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Chapter 130

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Yibei’s eyes darkened .

His eyes however went unnoticed by Fang Chixia who was still trying to pull the zipper .

Pulling it down, there probably were some hair strands stuck in the inside so and ~Ah~ poured out of pain with her eyebrows are screwed up .

The very light low cry, in fact, had no change of tone .

However, in such a quiet night, coupled with the waxy softness of her own voice, the listening ears Yibei received it quite crispy and very delicate .

Fang Chixia was still struggling against the zipper . Leaning her head, she tried to pull out her hair, but one hand appeared a step ahead of her and pushed her hand and took care of her hair .

He did it naturally, and Fang Chixia did not think much of it .

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“Thank you . ” whispered her thanks and attempted to pull her clothes out of his hands .

Luo Yibei however refused to let go of the zipper of her dress he was holding .

Fang Chixia was startled for a few seconds . She glanced sideways and met his eyes, her heart jumped a bit .

Yibei’s eyes were hot, like two clusters of flames burning in a dark night, and they fell upon her .

Fang Chixia knew what he wanted to do, and in her heart became nervous for some reason .

“I’ll get changed first!” She pushed him away and tried to head for the bathroom, only to be pulled back by his wrist .

“I’ll help you!” He picked her up and carried her straight to the bed .

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“I want to change into my bathrobe!” Fang Chixia reminded .

He was not taking her to change clothes, he obviously got bad intentions .

Yibei also ignored her and took her to the bedside . She pushed her down and they fell on the bed .

Then, leisurely he added, “I’ll help you take it off!”

Fang Chixia’s face turned red then white for a while, her hands pulling the sheets tightly .

Yibei spent his time admiring the changes in her expressions, his face tilted down to hers and his cool lips fell softly on hers .

Both drank wine so the taste of their mouths were the same . The smell of wine in each other’s mouth spread, winding, blending and exceptionally intimate .

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Fang Chixia also didn’t know if she was truly drunk tonight or because such a night was too sensational . When he kissed her, she actively and unexpectedly wound her arms around his neck .

Luo Yibei was slightly startled, but did not expect her to be so cooperative .

Staring at her misty eyes for a moment, his thin lips covered hers again .

His kiss turned fierce and rough . Not long after, Fang Chixia began to feel drowsy and couldn’t tell the difference between the sky and the Earth .

Luo Yibei was completely enjoying her smooth cooperation . She didn’t see that the barbaric factors lurking within his body were utterly hooked out .

He thought so, and he did it all night .

The lethargic Chixia slept through the night, and the next day was awakened by the sun .

The very dazzling light, sprinkled from the window, quietly projecting on her body, piercing her eyes so that someone couldn’t open her eyes .

What stood out more than the sun were the marks that Yibei left on her last night, big and small .

Different shades, like blossoming roses, enchanting and charming .

The pain in Chixia’s body immediately dispersed all over her . She already lost count of how many times she’d been eaten by Yibei .

There was the sound of surging waves outside the window so they were clearly still at sea .

Chixia was somewhat surprised . She picked up her clothes on the ground to put them on, then she opened the door to go out… . .