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Published at 20th of June 2018 02:48:49 AM

Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteenth: Agnes’ Sincerity & Love

TL: BabyDalyn

TLC: Krizzis

Editor: Isalee

QC: Noa


Agnes woke up from the kitten’s meowing early in the morning .


The sun had yet to rise .


It seemed to be hungry so even though it wasn’t time for her to rise from her bed yet, she rubbed her eyes and got up .


A habit that Miel the cat had from the time it received milk from its’ mother was stepping on Agnes’ chest a lot by pressing on it with its’ legs . This action was to make the milk flow out better .


Apologetically, she told Miel that was trying its best to press on it,「Milk won’t come out……」


They always ended up in that situation since they were sleeping together every night . Dominic had made a cat-bed for it but it would always slip away from it and crawl into Agnes’ bed .


As it was meowing, demanding for its’ food, Agnes told Miel to wait a little while more .


She took out a gray livery dress to change into from the dresser and placed it on the bed . There was also a set of armor-like correction undergarment (corset) used to slim down to the body line placed beside it .


First, she took off the overly large nightgown . Agnes who had only worn clothes made from silk remembered the discomfort she had at first but after a week, she had gotten used to it . Unexpectedly, she didn’t think she was bound to be adaptable since it was her . So it was admirable .


She didn’t wear anything under her nightdress . It’d been like this ever since she was a child .


The strings on the heavy correction undergarment (corset) had to be fastened first before wearing her underpants underneath it . Since the string had to be completely fastened till the end, she put as much strength as she could into tightening it .


She was surprisingly skilled in the work she put into wearing the correction undergarment (corset) . It didn’t mean that the lady attendants serving at Agnes’ house hadn’t wrung her as much, but when she looked into the mirror, it was passable .


She put on an apron over the plain dress .


Tucking in a strand of her hair in front of the mirror, she washed her face and brushed her teeth in the bathroom .


Finally, her getup was complete after she put on a light makeup in front of the dressing table and tied her hair up neatly .


Agnes breathed out a small sigh after seeing the contents of her cosmetic-kit that were almost exhausted .




Placing Miel into a basket, she headed to the kitchen intended for the servants on the third floor .


She was told to make the cat food there too . It wasn’t used that often back then so now the kitchen was exclusively used to make the cat food for the kitten .


Agnes held the knife amateurly and started making a meal for Miel .


As if it couldn’t wait, it cheerfully meowed inside the basket .


「Good morning . It seems to be lively early in the morning . 」

「Good morning, Gigille-san . 」


Midway, Gigille showed up . She was carrying a plate with breakfast piled on top of it in her hand .


While she boiled Miel’s『simmered chicken tenderloins』in a saucepan, it was time for breakfast .


「Miel, just wait a little bit more, okay?」


As Gigille said that, she covered the basket Miel was in with a cloth . By doing so, it settled down .


On the plate was a leftover croissant 1 from yesterday, a bit of butter, fried spongy eggs, a sausage with its’ skin split open and a slice of pear .


Agnes knew Gigille would come so she had boiled water and milk to make café au lait . Then, she poured the brew into a cup .


After washing her hands, she placed the plate with her breakfast on her lap . She did it as there was no dining table .


「Does the cat still crawl into your bed? 」

「Yes . Even this morning, it was stepping on me……」

「It’s probably still going to behave that way even when it gets older . 」

「Oh, I see . 」


As the cat was in her bed, the relief from the warmth it gave, allowed her to sleep soundly . Agnes felt happy knowing that even when it gets older, they would still sleep together .


While they were talking, Gigille tore a piece of her croissant, dipped it into the café au lait until it was drenched in it, then threw it into her mouth . Agnes too dipped her croissant into her café au lait that had been topped with lots of sugar and milk .


Even though the bread was leftovers from yesterday, since it was reheated on the stove, the surface was crispy, and the sugar on its surface melted, wafting a sweet aroma .


The combination of the bread and the café au lait was superb .




Agnes felt embarrassed after she exclaimed her thoughts out loud . Gigille just replied,「This is the best way to eat it, right~」


When she was still a noble, this way of eating would be unacceptable but when she tried it out using the method Carol and Celia had taught her, it was surprisingly delicious .


「There are so many things outside in the world that I don’t know about……」

「Are you enjoying it?」


Agnes nodded .




After she was done with breakfast, Agnes smashed and pressed Miel’s chicken tenderloins further so it would be easier to eat .


She waited for it to cool down before serving the food .


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Miel began to get excited for its long-awaited meal . However, until it was served, it wasn’t able to eat it on its own yet .


Agnes scooped the chicken tenderloins with her fingers and brought them to its mouth . She observed it as it ate whilst feeling ticklish from the kitten licking her fingertips .


After its meal, she didn’t forget to urge the kitten to excrete . Since kittens couldn’t do it by themselves, it was necessary to stimulate its butt with a lukewarm cloth .


She left Miel in a corner of the kitchen . Every thirty minutes, she checked in on it to make sure that it wasn’t in any danger . After that was done, she would head down to the first floor .


She asked Gigille if there was any work that she could assist with .


