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Published at 20th of March 2019 04:33:54 PM

Chapter 67

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Hearing their seniors motivate them and also seeing the injuries on their bodies, they could only imagine what kind of enemies they had faced thus far .

And now seeing them willing to protect them and continue on fighting, it was as if a flame was lit up in their hearts, as they straightened their backs, picked up their weapons and started making formations, while pointing them at those monster .

While this was happening, more and more of thosr monsters were crawling up from that earth fissure, and there was even a gigantic ant that was 5 or 6 meters tall, with poisonous gas flowing out of its body and even its scales seemed to come to life as some of them were glowing .

This was the king of the nest, and where there is a nest, there must a king and a queen, and of course the queen was the most important and also the most powerful, so seeing this Ao Ming's group steeled their hearts .

Ao Ming and Ao Yitian made a few hand signals and the figure they had created with a sword and a saber in each hand appeared beside them .

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Its body was full of cracks, and one could only imagine what kind of battles it had gone through .

Ao Ming and Ao Yitian quickly repaired it and unsheated their weapons .

From what they had gained inside this illusion, they came to understand that this formation that they were proud of, was that it wad lacking their understandings towards their particular and unique paths of understanding .

It could be said that it was indeed an unique path that had taken, knowing that since the ancient times the sword and the saber were always in constant conflict and there was an endless discussion of which one was the most powerful .

But Ao Ming and Ao Yitian were not exposed to this discussion, since when they were young they only picked up a random weapon after watching their elders explaining to them the path of cultivation .

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And a few years later the two faced each other and they tied, but they also felt curious to know why they had understood different things from weapons they thought to be almost identical .

And they talked and discussed a lot of things and the arrogant Ao Ming and the competitive Ao Yitian came to an unique understanding, if the saber was derived from the sword with the thought to improve it and the both had survived thus far didn't it mean that each had points that the other did not have?

What would happen if one fused fused the two? This was a question that had appeared in their heads, and so later they came up with this formation after being beaten up by a few elders when they challenged them .

Now they understood that they had been naive in their thinking, after all it was not easy for one to fuse two different paths .

So they put some ideas into test at this moment .

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The giant was suddenly filled with two different kinds of lights in each side . The arrogant Saber Ki and the immovable Sword Ki . The two constantly battled for dominance and neither gave way to the other, nor did they stop after Ao Ming and Ao Yitian tried to stop them, so from this it could be said that they were far from their goal .

On their side was Ao Huang fiddling with her whip and caressing the black bird with a resolute look on her eyes . She had always thought that the whip was the best weapon to make formations and that it could dominate all others, but today she had watched all her juniors and the other three all fighting for survival, and came to an understanding . 'It was not the weapon, but the person who wielded it . '

This was a phrase her master had once told her, but she had never truly believes it, until now .

On the other side was Ao Tian who had smile on his face, making one think he was not thinking of anything in special, but on his mind were the images of his juniors fighting and getting injured .

His master had always told him that to truly protect their dear ones one must have the strongest fist, one above every other being, specially the enemy .

He had seen his master punching his rival in the face while the two were happily drinking, so he took that to heart and had always thought that by taking the initiative and making others underestimate you, you could defeat them in a single punch . And until now, only those who knew of his tricks were able to fight against him .

And from all this fighting and all the injuries that he and his juniors had suffered, he knew that what he had always thought was only partly correct, and to truly make all others not even have the courage to attack you and your dear ones, you must make fear appear on their minds .

And from this he thought that while one must make your opponents underestimate you, when you move you must crush everything in your way, not leaving a single speck of dust of the idea that they can ever stand in front of you again .

Slowly less and less ants came out until no more came .

And the ant king pointed fowards and roared, and all ants came ferociously at them .

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