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Published at 3rd of January 2019 07:57:34 PM

Chapter 25

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As soon as he heard those words he was enraged . Not only was that "random dog" who died his son but was also his hope for the uprising of his clan since he was an incredible genius despite his many faults .

"Is that so? Then we just have to make your senior to leave the shadows . And for that" after a moment of silence he said "You gace to die!" he said in a cold and enraged voice .

After ge said those words all of the elders and disciples of the Xi Clan moved at once . Even if she was young and wasn't that powerful compared to those surrounding her she possibly had a powerful senior hidden in rhe shadows, so they had to kill her first in irder to make that senior to appear and make him enraged in order to make him stay behind .

"With just your insignificant strength?" she asked in a voice full of disdain .

As soon as she said that countless formations appeared around her, covering even the sky . It appeared as if they were in another world made of formations .

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All of a sudden screams resounded from all around and many were struck by lightning, others were reduced to ashes, others were made into ice sculptures, others had all their body parts melted by acid, and others either fell into holes or were stuck into water balls .

Either way it was a massacre . This was not something they had expected at all .

Fortunately or unfortunately those who were dead now were the disciples who didn't have a lot of battle experience, since those who had it moved instantly with some of them injured ranging from small to heavy injuries .

They did not expect this at all . They had expected an expert to appear but this they did not .

They reacted instantly, adjusting themselves to deal with the formations and attack their opponent at the same time .

As Liang Meng saw it, they were already dead peoplr walking with borrowed lifespan . So she activated another round of talismans and formations, but this time was different than the last . These talismans did not attack them, but instead flew out and stuck in midair all around them forming a dome with 100m diameter, naturally Liang Meng did not plan to let any of them leave today, since it was not her style to let any hidden danger that she had confidence in killing off .

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As such formations to restrict their cultivation and their speed appeared all over . As soon as those appeared they felt as if they had weights all over their bodies, it was strenuous to even move, the same applied to their Ki, it was as if the world had barely any Ki left around them now .

They did not like this feeling so they became even more serious and resolute to kill this little demon in front of them now .

Weapons and talismans appeared in all their hands and they all attacked .

Liang Meng scoffed and new formations appeared around ger as they stopped their attacks, but those formations suffered quite the damage still .

So Liang Meng gad to take care of them all quickly, because as soon as these formations break she would be in danger .

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She continuously activated talismans and put her spear on her hands and charged at her opponents as formations appeared in midair raising her cultivation and increasing her attacks, speed and defense .

She used Spear Rain at those who were more injured first and made those who were trying to defend them retreat by using talismans and formations to restrict them .

Countless spears rained down at them and further injured them . Liang Meng rushed at them and stabed forth with her master spear technique and a few died on the spot not expecting such a technique and they being closer to her . The others either barely avoided death or dodged with some leway .


Suddenly they heard a strange noise behind them and as they looked over they saw a phoenix with talismans formed by talismans charging at them, burning a few of them to ashes .

They immediately understood even further that they provoked someone they shouldn't have . Even the Formation Saint wasn't this knowledgeable at formations .

Even so they had to kill this opponent ecen at the price of their lives since enmity was already formed .

Liang Meng continues fighting and during tje fight she understood many things about the spear and begun changing more techniques or improving them further .

Countless spears rained down from time to time, talismans were activated and techniques that appeared to be swords were transformed into spears . Sometimes Spear Ki appeared inside their bodies, exploding those body parts . Sometimes spears that appeared to come from the Heavens killed one of them .

And other times a formation appeared behind their backs, injuring them and hindering their attacks .

They may be strong but in Liang Meng's eyes they were nothing more than sitting ducks .

Soon enough the elders and seniors broke the formations hindering them only to see a disaster in front of them . All their juniors were dead and the whole forest ahead was painted in red with scorch marks everywhere .

They were enraged . With this their clan lost the majority of their youths and geniuses . Their clan would need at least a few decades to recover their face and splendour .

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