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The Novel’s Extra - Chapter 248.

Published at 31st of March 2020 07:12:43 PM

Chapter 248.

The Demon King’s castle locked shut after Kim Suho was chosen to be the ‘King’s Challenger’ . As a result, all Players in the castle were expelled to the 21st floor . This should have been the case for me as well .

“…So you chose me? As your practice partner?”

Instead, I was captured by a mysterious flow of magic power and brought into the castle . Kim Suho stood next to me . He put on a bashful smile and explained the whole situation to the confused me .

“Yeah, you were the only one I could think of . ”

I was dumbfounded by his blind faith . He could have summoned Shin Jonghak, Kim Junwoo, or even Cheok Jungyeong whom I had purposefully sent to help his party .

I wasn’t exactly the best choice for a practice partner in the first place . Kim Chundong might have been a swordsman, but I wasn’t .

“Okay, well… . ”

But this wasn’t a choice he could take back .

Fortunately . I’d been wanting to have a chat with Kim Suho . And it wasn’t that I couldn’t help him at all .

By combining my skill, ‘Four-colored Enchant’ and Trait, ‘Dwarf’s Dexterity’, with ‘Stigma’s magic power’, I could enhance Kim Suho’s equipment to whole new levels .

“I understand, but…”

Before I got down to that, I decided to take a look around first . The Demon King’s residence was similar in appearance to an average medieval castle, except… the guest room was filled with a variety of magical equipment .

“Hey, isn’t that a crystal ball?”

I managed to dig out a rather valuable treasure among them . It was a crystal ball, its size bigger than most desk globes .

“Crystal ball?”

“Yeah . Come here . ”

I pulled Kim Suho towards the crystal ball .

At the moment, the crystal ball was reflecting the view of the 21st floor .

—What did you say, you ogre!?

—Haha, wanna try getting beat up by an ogre?

Cheok Jungyeong and Aileen, who were deported to Card Kingdom, were pointing fingers and yelling at each other .

—Aaak, I can’t take this anymore . You’re dead .

Aileen’s face turned tomato red as she fumed at Cheok Jungyeong .

—You think I’m gonna end up dead? You little dwarf… .

—Shut up, you brainless moron!

Cheok Jungyeong’s mouth shut close . At the same time, a huge current of magic power blazed up around Aileen . Cheok Jungyeong, too, concentrated magic power around his body .

Cheok Jungyeong vs Aileen .

The fight of the century was about to unfold, for whatever the reason .

“…They’re suddenly fighting . ”

Kim Suho said, slightly stunned .

“Yeah . ”

Watching others fight was always fun, but I wanted to offer Kim Suho something better .

“With a crystal ball this intricate, we should be able to see other floors… . ”

I operated the crystal ball with ease . I had experience using it, as there was a similar one in Tomer’s office .

I switched the floor reflected across the crystal ball as though I was switching tv channels . I finally settled on the 3rd floor, Prestige .

“Oh, it’s showing up . The 3rd floor . ”

“3rd floor?”

Kim Suho widened his eyes and stared at the crystal ball .

—Oi, Railro, how was work today?

—Same as always . Enough to handle .

Prestige had improved drastically now that it had a sun .

In the past, residents of Prestige needed citizenship to live humanely; now, every single NPC was a citizen by default . Orphans and famine disappeared as crops and livestock prospered over the purified land . The interactions between Players and NPCs had improved as well .

—Excuse me, how much is this?

Just then, a Player asked the store owner NPC for the price of a potion .

—It’s 50 TP .

—Mister, how far have you gone in the Tower~?

The shop owner’s child suddenly clung to the Player . Despite the trouble, the Player answered the child with a smile .

—I’m still new, so I’ve only been to the 5th floor .

—Wow~! And, and, how was it? The 5th floor?

—The 5th floor is… scary . There are many dungeons there .

