The Novel’s Extra - Chapter 219.

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Chapter 219.

“Haam… . ”

Currently, I was lying belly down in a patch of grass in Central Asia .

I left the Tower of Wish the day before the Genghis Khan artifact scramble .

That said, I didn’t plan on joining in the scramble . I was just thinking of helping out if anything unexpected happened .

Of course, I was a sharpshooter, and the excavation site was underground, but it didn’t matter all that much since I planned to add an ‘obstacle piercing’ attribute to my bullets .

In the first place, my sniper rifle was an ‘anti-material’ sniper rifle . It wasn’t specialized for hitting human targets but objects like helicopters and tanks .

As such, the sniper rifle and sniper bullets had an ‘obstacle piercing’ attribute built-in, and I just had to strengthen it using Stigma’s magic power .

I also had another method .

It was currently 5 in the afternoon .

I picked up the [Blessed Bow of Horus] . The sun had set early, so the sky was already dark . If a fight broke out, I should be able to activate [Eye of Horus] for 5 seconds .

Eye of Horus’ Authority was ‘unavoidable lock-on’ . This ability bypassed the world’s law of physics . So long as my targets were within the ability’s range, my attacks would hit them no matter what obstacles lay between them .

In any case, I was observing the excavation site from a somewhat faraway place . Because Central Asia was entirely flat, it was hard to find a place to hide, but I disguised myself perfectly with Aether . If anyone was looking at me from the sky, I would look no different than a patch of grass .

“Hmm… . ”

My Thousand-Mile Eyes began to capture movements of Heroes . It seemed they were starting their operation .

—Stay quiet and just follow me .

Yun Seung-Ah, who was acting as a field leader for the first time in a while, warned solemnly .

Creator’s Sacred Grace entered the 1st floor of the underground excavation site . Unfortunately, the 1st floor was closest to the surface and naturally had subpar artifacts . Low-intermediate grade artifacts were probably the best ones there .

Of course, Creator’s Sacred Grace would be happy even with those . I also knew that the heavens would be touched by their efforts and grant them a special gift .

Underneath them was the 2nd floor, currently being explored by American guilds, ‘General’ and ‘Lost Child’ . These two guilds vied for America’s number one guild spot and would self-destruct because of it .

Frost Sanctuary was in charge of the 3rd floor . They were also the ones who hired the world’s greatest mercenary group, ‘Jeronimo’ . Right, the Chameleon Troupe was mixed within their ranks .

The 4th floor was held by Desolate Moon . Shin Jonghak arrived late, and although he should have stolen the leadership position, he was surprisingly listening to the guild’s designated leader .

Next was Essence of the Strait’s 5th floor…

“Hm . ”

A subconscious murmuring came out of my mouth . Just now, Chae Nayun’s team encountered the Djinn, ‘Gunyuden’ . This muscular, large-statured man was a bottom-rung member of Satan’s Servants .

He was also the one who murdered Chae Nayun’s mother .

Gunyuden stared at Chae Nayun and yelled .

—Your mom, I killed her .


“Your mom, I killed her . ”

These five words heavily sunk into Chae Nayun’s heart . Even so, Chae Nayun stayed still . She wasn’t calm . It was just that she needed time to understand what she just heard .

However, it wasn’t easy . Daehyun had used every method in its arsenal to try and find the murderer, yet they came up short . Chae Nayun had no choice but to accept the reality that she was never going to avenge her mother and consequently buried the idea deep in her heart .

However, her pent-up sorrow and resentment were being pulled up by the man in front of her… .

“Stay composed, Chae Nayun . ”

Kim Youngjin tried to calm Chae Nayun down .

“The assassin who infiltrated Daehyun did so stealthily and masterfully . No one could find even a single clue to the murderer’s whereabouts or identity . There’s no way that such a light-mouthed fool is that assassin . ”

Despite Kim Youngjin’s persuasive words, Chae Nayun’s face contorted more and more . With bloodshot eyes, she glared at the man who admitted to killing her mother .

