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Published at 3rd of January 2019 07:57:26 PM

Chapter 31

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Those who knew the real story of this matter weren't many, and if it wasn't because many powers decided to mediate, today there definitely wouldn't even be someone who dared to use the name Wei, much less a Kingdom with that name .

But because many powers mediated the Wei Kingdom was able to live but was basically crippled for a few decades of their resources . They wouldn't mind if that Kingdom disappeared in normal times, but the Wu Empire was too strong and was very, very ambitious, so the did its workWei Kingdom by "balancing the table" .

Nobody knew how that enmity was created, but Liang Chen back then was enraged to the limit, even the many elders from the great powers that tried to calm him down and wanted to "help" the Wei Kingdom were all massacred, there weren't even bodies left wherever that spear passed .

That was the first time the name Liang Chen spread and shocked the great powers in the world . He was really "low key" previously, nobody even knew about him previously . The only thing they knew was that the army that was killing the rebels was killed .

Afterwards the great powers sensed a boundless Spear Ki along with killing intent, and by that they inferred that whoever was heading towards the Wei Kingdom's royal palace was incredibly powerful, so they immediately sent people over to watch the show, but when it seemed that he was really going to annihilate every living being in that palace they immediately tried to help . But everyone was killed . Only when the really powerful characters in the worls appeared and negotiated in person were things more or less resolved .

It wasn't easy, but Liang Chen at the time wasn't as powerful as he was now so he put that enmity deep in his heart . But when he sensed a familiarity in that crown prince he was instantly reminded of it and wanted to kill them all .

He had very few real friends, and one of them died because of the Wei Kingdom, all because he had a strange bloodline and incredible treasures on his person, they killed him . Liang Chen at the time was weak and didn't know the truth . He didn't even learn of it until a few months later when one of the Elders of his friend told him . At the time he was enraged .

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He wanted to eliminate every living thing in the whole Wei Kingdom, but was stopped by that Elder . That was one the first time where Liang Chen cried of frustration and hatred for himself for not being there when his friend needed the most and for being too weak and not being able to seek vengeance .

Seeing him like that, the Elder stood by the side until Liang Chen stopped crying and let all his anger out and told him not to blame himself for what happened . Liang Chen wanted to know why they didn't seek revenge and was only told that the Dragon Race couldn't do so because of an ancient pact they made they couldn't kill many on the surface, but they still reclaimed everything back after killing those involved . They couldn't kill "many" but they could kill "a few" . Even though that wasn't satisfying it had to do .

Liang Chen didn't accept it and trained even harder than before, quite literally he went insane . And after a few years when he felt he was strong enough he went havoc in the Wei Kingdom . Of course he didn't stop because of those mediating in there, but because of the same Elder of the Dragon Race that asked him to stop, that killing thousands was already enough to appease his friend's soul .

Liang Chen let it go but not before cleaning their treasury and making them never to appear on his sight or he would "cleanse" the world of them .

Of course this crown prince knew of that incident, but until now they didn't even know how they had offended him, after all he just stormes their palace and killed everyone on sight .

By these words the prince was shaken to his core . He knew how powerful his ancestors were, but he didn't experience it himself back then so he didn't know how fearful this guy was . Only today did he know what the ancestors meant by "a lunatic that doesn't care about who you are or where you come from" .

Liang Meng was also quite surprised . This was the first time she had seen him with so much hatred and anger appearing on him . She had always thought he was quite easy going but was arrogant to the extreme and didn't put anyone on his eyes .

But this was the first time she had seen him so "emotional" that even his Spear Ki was filled with boundless bloodthirst and hatred, it had even turned dark red with a baleful aura emitting from it . This was simply not normal either, but she had learned a few things about it as well when he teached her his techniques . Spear Ki could represent his emotions and by doing so they could affect everything around them . But she didn't thought that it could make one literally see Hell in there, and even making one see their own death just by feeling it . This was a new type of psychological technique so to speak .

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Those at the auction were even more scared by knowing who he was . By what happened four years ago on that battle it reminded them all to never provoke him even more now .