The reason I wanted Kim Suho to see the 3rd floor was to appeal to his sentiments . Yet, I was the one overcome with feelings .

This was the fruit of my labor . I changed Prestige with my TP and efforts… with the help of famous NPCs such as Henry and Kiri, of course .

“Wow . Prestige really changed a lot . ”

Suddenly, Kim Suho placed one of his hands on my shoulder .

“…Right . And, so… . ”

I twisted my body slightly to shake his hand off, then proceeded to ask Kim Suho the question that I’d been wanting to ask him for a long time .

“What do you think?”

“Hm? About what?”

“You know, about this Tower in general . ”

Kim Suho smiled at my words .

“…I don’t know . Nothing, really . ”

Kim Suho’s voice sounded melancholic . I could feel the longing and regret that was buried in it .

Right now, Kim Suho was probably thinking about his homeland . After all, ‘Towers’ must have existed there as well .

“But there’s only one more floor left . Do you really feeling nothing?”

I asked again, and Kim Suho began to ponder .

“Mmm… . To be honest, I was really angry when I first arrived at Prestige . Sad, too . People were dying on the streets, but just because they weren’t citizens, no one seemed to care about them . ”

Kim Suho spoke honestly .

“Same thing happened on the 8th floor . The royals tried to conceal the existence of calamities from their citizens under the pretext of containing social panic . A lot of people died as a result . ”

I listened to him in silence . Kim Suho continued . He talked about the 16th floor, how it had been completely taken over by the demons, about the people living under the demons’ rule, about their deaths, about Players who saw NPCs as mere tools… .

“Then, do you think the Tower needs to disappear?”

I finally managed to bring out the touchy subject .

“… . ”

Kim Suho stayed silent for a long time .

The crystal ball was now showing Henry and Kiri .

—Good work, everyone~

—We’re done for the day~!

In no time, Henry and Kiri had become the most famous NPCs of Prestige, widely loved by both Players and residents .

—Business was especially hard today, so we threw in a little bonus .

Kim Suho looked at the two kids . They were still young and small, but in a sense, they were already giants, leading Prestige intelligently and justly .

A blooming smile spread across Kim Suho’s face .

“…No . ”

He shook his head .

“That’s not what I want . Many people are living happily in the Tower . The world within the Tower should be maintained . These people aren’t just NPCs but humans, just like you and me . ”

“… . ”

I felt relieved .

This was enough .

Kim Suho was not the type to go back on his word .

Things were different from the original story, where he destroyed the Tower . Kim Suho would gladly protect the ‘Tower of Wish’, where despair and death had been replaced by hope and life .

Tap, tap—

I tapped Kim Suho on his shoulder twice and turned the crystal ball off .

“Enough with the chit chat . Let’s start the training now . ”

“Are we sparring?”

“No, training, not sparring . ”

There was a distinct difference between the two . During a spar, I would be his ‘opponent’, but during a training session, I would become his ‘instructor’ .

“Before we start… . ”

I examined Kim Suho’s gear first . The moment I laid my eyes on the armor he was wearing beneath his white coat, I was stunned .

“Are you seriously still wearing that?”

A long time ago, I had made an armor for Kim Suho . I gave it to him as a present to celebrate his entrance into the Tower using the black ticket . That old armor was still Kim Suho’s main method of protection .

“Ah, well, this is the best armor I own . Changing it would have been a waste of TP . ”

Kim Suho scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment .

I felt a slight sting in my heart .

Well, considering that Creator’s Sacred Grace went down harder than it did in the original story, he probably didn’t have the time or resources to secure new equipment . He probably used every TP he earned to help his guild members . That was just the kind of guy he was .

“…No worries . ”

It didn’t matter .

I planned to gear him up from head to toe, anyway .

“First of all, your current equipment sucks . ”

“…What? That came out of the blue . ”

“It’s true . ”

I had a rough idea of the Demon King’s main attributes . I could always find the answers to the questions that I didn’t know using the Book of Truth . With this knowledge, I would make him a set of equipment specially designed to be effective against the Demon King .