“Hah? No one found a single clue? I told everyone I met about my heroic deed! It’s just that no one believed it… . Don’t tell me, did you buffoons think humanity's political power would reach Pandemonium?”

The man said so as he took out a large sword . Well, rather than a sword, it was more like a sharply cut piece of rock from a boulder . ‘Barbaric’ was the only word that could describe it .

Haaa… .

A sigh filled with rage and resentment came out .

Chae Nayun pointed her claymore at the Djinn and asked .

“…Did you really do it?”

The man grinned from ear to ear .

“Why, of course . ”

“I see… but it’s too bad…”

The corner of Chae Nayun’s mouth curled up . A stream of tears fell from her cheeks as she sneered forcefully .

“There’s no evidence . I’ve met a lot of guys like you . You Djinns all act and think like having a death wish is something to be proud of . ”

Chae Nayun glared at him with disgust and disdain . The man then rubbed his chin in thought .

“Don’t try to provoke me and shut your damned trap—”

“Evidence? Mm… evidence… Ah, wasn’t that corpse missing its thumb?”


Instantly, Chae Nayun’s eyes shook . She whimpered under her tightly shut mouth, and fierce magic power began to swirl around her claymore .

Kim Youngjin and the other members of Essence of the Strait also covered their weapons with magic power . Chae Nayun was their comrade . They were naturally angry as well .

“My client told me to cut off her finger to prove that I killed her, and that’s exactly what I did . ’

“Y-You fucker!”

That was the final line for Chae Nayun . It would have been the same for anyone else in her spot .

She shot forward like a bullet, the magic power imbued in her claymore flashing .

“You son of a bitch—!”

A large stone sword collided with a claymore .


An explosive sound erupted and the exploding light of magic power dyed the world white .



Yun Seung-Ah paused momentarily, feeling a faint rumbling from the earth beneath her . Then, she examined the nearby presences . The Djinns standing guard on the 1st floor began to hurry down . Yun Seung-Ah turned to the seven elite members of her guild and spoke with an excited voice .

“The number of enemies has lessened . We’ll quicken our pace . ”

They moved stealthily but quickly into the 1st floor’s [Area A] .

Artifact excavation sites were often divided into multiple areas, and because the 1st floor only had mediocre artifacts, there were many areas like an ant tunnel . The result of their investigation showed that there were 6 areas in total .

“There is a high chance the Chameleon Troupe is here, so stay on your guard at all times . ”

Yun Seung-Ah warned before entering Area A . Although no one knew about the Chameleon Troupe’s participation in this artifact scramble, Yun Seung-Ah was certain; certain that Jain was here .

Kim Suho asked . “By Chameleon Troupe, you mean…”

“Yes, it’s the organization that Black Lotus is a part of . You know it?”

“Yes . ” Kim Suho nodded . He had heard about it from Jin Sahyuk when they met coincidentally in a dungeon in Crevon . Jin Sahyuk told him that she was being chased by a certain organization as she ran away . Kim Suho remembered it distinctly, as it was the first time they didn’t get into a fight after meeting each other .

“I guess it’s not too surprising . Their name is slowly spreading nowadays . ”

“… . ”

Then why was Jin Sahyuk chasing Black Lotus? While Kim Suho contemplated the answer seriously, Yi Yeonghan asked hurriedly . “Black Lotus is here? As a guard?”

“No, the Chameleon Troupe isn’t a Djinn organization . Its members are likely all humans . ”

‘Though that was a problem in and of itself . ’ Yun Seung-Ah recalled the past Chameleon Troupe and continued . “In any case, Black Lotus is an archer . He won’t try to enter such a limited space if he can help it, so don’t worry too much . ”

Yun Seung-Ah stopped talking and held Area A’s doorknob . It was a normal door, but before she opened it, Yun Seung-Ah looked at Kim Suho .

“Don’t spare Djinns . ” She said so strictly to Kim Suho .

