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Published at 24th of January 2020 08:19:59 AM

Chapter 23

The arrest of fake Agnes left a great impact to the social circle .

When the weekly magazine picked up the news, she was once again back in the spotlight .


“--But well, isn’t it better than before?”


Lazare said while holding the magazine in one hand with an amazed look .

The good news was, the bad rumors surrounding Agnes was all the impostor’s fault, as for the real Agnes, it was reported that she was not a bad person . The testimony of the sisters at the orphanage was put in the article too . It was written in detail that she was a modest and humble person, and due to the long standing activity in the orphanage, it didn’t sound like it was a lie .


“But the truth about the real Lady Agnes gone missing is not written there . ”

“You’re right…”


Following the incident about the fake Agnes, the magazine was selling well with a flying mark, it was easy to imagine that the reporters were now looking for the real Agnes’s whereabouts .


“Speaking of which, have you considered on migrating?”

“No, not yet . ”

“How’s the problem in the house?”

“It has been sorted out . I’ll ask about it later at night . ”

“Alright, I’m counting on you . ”


He thought it was dangerous to live within the royal capital at the moment .

Bernard’s house was located at the outskirt area, but it still had some people coming and go around there . It was not a place that truly deserted . He was thinking it would be hard to continue hiding .


“Well, that being the case . The talk is over now . Leave it to me . ”

“Yes . Thank you very much . ”


He was ordered to take half a day off today .

These few days after the incident had been so busy that he could barely breathe, so he showed some concern .

The incident had been brought to somewhere out of their reach now . Things finally calmed down .


Bernard changed into his casual clothes and went to the town .

Looking at the bustling cityscape, he suddenly remembered .

He hadn’t gave Agnes anything for playing as his fiance . The day his mother went home, he thought of buying something while going home, but he was involved with the fake Agnes case and completely forgot about it .

When he looked around to buy some sweets, he saw a white rabbit signboard .


‘White Rabbit Cafe’

It was the shop with baked goods that Carol and Celia were so hyped about .

In the end, the scones that fake Agnes gave were submitted as evidence .

The twins didn’t get to taste it .

There was a long line at the front of the shop . It was so crowded that he felt so fed up .

When he observed closely, the queue was split into two lines .

One line went to the shop, while the other was leading to a small window that giving out something .

It seemed they sold the take-out cakes . The people waiting in that line there was more than the line to the shop .

Bernard frowned and looked at the lines .

He understood just by looking that it was a difficult experience to wait until actually buying it .

But he didn’t understand what could make a woman happy . He just thought that Agnes will like it too since the twins really wanted to eat it, so Bernard lined up on the queue to the take-out cakes .


Waiting on the last line, he felt despair . The queue was that long .

The blowing wind was so cold like it was piercing his skin .

In the last few days, there were times where he was so worn out and couldn’t go home . The north wind stung his sleepless body .

He only realized now that he was tired .


After two hours, he finally could buy them .

Standing under the cold sky, his body was freezing .

His throat felt sore and he coughed violently .

The sweets he was holding on his side felt very warm . While warming himself with the baked sweets, he thought of quickly returning home and dashed to the carriage just before its departure .


By the time he arrived at his mansion, he felt so dizzy .

When he opened the door and entered the hallway, he saw Agnes who was surprised because he returned early .

Apparently she was cleaning the floor, she was holding a broom in her hands .


“We-welcome home, Master . ”

“Ah, I’m home . ”


Bernard shook his head when Agnes offered him cafe au lait because of the cold . He was thirsty but his throat was sore .


For now, he just handed the sweets .




Agnes received the box containing the sweets with a blank face .


“ . . . Eat it . ”

“This is, for me?”


He bought the sweets for Agnes .

There was no doubt, Bernard was embarrassed because he didn’t have any experience in giving a gift for a girl .

As a result, what came out from his mouth next was something to hide his embarrassment .


“--Do, don’t get me wrong! I didn’t buy it for your sake . Carol and Celia want to eat it, so share it and eat it with everyone else . ”

“Y-yes, understood . Thank you very much . ”


He bought ten sweets in total .

He had bought a lot so Agnes could share it with everyone .

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He disliked that part of his that couldn’t say it honestly .


He couldn’t think rationally with his fever and dizzy head .

His throat became more hurtful, and his cough couldn’t stop .

He would be better after resting in his room .

As he thought that, he immediately went to his bedroom .


He told Eric, who he met midway, that he will be resting for a while so no one should come in to his room .


Being a faithful butler, he bowed his head and saw his master off .


He took off his jacket and hung it on the chair, and sloppily removed his ties . After unbuttoning his clothes, he was completely exhausted .