I wouldn’t say it was dirty .

Surely the Demon King didn’t plan on fighting naked either . He would be wearing good armor as well .

“First, take all your clothes off . ”

Kim Suho flinched .

“…W-Why? What are you gonna do?”

Kim Suho threw a strange look at me and stepped back . There just happened to be a bed with red silk spread on top of it behind Kim Suho . I narrowed my eyes like a halibut .

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“Stop with the weird joke . I’m just going to dismantle your equipment and reforge them . ”

My Dismantle technique was already Lv . 10 .

If I add [Random Dice] to it, I should be able to secure good materials .


“Yup . And isn’t it better to train without heavy armor? Ah, look, there’s a robe . Put that on . ”

I pointed at the robe hanging on the wall in a corner of the room .

Kim Suho, though embarrassed, did as I told . He even tried to take his briefs off and I had to stop him . I really didn’t need his underwear .

…Kim Suho, with only a robe over his briefs, looked as if he was a member of the Greek royal blood . A striking man with an alluring, decadent atmosphere . One robe was all he needed to bring out his charms .

“Well then, we’ll start the training now . ”

But his charms weren’t important right now . It’s not like he was going to seduce the Demon King .

“Here . This is your practice partner . ”

As someone serving as Kim Suho’s trainer for the next 2 weeks, I took out a card .


[Bahamut’s Red Dragon] [Monster] [8 Star]

○ Summons the Red Dragon of Bahamut to attack your opponents .

●7-star Attack

●7-star Defense

●The Red Dragon can defeat any opponent whose attack and defense are lower than its own .

●Can be summoned 3 times .


[Bahamut’s Red Dragon] .

Like the [Miraculous Teahouse], this was one of the 8-star cards I purchased in Card Kingdom on the 21st floor .

I never imagined I would end up using it in this way .

“What’s that?”

Kim Suho asked innocently .

My answer was brief .

“Your practice partner . While I make your equipment, you’ll have to fight this guy ‘til death’ . ”

Today would mark the start of my ‘Kim Suho Attribute Enhancement Project’ .


[A cave somewhere in the Himalayas]

Chae Nayun quietly stared at Kim Joongho lying on his bed . Kim Joongho was asleep and his face was completely covered in hair . Still, she was convinced by her intuition that this was definitely Kim Joongho .

Chae Nayun wondered as she looked down at him .

‘What should I do? What should I ask, hear, and demand from him?’

…However, before she could make her decision, Kim Joongho opened his eyes . Chae Nayun flinched and took a step back .


Kim Joongho’s startled gaze landed on Chae Nayun . He was clearly afraid of the uninvited guest . Suddenly, despair descended on his face that was devoid of any hope .

“Hell- Hello . ”

Chae Nayun said, trying to sound calm . Hearing her flustered voice, Kim Joongho’s fear receded . He seemed to recognize her .

“I’m Chae Nayun . We’ve met before… if I remember correctly . ”

They had brushed past each other in the past .

At her mother’s funeral and also at her brother’s funeral .

“… . ”

Kim Joongho stared at Chae Nayun in silence . Chae Nayun stared at his eyes devoid of any hope and shook her head vigorously .

“I, I’m not here to hurt you . ”


“It’s just, there’s something strange about your report… . ”

‘Haa . ’ A heavy sigh flowed out of Kim Joongho’s mouth .

He raised his upper body .

“How did you know that I was here?”

He spoke in a husky whisper . His voice served as evidence to all the suffering he had to endure .

“I… used this . ”

Chae Nayun carefully took out Heynckes’ compass . Kim Joongho looked back and forth at her and the compass . The compass proved that she earned Heynckes’ respect .

With yet another sigh, Kim Joongho pulled himself out of his bed .