"Continue on with the auction . I will only cleanse the air around since pieces of garbage dared to enter my presence . " he said with a voice filled of hatred and so cold that even his Spear Ki seemed to freeze everything .

No one had even the slightest feeling of continuing with the auction now . The happy and exciting atmosphere of the auction now turned grim and a little scary for many here .

"Since you won't crawl naked back to your backwater place I will kill you and send you back piece by piece . This once there won't be anyone to beg me to spare your dog, no that's insulting all other dogs, your garbage lifes . " his voice was even more freezing this time and it made many feel like the world was filled with blood and corpses, with death everywhere .

Those from the great powers present didn't understand that last sentence . They had mediated, they did not beg . Now they felt that there was something amiss somewhere now, that there was more to that matter . But now they couldn't care less about that .

"Grandmaster Chen, this humble one is from-" and elderly voice spoke but was interrupted when the Spear Ki shifted from the Wei's room to his .

"Good dogs don't bark when I am killing . Last time I did not kill because my friend's elder asked me to stop while in tears . This time there won't be anyone to appease my rage, only massacre will do so . If I start all life, even the common ones will be lost . I don't like to target the innocent, mostly mortals, but I won't hesitate either . I want to see how that thrash will react once I kill all the young ones . Will they like it or will they blame themselves?" his voice this time seemed calm and even his Spear Ki seemed normal and more natural than even air itself .

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Those from the great powers, especially the one who just spoke had black faces, but they also seemed enlightened about that year's matter, and did not speak any longer . They knew the Wei Kingdom was doomed . Poor crown prince only came gere to enjoy an auction, but who knew that he would find this devil here and even seemed to remind him of his grievance? Poor guy . These were the thoughts of a few in here .

"Disciple, master is going to teach you how to kill those you have an irreconcilable hatred with . " his voice this time seemed kind of happy and even proud and expectant, even the Spear Ki at some point disappeared entirely .

As he said that most people were reminded of something . A few years back he appeared in the Wu Empire and soon left with a prince from there . The entire area was filled with golden light at some point and even blocked sound, they could only see Wu Xiu's silhouette . And nkw they were scared that this whold thing may have been Wu Empire's scheme, they knew of the hatred and they added oil to the flames .

The wall was suddenly blown off and many people looked over only to see a burly man with a face that was cold a d could give anyone nightmares from its looks, but instead of the boy they saw a girl sitted on a chair very elegantly and peacefully, her face alone would be called cute anywhere if it wasn't dirty and her hair wasn't disheveled, but most importantly she had no expression on her face, almost to the level of expressionless .

Liang Chen waved his hand and the Wei's wall was blown off and four figures quickly came towards Liang Chen, but they seemed like they couldn't move at all . Their expressions were those of despair and hatred . And there was an incredibly handsome man with sharp eyebrows that seemed to be in his 20's whose expression seemed to have lost all hope, but there seemed to be some unwillingness and some hope in there among them .

"Senior it's this junior's fault for disturbing senior, whatever price junior needs to pay junior will pay . " the crown prince humbled himself and even bowed .

"So irritating . Cut his tongue so his voice doesn't sound again . Strip him naked and kill him before throwing him out of the window like the thrash he is . " this voice was Liang Meng's . She did nkt know how these people had offended Liang Chen, but since they did there was no need for them to live .

People seemed stunned after hearing this . They did not expect a girl so young to be so cruel and decisive . But they suddenly remembered whose disciple she was and slightly nooded . Like master, like disciple right?

If Liang Meng knew what they were thinking her face would cramp without end .

The crown prince's face suddenly lost all color and he was filled with despair . Since the young one was like this, what about the old?

"This daddy here can let you go of course . My compassion encompasses the whole world and is even known to all . " his voice suddenly turned friendly and at his words everyone's face cramped .

"What can this junior do for senior?"

"Kill your whole familly . " he said with a friendly smile .

At those words the crown prince knew he was being played and although unwilling decided to accept his fate . What could he do? This Spear Ki was aimed at his vital spots ready to kill at the slightest movement .

"Since you don't accept my kindness then die . " Liang Chen's voice turnes cold .

All the Spear Ki claimed their lives . Destroyed their clothes and threw them out .

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