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Published at 15th of January 2020 06:36:31 AM

Chapter 21

Agnes was walking wearily while holding the medicine box .

She was feeling down because she did something that made Bernard hate her again .

Applying the medicine for him was overdoing it . She knew she must reflect on that .

Normally, something like that was done by a close friend, family member, or doctor . Nevertheless, Agnes wanted to do something for Bernard, and the result of her daring move was making him angry .

Why did she do it, she regretted it deeply .

As she thought about it, she arrived at the rest area before she knew it . She braced herself before going in, so Gigille didn’t notice her feelings .


“Oh, the meeting is over?”

“Yes . ”


She answered as she put the medicine box back to shelf .

Gigille put on the gloves and took out a kettle that had been warmed on the stoves . She poured the hot water into a pot she had prepared . The tea that was poured from the pot was made from their garden’s herbs .

She waved her hand to call Agnes, and told her to sit on the chair .


“I’m sorry it’s not cafe au lait . ”

“Thank you very much . I happen to be thirsty too, I’m thankful . . . . Itadakimasu . ”


Agnes hold the tea cup in her hands, and took a sip of the hot tea . The bitterness and fragrant aroma of roasted leaves was spreading in her mouth .


“Did Master take the medicine obediently?”

“Ye, yes . ”


“Yes, somewhat . . . :”


Agnes looked back on her behaviour and looking down out of shame .

Seeing Agnes, Gigille told a surprising truth to her .


“I can’t believe it . Master has always hate a strong medicine like that . ”


“Something like pills, ointment, or eyedrops, Master hates all of them, not to mention powdered medicine . It was such a hardship to make him use them when he was a child . And, he also hates doctors . ”

“I, I see . ”

“Yes . He probably can’t say he hates them because Agnes-san is the one applying it . ”


As Gigille said, he initially refused to use any medicine .

Agnes tilted her head, maybe the reason his mood was bad at the end was because he had been enduring it .


“You know, Master has scars all over his body . He often gets injured and cut during training or while doing his mission . Eric was worried and offered to apply him some medicine, only to get turned down because he felt sick of it . They left on scars because he didn’t get proper treatment . ”

“Oh dear . . . ”

“He said he cleaned up the wounds every time, but…”

“Using medicine will make it heal faster . ”

“That’s right . The medicines and compresses for wound are especially made by the people in this mansion . ”

“Do you mean by Dominic-san?”

“Surprising, right? That said, it is actually simple to make . It is more effective than the one you buy from a pharmacy . ”


Agnes went to take the medicine box again and was shown the said medicine .

The homemade ointment, made from medicinal herbs from the garden, let out some flowery fragrance when the lid was opened .


“It smells good…”

“It’s made from lavender that is picked during summer . ”


It’s said that lavender is a strong disinfectant, and effective for treating light burns and acne .


“Do you want to make some too, Agnes-san?”

“This medicine?”

“Yes . It’s very easy to make . I’m sure Master will use it, if Agnes-san is doing her best to make it . ”

“I will be happy too if he used it . ”

“Then it’s settled . ”


They went to make the medicine later .




Oceanne will return to the Orleans territory around noon .

Bernard let out a sigh of relief as he finally got the time to relax .


Agnes and Oceanne were already sitting when he arrived at the dining room .

As he thought that those two were bad for his heart, Bernard gave his morning greeting and took a seat .


“Oh my, you are not wearing your knight’s uniform?”

“Yes, I always change my clothes at work . ”

“Oh, what a pity . ”


Oceanne showed her disappointment as she wanted to see Bernard in the knight suit . She couldn’t help but asked Agnes if she ever saw Bernard in it before .


“Several times . ”

“How is he?”


Agnes glanced at Bernard’s expression . He had an expression that said, “Don’t say unnecessary thing” . But because she couldn’t ignore Oceanne’s question, she finally talked after accepting she will get yelled at later .


“It really suits him . His back was straight, and he looked very fine… . . ”

“Oh my, oh my!”


Oceanne was delighted to hear Agnes’ impression . “You father will be thrilled to hear this,” she said happily .


The said person sent an angry glance to Agnes, signalling that her praise was over exaggerating .  


“I see that you really like Bernard, Agnes-san!”


Listening to his mother, the cafe au lait he was drinking was caught on his throat . Gigille pat on his back, as Bernard was coughing violently .


Oceanne watched his situation calmly .

Once he settled down, she asked him something .


“Bernard . ”

“ . . . . . Yes?”

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“You-- I mean, both of you met on a fateful encounter, got attracted to each other, and after overcoming some trials, the two of you finally got engaged; is what happened, right?”


He got goosebumps all over his body after hearing his mother’s words .

It was unfortunate that Bernard was allergic to romantic things .


He remained silent to Oceanne’s question with his eyes wide opened .

If it stayed like this, their strategy would get caught by Oceanne . Thinking so, Gigille lent a helping hand .


“Oceanne-sama, Bernard-sama is a very shy person . ”

“ . . . . You are right . ”


Seeing her convinced face, everyone thought that this talk was over, but who would guess the sudden turn of events came .