“At least let me serve you some tea . Please make yourself comfortable . ”

Kim Joongho pointed at the table and the chair next to the bed . Chae Nayun sat on the chair obediently . A copy of the Violet Times was on top of the table . The front-page headline read: [Chae Joochul Murders Devil] .

Chae Nayun’s heart trembled faintly .

“Please wait . ”

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Kim Joongho disappeared to somewhere deep within the cave and returned with a kettle of barley tea and two cups . Steam rose from the warm tea .

He poured the tea down into the two cups . Chae Nayun sat still, staring at the surface of the tea . Warm steam scattered near her nose .

At that moment, Kim Joongho spoke .

“Are you here to retrieve Chae Jinyoon’s body?”


Suddenly, old thoughts again arose in Chae Nayun’s mind .

‘Kim Joongho said he owned the corpse of a devil . ’

‘Kim Joongho switched Chae Jinyoon’s body and vanished . ’

Chae Nayun clenched her teeth and clutched her fists . Kim Joongho only stared at Chae Nayun .

“So you’re already have an idea as to what happened . ”

Chae Nayun’s breath stopped, hearing Kim Joongho’s sudden remark . Her heart started to beat violently, and her face reddened, but she forced herself to regain her composure . She needed to keep the promise she made to Heynckes and to herself .

Chae Nayun clenched her teeth and looked straight into Kim Joongho’s eyes .

“…Have you been keeping my brother’s body?”

She barely managed to form a question .

Kim Joongho nodded .

“Yes . That’s the reason I ran away and came here . ”

Tears formed in her eyes . Chae Nayun wiped them off as she pretended to run a hand through her hair .

There was just one more thing she needed to confirm . She needed physical evidence to be able to accept the unacceptable truth . She needed to see her brother with her own eyes .

“Can you… show me… that… that… . ”

It was a sentence she couldn’t possibly form .

Kim Joongho looked at Chae Nayun and replied .

“I can show you . The fact that you came all the way here tells me how determined you are . But…”

Kim Joongho stopped . The sound of Chae Nayun’s heavy breathing filled the cave amidst the cold silence . Sympathy arose in Kim Joongho’s eyes . Right now, she appeared unstable even to him .

“Can you really bear it?”

Still, Chae Nayun nodded without a moment of hesitation .

“…Yes . S-Show me . ”

She needed to know .

What was the truth?

What was the lie?

“Now… I want to know . ”


Two weeks later, Demon King’s Castle .

“Mmm… . ”

I was examining Kim Suho in his new clothes quite earnestly . The garments I made in two short weeks with my utmost effort were now shining in the presence of their perfect owner .

“Hmm… . ”

The white leather armor shined brightly underneath the beige-colored coat, and the gaiters made to protect his calves were in perfect harmony with his new, comfortable shoes . On top of that, Kim Suho was also equipped with the old gear and artifacts I stole from Old Man Phiunel . The clothes he was wearing right now basically amounted to the worth of a small business .

“Good . ”

I nodded in satisfaction .

“Go like this . ”

“…Hey, isn’t this a bit too much?”

“Shut it . ”

I casually dismissed Kim Suho’s objection .

As a side note, he finally defeated Bahamut’s Red Dragon about three days ago . The dragon was quite strong, so he had to use his ultimate skill .

“I’ve done so much for you, you have to win . Never give up . ”

“Of course . ”

Today was the last day I could offer him my help .

Kim Suho’s challenge would probably last for a long time .

In the original story, it took him about a month to win, but things were different now . Of course, Kim Suho was stronger and his equipment was a lot better . But that would be the case for the Demon King as well .

“Anyway… um . Hajin, thank you so much . You always help me out . ”

Kim Suho extended his hand with a cheesy expression .

“You remember what I told you before, right? That you should treat me well if you’re grateful . ”

I smiled and grabbed his hand .

I had no idea how the future would unfold from this point onward .

