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Published at 22nd of January 2019 10:55:12 PM

Chapter 85: 85

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The sword light cut appart all corpses that got in the way, and even seemingly torn appart all vengeful spirits that got in the way .

It sliced appart the yellow river and brought with it the feeling of invincibility to all those who were watching .

Liang Meng suddenly tumbled backwards to one side to try and avoid that sword light, but that sword light did not intend to let her dodge so easily, as it rushed towards her .


When that sword light hit Liang Meng, she coughed blood as she weakly fell from the air .

The illusion formation slowly crumbled, as figures could be faintly seen coming out .

Suddenly all those present felt the feeling of danger as this happened .

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Ao Lin immediately took a couple of steps back and rised his guard .

Suddenly all those present saw a blinding spear light, as it rushed towards Liang Meng .

When it got near her, that light disappeared, and from it appeared a man with a muscular body full of scars, with a face so scary that it could make all children instantly stop crying .

And with his long hair that did not fit at all on that face, he stood upright with Liang Meng on his arms as he looked towards her with a face full of anxiety, but a blinding light appeared on all of Liang Meng's wounds, and they disappeared . When this happened he heaved a sigh full of relief .

All those that were inside the illusion formation for the final battle also finished appearing at this moment .

When they looked around and saw that Ao Lin was also here, the elders pprepared to go and challenge him . But then, they felt an aura full of murderous intent that rushed towards Ao Lin .

Feeling this Ao Lin looked towards Liang Chen .

"Was it that sword?" Liang Chen said in a freezing voice, as it echoed across the entire hall .

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Ao Lin seemed to have not understood his question, as he simply tilted his head at it .

Liang Chen then calmly placed Liang Meng on the floor and took out a bunch of spears from his space bag, as he placed all of them around Liang Meng, as they gave off an aura full of murderous intention, prepared to kill all those who approached .

Liang Chen then gripped the air, as a golden spear appeared on his right hand .

His Ki suddenly rose so immensely that the elders present had to shield the disciples, so that they could freely move and observe everything .

Elder He who had just come out of the formation seemed to have instantly understood everything that had transpired here, as he tried to rush forward to try and mediate .

But when he tried to do so, he froze for an instant, before stopping and stepping back .

Liang Chen pointed his spear at Ao Lin and said "I am going to rip your arms from your body and use them as a spear to beat the hell out of you . "

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Hearing this Ao Lin simply sneered .

Liang Chen then stabbed forwards with his spear as it transversed space itself and appeared right on Ao Lin's neck .

Ao Lin simply cut it with his sword .

Liang Chen seeing this became serious, he had placed all of his intentions to attack Ao Lin's right arm, while in fact attacking his neck . This had rarely failed him in the past, so he had not expected to have it easily seen through .

He rushed forwards towards him in a stabbing position .

Seeing this Ao Lin made a sweeping move with his sword .


They fought a few rounds in this way, as Liang Chen suddenly attacked with the front of his spear, then when Ao Lin defended, he spun around him and attacked him with the back of his golden spear .

Ao Lin defended and then attacked him in return, attacking towards his neck .

Liang Chen simply turned his wrist and defended with the front part of his spear .

Ao Lin raised his eyebrow, as he got a little more serious .

He suddenly attacked towards his back, before Liang Chen could properly get into position .

Liang Chen, yet again simply turned his wrist, as he defended towards his left arm .


His spear defended against Ao Lin's sword .

He then immediately made half of a spin to get into a proper position, as he also attacked at the same time, to not give Ao Lin any chance to attack him .

Chapter 85 . The sword versus the spear

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