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Published at 3rd of January 2019 07:57:08 PM

Chapter 39

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Liang Chen continued to walk slowly and unhindered into the palace as if he owned it .



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"Argh!" screams of despair and fear along with the sound of crumbling walls were heard as Liang Chen proceeded his way as he simply waved his spear horizontally left and right, destroying all walls and with them the lives of those who were at the top of the walls .

Poison mists and poison techniques were used but as soon as they approached him they were punctured by his Spear Ki and even those which entered his body were simply destroyed after circulating the Spear Ki in his body .

In the minds of those present he was trully a demon . Especially so to those of the Wei Kingdom . Whenever he waved his spear it was a sign telling them that they would be next and there was no way for them to escape .

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As he walked slowly but basically unhindered he was soon at the outer palace . Since he had entered the capital and was attacked at uts entrance he had walked quite a bit to get to the outer walls of the palace . At the top of those walls were many elders and disciples . They knew they would die, but if there was a chance that they could tire him even a bit then when he got to the inner palace there was a chance for the ancestors to kill him . They all clenched their teeth and had ferocious expressions as they all began to chant incomprehensible words and their bodies began to wither, even their bones turned to ash . And a gigantic formation that covered the whole palace appeared and shone .

All of their vitality was going into a formation . This was their guardian formation and it could be empowered further by offering their lifespan .

Suddenly the formation turned bright red as it was preparing a powerful attack, but it still did not lauch it even when all of the disciples and elders were dead . Clearly they were waiting for Liang Chen to step inside .

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Liang Chen simply ignored this and continued on his way . Suddenly he frowned . The formation was slowly getting stronger, but it was at an incredibly slow rate . As if the lifespan put by each life was really low . Then he thought of something and his expression was filled with hatred and disappointment as he would have to drop his handsome act, but even so he did not hesitate to do so as he gathered his Ki in his feet and charged through all formations and guards that were positioned to hinder him even a little .

Those who were enjoying the show were already filles with fear as they thought that if they offended him then they would be next, suddenly frowned as they did not understand why this demon would suddenly rush forward like that . They could tell he was showing off, but even so they did not care much, but his current actiom stunned them .

They then used all of their speed to carch up to him only to see corpses clearly from mortals slowly drying up and babies and young people rapidly aging and screaming in despair and agony when they got there . This was trully a scene from hell .

Seeing this Liang Chen was trully enraged . They actually dared to even use their own citizens like this . Even the young and newborns were being tortured by this horrific formation .

Even those who only came for the fun no longer had any pity for the Wei Kingdom as they only wished for these pieces of thrash to die . Though they did not really care for mortals, they still had their moral codes . To never kill mortals if possible . Much less do this, they still had their honor and would never do something this low .

Liang Chen no longer cared for any fun and he pushed to end of his spear torwards the ground and a resounding "CLANK" and *BOOM* sounds were heard . As the back of the spear crashed into the ground the formation was fully revealed and the formation shock and distorted as all those innocent lives' connections to the formation were interrupted and a few that were already beyond saving died, while those who were still "young" from their lifespan being sucked out of them fainted .

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