“…Understood . ” Kim Suho hesitated but nodded nonetheless . He still had memories of his home world which transformed into the Demon Realm . Djinns who sold their souls for their safety were no different than devils . A soulless existence wasn’t human… .

“I know . ”

“Then we’re going in . ”

Yun Seung-Ah opened the door . The eight members of Creator’s Sacred Grace quickly stormed into the room . No one was merciful as the Djinns guarding Area A died without the chance to even scream for help .



The ground continued to rumble .

As elite members of Korea’s former rank 1 guild, all eight Heroes could feel and hear the faint trembling of the earth .


The battle happening on the 5th floor started out disadvantageously . It was a 10 vs 30, to begin with, and such a difference in number couldn’t be made up for easily . Not to mention, the Djinns guarding this place weren’t just any ordinary Djinns .

However, Essence of the Strait’s Heroes used the ‘skills’ they acquired from the Tower to their fullest extent and slowly gained the advantage over time .

It was undoubtedly thanks to Chae Nayun holding up their leader all by herself .

“…You’re stronger than I thought . ”

Gunyuden swung his stone sword down as he murmured in genuine surprise .


Chae Nayun defended the attack and sneered openly .

“Are you sure you’re not just weak?”

“Mm . ”

Gunyuden instantaneously pulled his sword up and destroyed Chae Nayun’s qi reinforcement . Chae Nayun quickly jumped back and reproduced her qi reinforcement .

Gunyuden smirked .

“I don’t think so . ”

“Hmph . ”

Chae Nayun’s qi reinforcement quickly recovered, and she made a bigger smirk .

“If you had such a trick up your sleeve, you should have used it to cut off my neck . Watch and learn, idiot . ”

Chae Nayun stretched her sword out . The distance between them was about 10 meters, a distance that a sword couldn’t cover . However…

Tzzzzz… . .

Magic power rose above Chae Nayun’s claymore, forming a giant blade .

“What’s that?”


Chae Nayun didn’t reply and attacked . The blade of magic power absorbed even the smallest particles of magic power in the surrounding as it swung down .

However, Gunyuden took the blow without difficulty .


“What is this…?”

However, the moment his stone sword touched Chae Nayun’s magic power, a part of the stone sword shattered .

The weight of pure magic power wasn’t to be taken lightly . Only now did Gunyuden’s face flicker with unease .

However, Chae Nayun was only getting started .

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Horizontal slashes, vertical slashes, crossway slashes, spin slashes… Chae Nayun’s 10-meter-long blade dominated the entire area . Gunyuden was entirely focused on frantically blocking Chae Nayun’s blows . But because his stone sword broke down with each exchange, this duel was clearly approaching an end .

But for some reason, Gunyuden seemed carefree . He smiled as he received Chae Nayun’s attacks and recalled what Chae Nayun said earlier .

‘If you had such a trick up your sleeve, you should have used it to cut off my neck . ’

In truth, that’s exactly what he planned to do .


A gap appeared in Chae Nayun’s defense as she tried to make a huge swing . Gunyuden threw a glance to the side . Immediately afterward, something fell on Chae Nayun’s shoulder .


She quickly tried to throw it off, but it was too late . A sharp pain struck her back, and strength left her body .

“What… did you… . ”

“Hehehehe . ”

The figure that fell on Chae Nayun’s back lightly jumped up and returned to Gunyuden’s side . Chae Nayun sent him a deathly glare even as she panted in pain .

“…You cowardly son of a bitch . ”

“Ah, well, to tell you the truth, it’s him . The one who killed your mom . ”

Gunyuden smiled brightly and pointed next to him . A short, ugly man was snickering to himself .

“He’s my brother, Yudoren . ”

“Y-You b-bastard . ”

Chae Nayun clenched her teeth .

Brother? You damned bastards… .

She tried to stop the bleeding with her magic power, but the younger brother’s Gift seemed to have done something as her bleeding didn’t stop . Blood quickly left her body, and her vision blurred .

“Chae Nayun!”

Kim Youngjin shouted .

However, the other Djinns stopped him .

