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Chapter 24

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After far enough Liang Meng took out the Heavenly Jade Stalk and stared at it . This herb was incredibly valuable, not only because of its effects but also because of how it's formed . It needs thousands upon thousands of years and it needed to go thorough an internal tribulation .

This herb was even more valuable to those with an higher cultivation realm . Since at that stage even though you were close to the Heavenly Dao there was an even higher risk of causing your own demise if you infuriated the Heavens . But with this herb you had an incredibly high chance of comprehending the Heavenly Dao without many risks . Such resources were incredibly rare even in the world of the gods .

So after thinking for a while Liang Meng kept the herb inside the bag again .

She intended to stay a few months to a few years more inside this place, at least until she had a breakthrough to the Ki Stabilization realm and solidified it, or in other words until she got to the second realm of Ki Stabilization, since only then even if she suffered grievous injuries her realm had a lower chance of regressing .

Since every major realm had nine layers with each three being initiate realm, middle realm and final realm with the ninth with a vestige of breakthrough being peak .

At the moment she was in the Outer Organs Refining realm in the 8th layer . Even if she had many treasures at hand she could only slowly transform her Ki into Spear Ki at the moment .

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Even so, she was rather curious as to why nobody went to the true depths of the forest and even if they went they never returned . Even when she asked Liang Chen he had not answered her even though he clearly knew why .

When she looked in that direction she felt an abnornal fear and the thought of going as far as she could was always present on her head .

She could not understand this . Even in the ancient ruins at the begining of the Dao Era did not give her these feelings . It was unreasonable . As so she swore on her heart to one day come an see what it was inside .

But now was not the time . She had to go and and continue to improve her Spear Dao, since now it was increasing slowly . She was becoming more and more aware that she was not fit to usr the spear . But she had to try new paths to develop herself and to kill that dispicable Xiao Hai .

So she continued to hunt more and more beasts . Days passed by with no one interfering or messing with her, since they knew how ruthless she was .

One night she heard whispers .

"Have you found her yet?

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"No Clan Head . However we found some fresh tracks of fights . We are close to finding the one who assassinated the Young Lord . "

"Good . Even if that little demonspawn did not kill Little Xi alone we can interrogate her to find out who . "

Liang Meng was perplexed . When had she offended these idiots . Even if she had stoleb tht herb so what . They were going to use it in a stupid way . Even she belieced that would be blasphemy . But she did not kill any of them yet anyways .

Then a spark of enlightement came to her and she thought of that idiot who tried to steal the giant serpent .

'What a coincidence . Back then I could not kill him because I was exhausted and my realm was low and had no preparations, but now since you came at me there is no need for any of you to leave . '

As such she activated Translucent and Ethereal . The night was really dark so it was perfect to act as a cover .

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Soon she found out that they were closer to her than she had thought . She was actualy almost surrounded .

Soon she was out of the encirclement and started preparing formations by using materials and not her Ki since with her current realm they would be useless .

She made countless formations and even the formation she used againts that Giant Green Serpent . This formation was called Battle Talisman Formation, since people cultivated in different methods, those who used talismans and formations were at a disavantage in a heated combat, since talismans and formations used a substantial amount of Ki, so this formation allowed them to activate talismans at will by using the Ki of the surroundings and theirs 6/10 and 4/10, respectively .

Of course there were better formations than this one but they were only useful for higher grade talismans abd she had no cultivation to support it anyways with her current cultivation . Even formations have to be supported by cultivation in the end .

Like so she began making obvious tracks for them to follow her to this place .

"Clan Head we found fresh tracks!"

"Good! Follow them and capture her!"

"Yes Clan Head!"

Liang Meng simply sat there waiting for them . Since she had nothing to do other than waiting she cultivated .

"Cland Head we found her!"

As soon as she felt their presence she entered the formations . They were not activated so they could not see them .

"Little Beast tell me obidiently who killed my Little Xi! Otherwise don't blame this old man!" said the Xi Cland Head in a cold voice full of hatred, but internally he was shocked . This brat was so young but her cultivation was already so profound .

Liang Meng simply snorted and said in a freezing and condescending voice "Does this Lady need your permission to kill a few random street dogs?"