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Published at 5th of February 2020 06:18:48 AM

Chapter 27

Bernard walked down the gloomy townscape, slightly depressed .

It couldn’t be helped .
He was clearly told that it would be difficult to find a woman of his preference .
When he thought about it, as far as he remembered, the women around him were strong-willed and very self-assertive .
Just the thought of adding one more woman who was like Gigille or his mother in his house gave him chills .
He must choose his marriage partner carefully .
In this world, there were women who appeared to be cute like a kitten before marriage, and showed their terrible true nature after marriage .
He had heard that men who married such women would spend less time in their house .
They would be tired of work and didn’t have time to relax at home, it would be a tiresome life . There were a lot of that kind of married men .
As he heard his senior knights complained, the young Bernard wondered that it would be better if he didn’t marry .
But he understood it once he got older .
A knight must be a role model of the people .
And one of the ideals was to get married and live while protecting his family to gain honor .
No one said it explicitly .
However, in reality, an unmarried knight who was already past 30, couldn’t hold their head high .
They usually couldn’t walk down the road to success .
Bernard dropped his shoulder, thinking that he would become one too .

Dragging the heavy atmosphere with him, he rode the carriage and went home .

“Welcome home, Master . ”

It was Gigille who greeted him . He sighed without replying .

“Did something happen?”
“ . . . . . It’s nothing . ”

Gigille tilted her head while she saw her master’s back walking towards his office wearily .

After dinner, someone visited his room with a cheerful knock on his door .
It was probably only Carol and Celia, he replied monotonously .
The twins appeared before Bernard in the new outfits they ordered .

“Master, the uniforms were finished!”
“Thank you for buying it for us!”

He dealt the excited twins by turning them away out of his room .

“A-Agnes-san will visit too later . ”
“She wants to thank you for the uniform . ”
“Yeah… . . ”

Though he felt it didn’t matter, he still needed to check her disguise .
He ordered them to have her come right away .

After three minutes, there was a small knock on the door . He replied to come in .

“Excuse me . ”
“Come in . ”

Agnes, who came into the room, was blushing and tried to endure her embarrassment .
Bernard wondered, what’s wrong with her . He thought she might be embarrassed of either wearing an old fashioned dress that only old women would wear, or her braided pigtail hair that was usually donned by a young teenager . As he checked her from top to down, he finally stopped at one part .


Bernard strained his eyes and looked at that part .
Agnes noticed that she was being watched and unbearably covered her face with both hands .

“I, I’m sorry!”

Agnes apologized before he pointed it out . She knelt on the ground and put her hands in front of her chest like she was praying .

“Since a servant doesn’t wear a corset, you made a n-new uniform for me . Thank you, very much . B, but, th-this kind of exposed appearance is--”
“You, when you said you’re fat, oh, I see . You’ve been covering your chest until now?”
“ . . . . . Yes, I’m sorry . ”

The outfit which was made to fit her figure, clearly showed her upper body shape without being tightened with a corset .
She was not fat, it’s just her chest was bigger than most of the girls out there .

“ . . . . . Well, I don’t know what to say . ”

He wasn’t sure if he should be surprised at Agnes’s seductive figure, or if he should be sorry for her who was hiding that big breast everyday .
She appeared to be ashamed of herself, but nothing really changed beside her breast .

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Bernard thought that he wouldn’t understand the beauty standard and the ideal body shape of a woman in his life .

More than that, he noticed there was another problem .
A maid with innocent like braids but generous body shape .
The childlike appearance somehow had the charm of an adult woman's body . She was wearing a plain clothes but it just made her sex appeal stood out .

“--How can this be!”

He screamed while holding his head . His strategy failed miserably .
The result was more likely to attract more attention than her previous livery .

“Oi . ”
“Ye, yes . ”
“Sit down for a bit . ”
“ . . . . . Yes . ”

Agnes was deeply depressed .
First of all, he thought that he must cleared up the misunderstanding .

“You think that you are fat right?”
“Yes . ”

Agnes was dejected . Her usual straight back was completely down .
He said disappointingly about how come she got so depressed just by talking about her figure .

“Well, what’s with that . . . . . . From where I see it, you are not fat at all . ”
“That’s why, stop being depressed by something meaningless . ”
“I am not, fat… . . ? Me?”
“That’s right . Therefore, stand tall . On the contrary, if you are nervous, you will attract more attention . ”
“Ye, yes . Thank you very much . ”

Agnes appeared to be bewildered . Just to be sure, he told her to ask Gigille too .

“There is one more thing I want you to hear . ”

He had been hesitant to ask it .

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That was about the blister on her palm .
He noticed it when she was nursing him, but since he was embarrassed that he hold her hand without her permission, he couldn’t say it until now .
He thought this was a good chance to ask about it .

When she was asked what happened, she said it just appeared without her noticing .
He asked if it’s because Gigille gave her so many tasks to do, but she just shook her head .

“You don’t know what caused it?”
“Yes . I only do little chores . ”
“For example, what did you do?”
“Sweeping the entrance with a broom, or brushing the floor . ”
“Isn’t that the only cause for it . ”
“Ri, right… . . ”

She was holding the broom’s handle too hard and the blister formed .
Bernard advised that cleaning is not something you need to put all your strength into .

“Did Gigille teach you to clean forcefully?”
“No, that’s not it . I am the one who’s at fault . ”

She was so nervous that he hurried her to say her reason .
Agnes said with remorse .

“I can’t, properly see, that must be why I put on so much strength while cleaning . ”
“Ah, so that’s why . ”

Agnes, whose eyes were bad, must’ve couldn’t see the dust and dirt on the floor . So, since she didn’t know if it was already clean or not, she unconsciously strengthened her hold on the broom or brush because she was insecure .

“Alright . ”
“You, wear eyeglasses . ”

Agnes’s shortsightedness was a hindrance for her living style . Bernard said if she left it as is, it would also hinder her work .

“Bu, but, glasses are very expensive for me . ”

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“Then, I’ll lend you the money . ”

Bernard recommended for Agnes to pay him back little by little .

“Then, can I take on your kind offer?”
“I don’t really mind . Besides, glasses can be used as a disguise too . ”

Speaking of which, Agnes now was determined to buy glasses .
The problem was, how to make the glasses .
Door-to-door sales only came to an honored customers . They didn’t just come to anyone .

“We should talk about it to Eric or Gigille . ”
“Yes . Thank you . ”

Anyway, they’ve set the next move for now .


Bernard submitted some documents requested by Lazare to the secretariat, as he was going back, he found a clerk wearing glasses and called her out .

“I have something I want to ask--”

He asked where he could buy glasses .

“Oh, this? It’s from a shop called Rainbow Hall downtown . ”
“There is a glasses shop downtown?”
“Yes . It seems that the rent in the central area is doubled from there . ”
“I see . ”

Because of that, the item’s price was not too high . There were also optical shops owned by nobles around the central area, but he was told that the price was twice as high .
The glasses from Rainbow Hall cost from one to five gold coins . It was said to differ from each model .

“The eyeglasses you put on your nose are cheap, but can be quite a burden if you put it for too long . That’s why I use this one . ”

The clerk took off her glasses and showed it to him, it had arms that could be put on the ears . The price was about three gold coins .

Agnes’s monthly salary was one gold coin . He thought it would take some time before she could repay him .

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