She couldn’t expect help . She thought of an item as she gasped for breath . Perhaps, it was the last chance she had .

Call me if you’re ever in danger . She recalled that man’s words…

Chae Nayun tried to take something out from her pocket .

However, the small man stopped her . Yudoren had thrown a knife and pierced her hand .

The sound of flesh being cut rang out, but Chae Nayun didn’t feel any pain . It was a dangerous sign .

“… . ”

Chae Nayun glared at the two Djinns with her blurred, bloodshot eyes .

Not now . The sworn enemies who killed Mom are in front of me… I can’t give up now . I can’t… .

Chae Nayun unleashed her magic power for a final attack .

But did the heavens abandon her?


An arrow suddenly descended through the walls of the excavation site .

It mercilessly pierced Chae Nayun’s heart .

Chae Nayun looked down blankly as the magic arrow stuck in her body . She knew instinctively that it was a fatal attack .

…Tears streamed down her face .

Light flashed before her eyes . Memories of happy and painful times appeared in her mind .

Strangely, Kim Hajin’s face was in both memories .

“Ah… . ” She slowly closed her eyes .

Maybe it’s better to just die like this .

It’s been too painful .

My consciousness should slowly fade away now .

Right .

That’s enough .

I tried hard .

I tried hard, so it should be okay to rest .

Mom and Oppa will surely understand…

5 seconds, then 10 seconds passed . Still, death didn’t come . It was only then that Chae Nayun thought again .

Wait . It doesn’t hurt?

“What is this?”


For the first time in a long time, I received a settings change alert on my smartwatch .

[Problem – It doesn’t make sense that a terrifying, giant stone sword-using villain can assassinate someone without leaving behind any evidence . ]

[Modification – A younger brother was added as the assassin, creating a more logical character persona and skillset differentiation . ]

“Haa… . ”

A strange Djinn was added . Chae Nayun would have won too if things continued .

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I watched everything happen and raised the ‘Blessed Bow of Horus’ . Then, I nocked one arrow .

[Blessed Bow of Horus] had an ability to create healing arrows .

As long as Chae Nayun’s injuries were healed, I believed she would be able to overcome her trauma by herself . As such, I decided not to kill Gunyuden and Yudoren .

Currently, it was 5:59 p . m .

With one minute left to go, I activated Eye of Horus .

My vision instantly expanded and thin strands of starlight and moonlight began to enter my eyes .

As this state only lasted 5 seconds, I had no time to be absorbed in this mystical sensation .

My body moved automatically .

5 seconds . I looked down on the world .

4 seconds . I set my target .

3 seconds . I let go of the bowstring .

2 seconds . I watched the arrow fly with my eyes .

1 second . The arrow seeped into the ground and hit its target .

Just as I was about to watch the result of my action…


A terrifying killing intent suddenly surrounded me, and a familiar human figure flew towards me .


A cold voice called my name .

I twisted my head and stared at her .

Goosebumps immediately shot up on my arms .

With only a hair’s breadth between us, we stared into each other’s eyes .

Jin Sahyuk .

Covered in magic power armor, she was grinning ever so happily .


I couldn’t continue .

Pain quickly arrived, as a fist infused with magic power struck my stomach . Aether’s defense was easily broken through .

At the same time, I coughed out a mouthful of blood .

As my body shot back like a soccer ball… a countless number of magic weapons hurled towards me .


…The fight that broke out inside the excavation site affected the outside world .

Magic power shook the air and twisted the earth .

Through all this, Jin Sahyuk kept her eyes on one man . He was observing the excavation site while covered in a strange grass-like membrane .

She wanted to charge at him the moment she laid eyes on him, but she held herself back .

She removed her killing intent and magic power .

To enjoy greater happiness, she squelched her roaring desires .

‘I will crush you at the most crucial moment… . ’


Thankfully, it didn’t take long for that moment to arrive .

A strange reverberation rang out from the excavation site, and Kim Hajin took out a bow . He created an arrow out of magic power, then his eyes began to turn blue as well .