He didn’t feel like changing to his sleepwear . He drank half of the water jug with one gulp and just sank into the bed afterwards .


After that, he slept soundly for a few hours .

He woke up feeling something cold touching his forehead . When he tried to touch it, he felt someone’s hand instead .


He unconsciously hold the hand he touched .

It was pleasantly cold to Bernard’s feverish hand .

The hand he was holding was smooth and soft .

As he touched the coolness in his hand, he gradually came to his senses .


The hand he was holding was not his own hand, it was definitely someone else’s .

It was not Carol or Celia’s small hand, nor was it Gigille’s rough hand because of housework, it was also not Dominic’s rugged hand .

It was a beautiful hand that seemed to never hold something heavier than a spoon . However, there was a little thick skin on the palm and there was a blister . That was something that felt really out of place .


--A blister on the delicate hand of a noble lady?




He released the hand he was holding and opened his eyes .

When he looked around, he saw Agnes who wore a troubled expression .


“Wha, you!”

“Yes . ”

“Why are you here?”


He asked while still confused .

Agnes answered with a kind voice .

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“That, to look after Master . ”

“Look after? Why?”

“The doctor said you caught a cold . ”

“Cold . . ?”

“Yes . ”


Now she said it, his head was throbbing and felt a dull pain in it, his throat also felt swollen and hurt so much .

He felt like coughing badly too .


“Are you thirsty?”

“Well, yeah . ”
“Then, I will prepare some honey lemon . ”


Agnes took the kettle from the stove and moved to the table beside the bed . She put it on top of the pot stand then placed some ingredients into the cup . Dried lemon, honey, sugar . Put them inside the cup and pour hot water, it’s as simple as that . He gazed absentmindedly to the swirling water inside the cup as Agnes stirred the spoon around .


He could smell the sweet scent as he was handed the cup .


He could tell that it was a sweet and sour drink when he put it in his mouth .

It had a gentle taste that made him relax, and it didn’t make his throat hurt .

He drank slowly as he waited for it to cool down .


After that, he drank the medicine he was given .

Eric brought a change of clothes as soon as he finished drinking medicine .

He was informed of the dinner, but as he didn’t have any appetite, he shook his head and told them he didn’t need it .

After Agnes left the room, he changed his sweaty clothes into the sleepwear and slept once again .




The next day .

He woke up before the sun rises .

Maybe because the medicine worked, he didn’t feel the pain in his throat and his headache were gone .

His stomach growled and he remembered that he missed dinner last night .

There were traces of someone nursing on the table beside the bed .

Looking at it, he thought that it’s been over 10 years since he last had a cold .


He stretched his body and took a deep breath . His body felt lighter healthy .

He called Eric and ordered him to prepare some hot water .

He took a bath and moved to the dining room .


Gigille was surprised to see Bernard there .

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“Master, you seem to have recovered from the cold . ”

“Yeah, I feel much better . ”

“Perhaps, you are going back to work?”

“Obviously . ”

“How about you take a one day rest?”

“I’m not that weak . ”

“Are you sure?”


Bernard finished the dishes on the table one after another .

Seeing that, Gigille casted away her worry .


“Oh right, Master . ”

“What is it?”

“Agnes-san is the one nursing you until morning . --Oh, it’s not like I want you to thank her, I’m just wondering if I should inform you about this . ”

“Is, that so . ”


The honey lemon he drank half awake last night was not a dream . Also, the thin and soft hand he held .

He brought back his memory and was attacked by embarrassment .


“Oh, and then . Thank you for the scones . My daughters were happy about it . ”

“ . . . . . ”


Bernard caught a cold thanks to the scones the twins spoke of . It caused him to loathe it now . He wondered how Agnes felt about while eating the scones . He was somewhat curious, but asking that now would have seemed like he was throwing a tantrum .

Bernard, who was making different faces, didn’t even notice that Gigille was watching him .

She then said something shocking .


“Yesterday was especially cold, doesn’t it hard to wait in line during that time?”

“--HA, HAAAH!?”

“The rumors say that you have to wait for hours everyday to get the White Rabbit Cafe’s scones . To think you would trouble yourself to buy them . ”

“Y-You, that, you must not told the other that right?”

“Yes, of course . ”

“If, if you said it . ”

“If I said it?”


He thought of what kind of punishment to give, but nothing came out .

For now, he just said, “If you said anything, I won’t just let it go!” .


Besides, while he was thinking, a deep frown was built on his face .

After his effort to thank Agnes, and just when he felt a bit cheered up, he made another debt to her .

Once again, he needed to thank her .


How it came to this, he wondered .

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