The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together

The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together
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Elena Lee, the daughter of the pharmaceutical tycoon, has been tormented by nightmares since she was six years old. In those dreams, she meets a strange man. It looks like he is trying to save her or... to kill her. But what will the girl do when the man from her dreams suddenly appears before her eyes in reality?

*** *** ***
Flames devoured the remnants of a fallen plane. The pilot's voice was no longer audible. Slowly falling white snow reinforced the feeling of complete hopelessness.

"Lena, run!"
"I said, RUN!"

Taking his words as an order, Elena's legs, not listening to the desires of her heart, carried her away from this place as quickly as possible.
Out of breath, but finding the strength to run farther through this dark forest, she heard nothing but the knock in her chest.
Suddenly, the ground disappeared under her feet, and the body lost its balance.

"Oh, and who is this hiding in here? Did the little mouse decide to play with the big cat? Oh dear, as I said, you can not hide from me. Neither in this life nor the next one."

Elena's heart sank in horror. She has just lost the last chance to survive.
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Chapters 1-149 - Book 1. The Numbers: Fragments of Time.
Status: Completed. Under editing.
Book 1 is in the process of publishing as a hardcopy, so you have a chance to read it for free right now because I don't know whether I will be allowed to leave it here or not.

Chapters 150 - .... - Book 2. The Numbers: Demon Behind the Scenes.
Status: Ongoing.

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I'm not the owner of the art, all the credits to the author.

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