Jin Sahyuk didn’t know what was happening, but her instincts were roaring… roaring that now was the time to kill him .

She immediately drew out every ounce of magic power in her body and shot forward .

In less than a second, she reached the prey she wanted to hunt so much . Looking at his flustered face, Jin Sahyuk smiled brightly .


His widened eyes filled her with joy . However, this joy soon transformed into astonishing rage .

“You… . ”

First, she punched his stomach to shut him up .

He was sent flying with just that .

As expected, she seemed to be stronger outside the Tower .

However, she didn’t chase after him . She created her magic power weapons and sent them flying at Kim Hajin .


Weapons formed with a boundless amount of magic power rained down on him .

One, two, three, four, five… It was pointless to count the number of weapons as it would be no different than counting the number of rain droplets during a storm .

Jin Sahyuk’s barrage didn’t stop . As more and more explosive sounds rang out, her happiness increased . Every inch of her body tingled with excitement and delight . An electrifying sense of ecstasy traveled down her spine .

“Haa… . ”

She stopped her bombardment of magic power… and covered her face with her hands . She remained standing, even as she staggered side-to-side from ecstasy .

Through the gaps between her fingers, she stared at the man’s tomb . He was covered in dirt, grass, and a current of magic power . Looking at it, her cheeks flushed .

However, this blissful moment only lasted a moment .

“…Did I finish it too quickly? Hmm . ”

Jin Sahyuk was happy with the result but somewhat regretted letting him go so easily . If possible, she wanted to toy with him more and make him into an example for anyone who wanted to mess with her .

…It was then .

“… . ”

Rustle, rustle .

Jin Sahyuk’s eyes widened .

Rustle, rustle .

It was undoubtedly the sound of a living person .

Rustle, rustle .

The man, Kim Hajin, had not died .


Even though he was buried deep underground by magic power, he had survived . His flesh and bones were cut, yet he wasn’t dead .

He dusted off the dirt and rocks on his body and raised his body .

Jin Sahyuk was surprised .

At the same time, she was happy .

Jin Sahyuk made an elated smile . It seemed her wish had been granted .

“Great, now that’s more like—”


A sudden exclamation of astonishment interrupted her remark .

Kim Hajin spoke apathetically, cutting her enjoyment in half .

Jin Sahyuk furrowed her brows and glared at him .

“What do you mean, ‘wow?’”

“…This is the first time I’ve felt anything like this . ”

He continued to mumble incomprehensible things .

Was his brain damaged?

Jin Sahyuk created more magic power weapons in the air . Kim Hajin glanced at them, then began to laugh .

“Hahahaha… . ”

“…Did you go crazy?”

“No . ”

Kim Hajin shook his head .

“I just found it funny . You really came to find me?”

His tone was full of leisure .

Jin Sahyuk was about to berate his arrogance and hubris when she felt it with her body – the overwhelming and pure ‘power’ emanating from his body .

It wasn’t magic power .

It wasn’t a magic spell .

It was something much more pure…

“This will be my first close-ranged combat . ”

Murmuring nonsensically— he shot forward .

A crater appeared where his foot kicked off, and a cloud of dust rose up behind him .


Immediately afterward, an intense pain struck her solar plexus .

Her magic power armor was broken instantly .

Jin Sahyuk coughed out blood at the punch that was in a league of its own . Her vision blurred, and every internal organ in her body throbbed .

But before the pain could leave her body… in the cloud of dust filled with pieces of stone, Kim Hajin’s face popped out .

His wolf-like eyes glowed blue, and his monstrous body… ‘easily’ caught up with her body in flight .

“I told you last time . ”

He reached out with a rough hand and grabbed her face . Then, he murmured softly .

“That I’ll kill you if I ever see you . ”

“… . ”

Jin Sahyuk blankly stared at him with her half-closed eyes .

“That it’ll be the same both inside and outside the Tower . ”

Finally, he made a twisted smile .

“Why didn’t you listen?”

Then, her entire body was smashed into the ground .

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