There were a lot of tasks to do for a servant, such as mopping the floor, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etcetera, etcetera .


Whenever she was done with one, she’d go to see Miel, then return to help again, repeating the cycle . In a blink of an eye, it was lunchtime .


Gigille brought over her meal at the same time as she finished feeding Miel . Agnes thanked her and took the plate .


「By the way, have you heard the news from Master yesterday? 」

「About the talk of Milady’s visit? 」

「Yes . And also about his plan . 」


His plan was to ask Agnes’ to act as his fiancée . Gigille asked her if she was really okay with it .


「I don’t know if I can pull it off convincingly but I’ll give it a shot . 」

「…… You don’t have to force yourself, okay, Agnes-san?」

「I’m not forcing myself . I … felt delighted . 」

「To act as his fiancée? 」

「Yes . I, too, have a role that I can play . 」

「Oh, that’s what you mean . 」



Gigille thought without a doubt that she meant that she was happy to be his fiancée even if it was just a role . Knowing that it wasn’t that, she felt somewhat let down .


「But why would you go that far for Master’s sake? 」

「Because I’m indebted to Master . 」

「Were you acquainted with each other originally?」

「No, it’s one-sided for me……」

「For you? 」

「I-It’s nothing . 」


Swallowing the personal sentiments that had unconsciously slipped out of her mouth, Agnes instead spoke of the time when she was indebted to Bernard .


「He helped me once at a tea party . 」


It was a year after her social debut .


Agnes was invited to a tea party organized by the second prince . Calling it a good opportunity, her father told her to get close to the prince .


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According to him, her debut was a failure . At that evening party, the prince was supposed to notice her .


That’s why she was told strongly not to fail this time .


The night before the tea party, Agnes was unable to sleep .


The mental strain was disturbing her good night sleep .


She wasn’t even able to swallow her breakfast and had headed to the tea party in a dizzy state .


To start with, most of the people there were drunk .


In addition to that, she had strayed away from her attendant . Since Agnes’ eyesight was bad, it was hard for her to discern things .


She quickly gave up on her attendants, prioritizing her original objective .


Squinting her eyes, she looked around, searching for the prince .


As he was surrounded by a crowd of people, it was easy to identify his whereabouts .


She quickly marched to the centre of the venue .


Although she nearly made it through the centre of the crowd, someone suddenly grabbed her arm from behind .


It surprised her so she turned around, but since she had bad eyesight, she couldn’t make out who it was .


As if he was stumped, the other party named himself .


――Ernesto Barthelemon


The second son of a marquis household . Her attendant had told her not to get involved with him as there were a lot of bad rumours about his character .


Conscious of his good looks, Ernesto found Agnes’ reactions refreshing and took an interest in her .


It was simply because she was short-sighted that she was unable to discern her partner but for him, it was the first time he had ever been looked at in that manner .


She instinctively shrunk back, letting go of his hand .


When he saw her guarded reaction, Ernesto began to call Agnes ‘kitten’ .


He tried to invite her to go somewhere quiet to chat . Agnes declined, telling him that she was in the middle of searching for her acquaintance .


However, Ernesto did not withdraw .


Increasingly terrified, Agnes bowed and hastily departed, but Ernesto chased after her .


Quickening her pace twice as fast, Agnes took refuge in the rose garden .

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「It was there that Master helped me . 」



When they met, she felt relieved that she was discovered by a knight but it was not as if Ernesto had committed a crime . Though she sought his assistance, she was hesitant .


But when she looked closely at him, she realized he was someone she was familiar with .


―― Bear Knight (Bernard)-sama! !


With the image of the bear knight from the story, Agnes admiration overlapped with Bernard’s figure, and she asked for his help .


「That is the debt you owe him?」

「Yes . 」

「But you don’t need to be indebted to him . , Master was just doing his job as a knight . 」

「Yes, that might be so . , It’s it’s embarrassing to say, but that wasn’t the only time he saved me――」


It was three years after her social debut .


Agnes was once again chased by Ernesto . She ran in a panic to the garden and managed to somehow slip from his grasp, but this time, she was lost and didn’t know the way back to the venue .


「At the moment, I coincidentally bumped into Master and he guided me to the venue . 」

「I see . 」

「I wanted to thank him for helping me once again and also for that time in the rose garden but before I could, he was already gone……」

「That definitely must have been embarrassing . 」

「Is it really? 」

「I’m afraid so . All men in their twenties are childish . 」


Agnes listened to Gigille’s personal opinion with a troubled face .


It was five years after her social debut .


Only Bernard extended a helping hand to Agnes in her distress when her household fell into ruin and her money had run out .


「I was resolved to become a nun (sister) . 」

「Eh ! ? 」

「But the nun (sister) from the orphanage stopped me and here I am now . 」


In the story, 『The Grand Adventures of the Bear Knight』, whenever the Cat Princess fell into peril, he would appear suddenly out of nowhere and save her gallantly .


Just like him, Bernard had saved Agnes many times from the dangers she faced .


「――No matter how much I thank Master, it wouldn’t really be enough . 」


Agnes blushed as she talked .


Her expression was that of a maiden in love but Gigille pretended that she didn’t notice it .

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