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Published at 12th of March 2020 06:33:49 AM

Chapter 33

Agnes wore her new dress, braided her hair, and put on her glasses .

She didn’t say anything while looking at herself in a full length mirror . She broke into a smile naturally .
She wasn’t used to using glasses, her mind couldn’t keep up with the unusual view and she felt sick . But, more than that, being able to see her surrounding clearly was a very happy thing .

In the morning, Bernard told her to show him her glasses appearance, so she went to the dining room after feeding Miel .
She went inside while feeling nervous . She gave her morning greeting and lowered her head deeply .
Bernard, after seeing Agnes, turned away his eyes when their eyes met .
It was silent for a moment .
Agnes wondered if this was also not good, and turned her eyes down .
Seeing her condition like that, Bernard looked up diagonally and expressed his thought .

“ . . . . . Isn’t it, good enough?”
“Thank you . ”

Agnes cheered up instantly . Bernard throbbed seeing her cheerfulness .

“But, don’t let your guard down just because you’re disguised . ”
“Yes, I understand . ”

For now, her disguise was approved and could breathe a relief .
Agnes sent off Bernard who was going to work with a smile .


Bernard rode a carriage from a stop at the woods, which was 15-minutes walk from his house, and sat down by the window .
He gazed at the scenery outside the window and lost in his thought .

Agnes came to his mind .
She chose the most outdated glasses in the shop . With this, her disguise would be alright, Bernard thought .
Wearing glasses, braiding her tails into pigtails, and wearing clothes like an old woman, she would look like a plain servant, or so he thought .
Nevertheless, even after all those, Agnes was cute .
At first glance, he thought that it was not good, but seeing her down, he just couldn’t tell her honestly .

Instead, after saying “It’s good,”, he was surprised by what he was saying .
He looked at Agnes again after eating . It was when she put down the tableware on the handcart .
Glasses, pigtails braid, and old fashioned clothes, she looked like a dull servant .
What he thought was cute before was all a mistake, as he thought, the disguise was complete .

But as soon as their eyes met, and she smiled modestly, he took back what he was thinking .

Agnes Le Verges was a beautiful woman .

That’s why Bernard was troubled .
Sometimes she looked cute, sometimes not . He wondered why, but he couldn’t find the reason .

He couldn’t tell her to put on more disguise because he already said it was good .
However, Bernard gave up, for example if she were to change her hair color or cut her hair short, she was still Agnes all the same .

He wasn’t attracted because of her beautiful appearance . It was something he felt from the inside, but unfortunately he didn’t realize it .

He couldn’t understand it no matter how hard he thought, and Bernard prepared himself for the worst .
As long as he protected Agnes, it wouldn’t be a problem .

When he finalized his thought, his gloomy mood became clear .
Let’s do my best today, he motivated himself and went to his work place .


Agnes was sweeping away the dust with a broom in the room she was tasked to .
She was happy to see the dust on the ground and hummed while she was cleaning .
It took less than half the time she usually spent, and finished it by polishing the room with a brush
Looking over the cleaned room, she felt some accomplishment .
At the same time, she felt tired .
She decided to look after Miel and sat in the resting area and took a rest for a while .

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Thanks to the glasses, her work proceeded well .
She had too much time, so she decided to ask Gigille about the talk they put off before .

That was about Agnes’s room .

“I’d like to move my room soon but… . . ”
“Now you said it, I haven’t talked to Master yet . ”

At present, Agnes was using the guest room .
The repair of the attic was over, but because of the couple role act, the talk about it was neglected .

“Master has put lots of luggage at the attic somehow . ”
“That, is so . ”
“Yes . He doesn’t seem to make that place a servant’s room . ”

The room looked like something from a fairy tale, so Agnes was interested in it . However, because of the rain, the old furniture and bed was not usable anymore .

“There’s no vacant servant’s room . Maybe, because he didn’t say anything, it’s alright for Agnes-san to just stay there . ”
“No no, a guest room, it will be a waste for me to use it . ”

Agnes also liked the room with floral pattern wallpaper and red furniture . But, it was such a waste to be used by a servant .

“Ummm . If Carol and Celia stay in one room, there will be one empty room . ”
“That, I can’t do that . ”
“It’s a difficult problem . But well, as long as Master doesn’t mention it, I don’t think we can say anything about it . ”
“Is it like that?”
“It is . ”

Gigille clearly said it, so Agnes listened genuinely .

“Oh, yes . You said you have some spare time, right?”

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“Yes . ”
“Then, I have something new for Agnes-san to do . ”

Agnes had been looking after Miel until now .
Since it had become less to look after to, Gigille assigned a new job for her .

What kind of job she was entrusted to . Agnes listened with anticipation .
The job Gigille gave to her was surprising .

“--It’s making snacks for Master . ”
“Snacks, for Master . ”
“Yes, that’s right . ”

She asked if Agnes knew that Bernard liked sweet snacks, and she nodded .

“Unfortunately, Master thinks that liking sweets is an embarrassing thing . ”
“Maa, why is that?”
“Boys don’t really eat sweet things, he’s concerned about that . ”

Gigille once pointed that out, and since that he tried to stop eating them, it was somewhat a sad talk .

“He can’t eat it even though he likes it, that’s sad . ”

And that’s Agnes’s role .

“He will probably eat it, if we say you worked really hard to make it . ”
“By me?”
“Yes . ”

Once you ate a sweet, you’d be relieved, your heart would be soothed, and you’d be happy .
Gigille said it would be good if Bernard could have time for that once every few days .

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You started with the simplest thing when you’re making sweets . If you followed the recipe, you wouldn’t fail .
Gigille told her that making sweets wasn’t difficult .

“What do you think?”
“I think it’s a wonderful job . ”

Agnes immediately replied, “I will gladly take this role” .
It was an immediate answer .

“Then, why don’t you start making the sweets from today’s afternoon?”
“Yes, I’ll do my best!”

In the evening she was introduced to an unexpected pastry teacher .

“Agnes-san, please learn from these children today . ”
“I’m a teacher . ”
“We are teachers . ”

The ones that appeared before Agnes were Carol and Celia wearing an apron .
They made their own sweets from ingredients at the house to save their pocket money .

“Ehm, Carol-san, Celia-san, please guide me . ”

The twins bowed back to Agnes who was bowing to them .

“It’s my first time making sweets, so my hands might be clumsy . ”
“It’s alright . ”
“Making sweets is easy . ”

They didn’t use the oven because it’s hard to adjust the temperature . The tool they used was a shallow pan with a handle .

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