of flames, but he did not expect that Ao Shuang would actually be able to fuse them into a formation .

This formation was one of Ao Shuang's most powerful formations, and was in fact an accumulation of various different paths of thought regarding flames and heavenly flames .

Some said that heavenly flames were flames blessed by the heavens . Which of course meant that they had to go through tribulations in order to grow stronger, if they followed the nornal path of thought like every single other heavenly material or beings .

But the flames did not go through any tribulations, at the very least none known until today .

This made many believe in another option, that these flames were called heavenly flames because they were created by an extremelly powerful being .

According to the legends surrounding this theory, there were originally very few heavenly flames, which contained the power of lightning tribulation inside of them .

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And so a powerful being seeing this decided to take this a step further . He fused all opposites and formed countless new types of heavenly flames and other elements .

This was of course abhorred by the Heavens at the time and that being was said to have responded in kind, by having sealed all kinds of tribulations regarding heavenly flames until they grew to a certain point .

If the last part was true or not no one knew . But one thing was clear to support that theory, it was confirmed that in the middle of the universe was a great sun in there .

That sun was so powerful and so full of itself that if anyone dared to approach it, it would evaporate every single drop of blood of those related to them .

And although that sun was said to be only of ordinary size, it was made of countless colors, and although it was said that incredibly powerful beings tried to take a bit of the flames that surrounded it, scrap flames, those flames instantly killed everyone when they left the sealing item it was used to seal them, and then would return near the sun .

The fire dragons were said to have the closest relation to the heavenly flames because that sun had once given a fire dragon a bit of its flames, and so that dragon fused them into his bloodline, and ever since then the fire dragons began to prosper, but their downfall still came when they battled the water dragons .

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This was of course an old grudge now .

But this was all irrelevant now in the middle of the battle .

Chen Xiao called out every bit of his cultivation and his Spear Ki and fused them .

These were the preparations he had been making since the failure of his escape with Liang Chen's help .

Suddenly his body became translucent and he rushed towards the edge of the sealing formation .

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His speed suddenly increased to the limit and hw coughed blood, increasing his speed even more, seemingly teleporting .

When he appeared at the edge of the fornation, his body then seemed to have melted into space and he passed right through the sealing formation .

This was something that Ao Shuang thought would happen, but not like this .

He knew that the oppening Chen Xiao showed was on purpose, but he never expected that whenever he retreated backwards, seemingly being slowly pushed back was actualy a ruse for this .

His formation hit nothing and the sealing formation collapsed since Ao Shuang did not care for it no longer .

When Chen Xiao appeared, he began to stroll towards where Liang Chen was . He weakly standing with his spear on his right hand and was currently glaring at him as he slowly approached .

When Chen Xiao got near him he sighed . Seeing him finally by his side, Liang Chen immediately went to beat him in the head with his spear, but he lost his balance and fell to the ground .

Blood continued to flow out of his body as he tried to once again get up .

Chen Xiao sighed both on his mind and on the outside seeing this .

Liang Chen did not have a powerful legacy nor techniques as theirs, but even so his stubbornness had no end, as he would fight to the end, through fire and water, a sea of blades or heavenly thunder . All of this mattered not to him, as he only cared about what he could or would gain from it .

If he became stronger or received a few items, very well, but if he did not receive any, he would curse all generations of the ones who made such a place, all the way back to their mother's womb, and then would drown his sadness inyo alcohol .

This stubbornness of his made him become stronger as time went on, and even now he did not miss anything that happened . He might not care about much, but everything that he could use on his spear, no matter how ridiculous, he would remember every single strand of hair and their position if it was necessary .

This made him get stronger every time he was defeated or found something that amused him .

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