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Published at 27th of January 2020 10:29:41 AM

Chapter 24

In the morning, Agnes was preparing Miel’s breakfast giddily .  

The cat with a huge appetite mewed at her feet cheerfully .


Gigille came with breakfast in the middle of it .


“Morning . ”

“Good morning . ”

“Your face is pale . ”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, are you alright?”
“Yes, I am fine . ”

“Then that’s good . ”


Gigille laid the plates containing the breakfast on the table, picked Miel up and put it in a basket, then covered it with a blanket .


Agnes nursed Bernard the whole night . It was to repay him, Agnes requested to do it herself .

The person she took care of was an adult man, who would get better after he took the medicine .

The doctor also said if he rest overnight, he would be healed immediately .

So, even if Agnes fell asleep during the nursing, it would be no problem, was what Gigille thought as she left his care to her .


Agnes’s face was pale and there were dark circles under her eyes . She looked extremely worn out .

One could see she seriously nursed him .


“How was it?”

“I don’t think, I did pretty well… . . ”


When she was a child, she said she remembered her wet nurse would take care of her all night long if she caught a cold .


“My mother would make some honey lemon and bring it to me during those time--”


It was delicious and made her relax .

When you catch a cold, you would feel insecure . Agnes shyly said if she could make the burden less, it would be good .


“It’s alright . Your nursing went well . Master looks very well now . ”

“Yeah, I’m glad . ”


Hearing it, she showed deeply relieved .

Seeing her calmed down, Gigille asked her to eat breakfast .

Today’s menu were big biscuits, cheese, boiled egg, and a slice of apple .

Since Allen who was in charge of the kitchen was taking a day off, the breakfast was pretty simple .


It was unfortunate that Agnes, who stayed awake all night, couldn’t eat too much . In place of her, Gigille ate the remaining foods .


“I’m sorry . You’ve even prepared it for me . ”

“Things like this happened . ”


She cheered Agnes up with a light tone while softly patting her depressed back .

After breakfast, she was informed of the next schedule .


“Agnes-san, can you do your work after noon?”


“Dominic will take care of Miel, so you can rest . ”

“T-that . . I am fine . ”

“You have been working since yesterday right? This is an order . ”

“ . . . . . Yes, I understand . Thank you very much . ”


Gigille stroke her head as she obediently followed her order .

Agnes was resting during the day as she was told to .




Agnes, who was able to get some sleep, changed her clothes and went down to first floor enthusiastically .

She went to the garden to pick up Miel first .


Dominic cleared up the soil on the surrounding garden trees, and filled it with various fertilizers such as oil cake, dried leaves, and stock animals’ dung .

These would fermented in the soil, and during the spring, they would be nutritious .


Since he looked busy, she waited for a good chance to call him out .

Miel was sleeping peacefully inside Dominic’s pocket . She took it after thanking him .

Miel, who curled up as if it was in its mother’s womb, was warming itself .

She hugged the kitten and laid it on a sunny spot on the third floor . She put its food on the usual place for it to eat when it’s hungry . Just recently, it could eat by itself, so there’s no need to be worried about that .


Looking into the kitchen, Gigille was preparing for lunch . Agnes joined to help her .


All the servants were having lunch .

The foods were sandwich with grilled meat and a heap of fried potatoes .

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Allen, who had a day off, also came down to the first floor and astounded by the foods his mother made .


“So Mother is the one doing kitchen chores today… . . How do I say it, as usual it’s coarse . ”

“No complaining!”


Allen’s cooking was delicate and colorful .

On the other hand, Gigille mostly only made brown colored dishes .

Dominic, Eric, and Agnes ate silently . Following their example, Gigille taught her second son .


“Even Master never complained to the food I made . ”

“Master has always been a good kid who eats everything . ”

“What did you say!?”


Eric came between them to calm them down expressionlessly .  

The quarrel between them ended easily .


As the dining table became quiet, Agnes couldn’t hold it anymore and a laugh slipped out .


“Look, it’s Allen’s fault we are being laughed at . ”

“The one which is interesting is Mother’s dish, not me . ”

“You, again . ”

“So, sorry, even though we are in the middle of eating… . ”

“It’s okay . It’s much more noisy when Carol and Celia were here . ”


Agnes learned to enjoy eating while chatting since she came here .

It was an impossible conduct between the noble circles, but she was no longer the daughter of an earl .

Without being constrained with various rules, she was enjoying a modest life as a commoner .

She had a fulfilling days which she never experienced before .


In the afternoon, she was taught on how to make the medicine for wound .

Under Gigille’s guidance, she started the procedure to make it .


“First, I will explain from the ingredients . ”

“Yes . ”


The first item she picked up was a lump of something that looked similar to wax with dull yellow color .


“This is beeswax . It has moisturizers and antibacterial effect, it can also makes the skin beautiful . ”

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Agnes worked hard to write down what was taught .


“Then, these are essential oils . ”


Lavender, which the fragrance had a soothing effect, an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action .

A tea grass plant that was said to be  panacea .

Then there was a desert fruit which had moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties .


Dominic created the essential oil from the three plants that were harvested during summer .


“The method to make it is very simple . ”


Pour some water into a pot, then put a small bottle with beeswax and the essential oil from the desert fruit in it to the pot .

Melt the beeswax inside the pot with the temperature set just before it boiled . After it melted to some extent, removed it from the pot and wait for it to melt completely by the residual heat .

After the beeswax completely, drop some essential oil from lavender and tea grass plant into it and mixed .

Put the finished product into a sterilized can, gently hit it to the desk to let the air out . Then, close the lid and it’s completed .


“And well, something like this . ”

“Thank you for your guidance . ”

“No problem . ”


She also taught her to make medicines with various combinations of essential oils .

One that relieves muscle pain, or one that makes sunburns marks disappear .


“I will give this medicine for Agnes-san . ”
“Is it alright?”

“Yes, feel free to use it . ”

“Thank you very much!”


Agnes held the medicine she made for the first time tightly .




The sunset during winter was early .

By the time the bell rang to signal the end of work for the knights, it was completely dark .

After he bid farewell to others, someone came and stopped Bernard from going home .


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“Hey, what a coincidence . ”

“ . . . . . Hi . ”

“There is something I want to talk about . ”


The one who obstructed him was Ernest Barthelemon .

Bernard didn’t want to talk to him, he thought it would be something related to Agnes anyway, but he responded to it reluctantly .


The room they entered was dusty and his throat became sensitive to it and he coughed .

Seeing that, Ernest gave an unpleasant look .


“--Then, what do you want to talk?”

“It’s about Agnes Le Verges . ”

“Guessed so . ”


He was impatient .

He talked that Agnes once again had gained the attention of the society, and, just like Ernest, some had begun searching .


“Before you know it, she has become the tragic saint . ”

“Now that is pitiful . ”


Bernard returned it with something that said it was completely irrelevant to him .


“This situation is not interesting . I was the one who have an eye for her first . ”


Bernard was stunned by the sudden change of the society .

The story written in the article was exaggerated so many times that Agnes’s image became distorted .


She was no saint .

She was just an ordinary, common woman you can find anywhere .


“And then?”

“Nothing, I just want you to listen to me . ”


“It’s surprisingly refreshing to talk it out to people . ”


Ernest left the room, leaving a stunned Bernard behind .


He, who couldn’t make any sense of it, was alone in the room and got angry .

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