“Then Agnes-san . If it is you, you can answer it right?”


Oceanne asked the question with a smile on her face .

She was staring at Agnes’s eyes and there was shivers running down her back .


“I, I’m--”


Her cheeks became hotter than ever as she tried to say the words in her mind .

But she had to say it if they want to survive this . She could repay him back now, Agnes summoned up her courage, she spoke of her own lies of true feeling .


“--I love Bernard-sama . ”


With her cheeks dyed in red and her eyes tearing, she finally told Oceanne while looking directly at her .

Agnes’s heart was still pounding loudly .

Her nervousness turned into embarrassment .


On the other hand, Bernard was dumbfounded as he couldn’t understand the situation .

Gigille watch over the turn of events with a sour face .


Oceanne opened up her fan and wave it in front of her face . Then she talked once more .


“Fufufu, what a passionate thing to say . My face is burning too, even though I’m this old already . ”


Oceanne suspected that they were just pretending to be engaged because Bernards behaviours is suspicious .


“I’m sorry, I just want to confirm the love between you two . You are just starting to live together too, so it can’t be helped you are still shy about it . --Agnes-san,”

“Yes . ”

“Please take care of that child too from now on . ”

“I might be incompetent, but please take care of me too . ”


The tense atmosphere had been reduced .


Knowing she had somehow manage to get over it, Agnes relaxed her shoulders . Bernard wiped sweat off his forehead . Gigille heaved a sigh of relief .

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Eric came to the dining room with a pocket watch in his hand and said it’s already time to work .

Bernard immediately stood up and walked fast to the door .


“Well then Mother, I’ll be going now . ”

“Yes, have a safe trip . ”

“Please take care . ”

“Thank you . ”


With this, it will bring peace to our house . Was what he thought, but another unexpected words made his eyes widened .


“Oh right, I will come again shortly, Bernard . ”


“Because I have to show my wedding dress to Agnes-san . ”


Bernard was stunned . When he looked at Agnes to pry, she covered her face with her hands . He was struck by Eric’s words, “Five minutes left . ” and left the dining room behind .


He decided to think about the new problem later when he came home .




After swaying inside the carriage for some time, he reached to the central city of the royal capital .

Inside the carriage, he felt that his energy was drained from the series of shocks he experienced this morning .

Anyway, he was saved by Agnes this time . When he returned, he would like to come home earlier and buy something to pay Agnes back .


After arriving at the knight's garrison, he headed to the changing room of the “Special Assault Unit III” . He noticed a familiar face walking toward him .


Donning the special bodyguard unit’s uniform, the one walking with pride on his face was Ernest Barthelemon .


He clicked his tongue unintentionally, but in front of the said person, he showed an obedient behavior .


“Hey, morning . ”

“ . . . . . good morning . ”


Their greetings ended with that and Ernest told him to come to the nearby room .

Ernest locked the door and asked Bernard to sit down .


“Now then, I have a report for you . ;”

“ . . . . . yes . ”


Just the other day, Ernest showed off the medal granted to him .

He boasted it was nothing but a gift from the Prince to his trusted knight .


Bernard rushed him to quickly get to the point as it was about time for morning assembly .


“--Oh, right . What I want to talk about is that . We found the girl that you guys are searching, Agnes Le Verges . ”


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Bernard’s eyes widened in disbelief . Ernest smiled maliciously .

Did he call me to say that, Bernard thought as he glared at the man before him .


“Haha, don’t look so scary . If you bring her to us, you will receive ten gold coins . Not to mention, I will look after your promotion too . ”

“ . . . . . Die . ”

“Eh? Did you just say die to me?”

“There is no way I said that . ”

“Am I hearing things…?”


He tilted his head before the talk went back to Agnes .

Since Bernard seemed unwilling, he said that he will add one more coin if he brought her today .


“Of course you can consult it to your superior first, but if you do so, the rewards must be split right? I won’t be following you all day, so think about it carefully . ”


Bernard had no intention to hand over Agnes at all .

However, if he still refused after her location was known, there’s a possibility they will take her away too .

He stood immediately and decided to go home at once . He didn’t have any time to talk to his superior .

He will ask his mother to bring Agnes with her to the Orleans .


He clenched his fist with rage that his fingers dug deep into his palm .


“Hoo, you seem motivated . ”

“ . . . drop dead . ”


“Nothing . ”

“No, just now, I heard some filthy words that don’t suit me . ”

“You must have overworked yourself and tired so you’re hearing things . ”



Ernest regained his composure after Bernard interrupted, and resumed his explanation .


“--Then, please go to this brothel . ”


He took out a paper from his pocket and gave it to Bernard .



“That’s right . According to rumors, Agnes Le Verges is there . ”

“Agnes Le Verges is?”

“Right . It seems she has been hiding for a few days . ”


Bernard sat back into the couch .

What was written on the paper was the red light district located in the corner of the central street . It was not the outskirts area where Bernard’s residence was .

If she had been hiding for a few days, it must not be Agnes but someone else .


Bernard held his head and gave a deep sigh of relief .

Agnes’s whereabouts was not discovered .

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