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Published at 3rd of February 2020 06:20:50 AM

Chapter 26

After dinner, Eric spared some time for Bernard to talk to . Agnes was grateful and went to the office .

She felt sorry to make him spent his time with her like this twice in one day . But Gigille suggested that it's better to make her decision sooner, and so she followed suit .
She brought Miel with her so he could see its growth .

"That cat really becomes so plump . I can't see it's the same cat I picked up before . "
"Yes . It grows very well . "

Its once thin body now had became that of normal size, its half opened eyes were completely cured and now opened beautifully . Now, the clear blue eyes were shining .
The curious kitten struggled to get out of the basket . Agnes smiled softly and moved Miel to the bottom of the basket and covered it with cloth .
Miel who had been mewling until now became quiet, and the room was enveloped with silence .

Bernard, feeling a bit uncomfortable, spoke to Agnes .

"--Then, what do you want to talk?"
"It's about the move out . "

Agnes spoke out with courage . She wanted to continue living as a servant here .
Hearing that, Bernard frowned .

"I want to hear the reason . "
"That is--"

She couldn't simply say she wanted to be Bernard's side as her reason .
She thought of different reason, and said that the life here was fit for her .

"You're serious, right?"
"Yes . "

Bernard asked Agnes with a harsh voice . Did she understand the problem surrounding her?
Her blue eyes looked down with a sad expression,

"I know about it well . I admit my father has sinned, and my house has collapsed--"

If he was found out hiding Agnes, Bernard's position will be in danger too . And so, she told him she was also prepared if she was ordered to never leave the mansion .

"Well, that opinion is both correct and incorrect . "

The issues surrounding Agnes had changed greatly from when she lived in the city . Bernard asked her if she was prepared to hear about it .

"Just, what is happening--"

"To be honest, it's a disgusting story . I think it's better for you to not know about it . I've been silent until now, but if you insist on staying here, then it's important for you to know how dangerous your situation is . "

She was already scared hearing the beginning of it .
However, Agnes decided to listen, thinking that it wouldn't be as shocking as the talk about moving away she heard before .

"Is it alright?"
"Yes . "

Agnes's eyes didn't waver .
Sitting in front of Bernard was no longer someone who looked like a kitten on a rainy day, she was now determined .

"Alright, I'll talk . However, it will be a long talk--"

About Ernest Barthelemon who was searching for Agnes whereabouts, about the spread of bad rumors in the news, and about the fake Agnes and how that issue cleared up .

"Thing has changed and now you are treated as a saint . "

She lost her words as things gone far from what she imagined .
And Agnes felt shiver down her spine as she heard that many of the people living in the royal capital was looking for her .

That was some surprising stories, but it was not as surprising as Bernard's recommendation for her to move away .

"So, what do you think?"
"Yes . That's really surprising . And if I was discovered living here, I will be a trouble for Master and everyone else . "
"I'll say it no matter how many times . It's too late to say you're troubling now . "
"Ye, yes . "

The rumor from the royal capital couldn't reach the southwestern village, but instead there were a lot people who liked to gossip . Bernard said that even if she went there, it would take some times to settle down .

"No matter where you go, there will be some struggles . "
"You are right . "
"I take it your decision didn't change?"
"Yes . I want to work here . "
"Understood . Then, we will need to prepare on the countermeasure . "
"To be specific, a disguise . "

Bernard proposal was making her to not stand out as much as possible . In her current state, she would be found out as Agnes at a glance .

"How exactly I must do?"
"First of all, change your hairstyle . No servant did their hair like that . "

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"Y-yes . "

Agnes did as she was ordered right at that spot .
She pulled out all the pins on her hair and untied the string that held her hair together . Lastly, she took off the ribbon .
Her smooth golden hair was let loose, and flowed down from her shoulder to her chest .
Bernard was startled by that series of change .
It was his first time seeing a young woman with her hair down, and in all his knowledge it was unforgivable to look at that if that person was not his own wife .
He was angry that she was such an ignorant lady that would untie her hair in front of someone who was not her husband . But it was himself who ordered her to change her hairstyle, she was just responding to it .

It was obvious who was in the wrong .

"Master, um, what kind of hairstyle . . . . . ?"

Hearing Agnes's voice, he was surprised and regained his composure .
He didn't notice that he was fascinated by her appearance, and he decided the hairstyle .

"Right, that hairstyle will do . The same as Carol and Celia--"

The pigtail braid .
Agnes braided both side of her hair as ordered .

"Is this alright?"
" . . . . . "

He gazed at Agnes's braided appearance with a frown .
That hairstyle made her looked a bit younger . But unfortunately, just braiding her hair like that didn't put off her nobility aura .

"Well, if you put on a new attire, maybe somehow . . . . . "

He heard from Eric that the new uniform will come tomorrow .
It was a plain dress usually worn by old woman that was in the store's catalog .
If she wore that, he thought that Agnes's good point would disappear .

"For hairstyle, that is good . "
"Yes . "

He warned her not to let down her hair in front of a man who is not her husband .
When she heard that, Agnes remembered the common sense she learned in her younger days, and her face became red .

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"P, please pardon me . "
"Just be careful . "
"Yes . "

Agnes, who was told to leave, bowed down deeply and left the room with Miel .
Finally alone in the room, Bernard let out a deep sigh .


The next day .
Bernard reported to Lazare about Agnes's settlement .

"I see . So she will stay . "
"Yes . It's hard for her to leave the place she's accustomed to . "
"That's true . Alright . It's going to be hard, but I'll help you if you are in trouble . "
"Thank you . "

Bernard thought the talk was over but he was stopped .
Lazare asked with a serious face .

"Orlellian, do you mind taking in Lady Agnes?"
" . . . . . Yes?"
"I'm asking if you want to take her as a wife . "
"Why, did you say that?"
"No, it's just I thought that if you're going this far to protect her, why not just marry her as well?"
"I won't marry her . "
"Then, are you going to always keep her at home?"

He didn't think of Agnes's situation from now on .
It was said once that happiness is not all about marriage, but she also needed a place to relax .

"I also have several male employees--"

He frowned as he said that .
There was a feeling he couldn't describe in his heart, but he shook his head to get rid of it .

Lazare pretended to not look at Bernard's complicated expression, and moved to the next topic .

"Speaking of marriage, I must ask for the Orlellian's preference . "

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Many knights got married after being introduced by the captain of their unit .
In order to find a compatible woman for his unit members, it was important to obtain such personal information .

" . . . . . Isn't it too early?"
"No, it's neither too early or too late to keep my eyes on it . "

That being said, Bernard thought of her ideal woman .

" . . . . . So, a woman with big breast is good after all?"
"Not really . "
"So anything will do?"
"I guess . "

Lazare wrote it down in his notebook .

"Then do you prefer a pretty one?"
"No, that kind of woman has high maintenance fee . "
"Don't say it like that . . . . . "

Lazare, who knew Bernard's home situation, was not surprised .

"It doesn't have to be a noble woman?"
"Yes . I don't mind about that . "
"Then what about the personality?"
" . . . . . I'm not good at handling a girl who talks too much . "
"Do you prefer a quiet girl?"
"Well, yes . "
"Any other preferences?"
"I don't really understand woman's thought so I prefer someone who can express their opinion well . "
"I see . "

Lazare asked in detail of Bernard's type of girl .
To sum it up, a quiet and modest girl, spoke clearly of her thought, and didn't mind living a plain simple life .

"Too bad, Orlellian . "
"What is it?"
"That kind of old fashioned woman doesn't exist . "
"Is that so . . . . . "

He hoped in his heart that he would try his best to search .

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