But there was one thing I knew for sure: Kim Suho was not going to make the same decision he made in the original story . The Tower of Wish would not perish and instead shine beautifully in harmony with the world .

“…Hey, I think we still have about half a day left . ”

‘Let's not be obsessed with a fight that hasn't even started yet,’ I thought and pointed at the crystal ball .

“Do you just wanna look around?”

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“Sure . ”

Kim Suho nodded with a big smile . His eyes formed perfect arches and his mouth opened just the right amount . Those two factors combined to form a flawless smile .

“Let’s start on the 2nd floor . ”

I turned the crystal ball on and started browsing through each floor in order .

…2F, the Floor of Beginnings, was filled with newbie hunters and Players who entered the Tower for the first time with big dreams in their hearts .

…3F, the first residential area . In the lively and hopeful Prestige, NPCs and Players were working together to create a better city .

… . 7F, Game Center was home to gamblers and Rankers who had come to enjoy their vacation . Kim Suho spotted Jin Sahyuk in front of a slot machine and frowned slightly .

…13F, the notorious floor known to punish Players who succumb to sleep with nightmares . Even now, a countless number of Players were shedding tears .

…15F, Genkelope’s Vessel, which was now my possession, had become a futuristic metropolis . The vessel served as the most popular strategic point to mid-level Players .

Using the crystal ball, we saw a lot of things together .

Our eyes reflected various people going about their lives in the Tower .

“…Hajin . ”

Suddenly, Kim Suho called my name .


I turned my head to face Kim Suho . He was staring at the crystal ball with a faint smile across his face .

“…You know,”

His voice sounded solemn . The smile soon faded from his face, which was now hardening with nervousness . A barren voice came out of his mouth .

“There’s one thing I want to tell you before I leave . ”

Kim Suho turned his head and looked at me . Our eyes met . For a while, we sat still in silence .

…The silence lasted for some time .

It seemed Kim Suho needed time to piece together his words, so I waited for him .

Waiting wasn’t hard . For the main character to take this long meant whatever he planned to say next was extremely important .

…The silence extended, barely continuous .

When I had forgotten how long I’d waited, Kim Suho finally spoke .

“Would you believe me if I said I’m from a different world?”

His confession was an unexpected one .


[Seoul, South Korea]

Currently, it was raining in Seoul . It was as if a hole had been punched through the sky . Yoo Yeonha stared outside her window and picked up her smartwatch .

[Nayun, I think you should stop . ]


[Nayun, are you busy?]

[Nayun, please reply . ]

Yoo Yeonha had sent a series of messages to Chae Nayun after she informed her that she was about to find Kim Joongho .

But there wasn’t any reply from Chae Nayun . It meant she was still out there, looking for Kim Joongho .

Or worse, maybe she already found him . Maybe she already learned the truth from him and was now agonizing in pain .

“Haa… . ”

Yoo Yeonha regretted everything . Even if Chae Nayun learned the truth now, Kim Hajin, the one person she needed to exchange apologies with, was already gone . She would only be hurt more… .

Yoo Yeonha covered her face with her hands and cried .

Just how did their story come to this?

She felt like everything was her fault .

That made everything more miserable and more painful . The sound of rain outside made it seem as though the world was crying with her .


Suddenly, the doorbell rang .

Yoo Yeonha didn’t move . She couldn’t afford to entertain her guests at the moment .

—Dingdong, dingdong, dingdong .

But the doorbell kept ringing, and Yoo Yeonha pulled herself out of her bed, rumpling her hair .

“Who is it, at this hour… . ”

Irritated, she headed to the living room and looked at the intercom .

She planned to call the security guard and kick out whoever was ringing the bell .


However, the moment she laid her eyes on the intercom, her body and brain froze .

A woman without an umbrella was standing at the front gate of her mansion, completely soaked . Though the woman looked shabby, Yoo Yeonha knew who she was . She knew too well .

It was Chae Nayun .

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