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The Phoenix Arises - Chapter 23.1

Published at 15th of May 2019 09:10:49 PM

Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23 . 1: Assassination

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In the Vermillion Bird Imperial Palace’s Imperial Study, Duanmu Xue sat going through the memorials .

“Respects to Your Majesty . ”

Suddenly, a black robed woman had appeared in the Imperial Study .

Duanmu Xue raised her head up to glance at Thirteenth and immediately lowered her head back down again .

“Why have you returned? Is it because you have news of the Crown Princess?”

“Yes Your Majesty . The Crown Princess has shown up in Border Gate Town . ”

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Duanmu Xue’s hands halted an instant, and a drop of ink fell onto the memorial .

“What… . . What did you just say?”

“Her Highness is now in Border Gate Town and Phoenix Fifth is escorting Her Highness back to the palace together with the other Phoenix Guards . ”

Upon hearing that, Duanmu Xue was no longer able to hold herself back . She threw her brush down and rushed her way over to Thirteenth to ask excitedly: “Is this true? Is what you are saying really true?”

“Mm . Your subordinate saw it with my own eyes . There is also a youth who looks to be about sixteen or seventeen years old with Her Highness . ”

Duanmu Xue’s brows immediately furrowed together “Sixteen seventeen year old youth? Do you know who he is?”

Thirteenth shook her head . “Your subordinate does not know . ”

“Send someone out to investigate into this person’s identity immediately . ”

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“Right at once, Your Majesty . ”

Inside the Bonded Hearts Palace, Huangfu Che was reading a book by the window .

“Che… . . ”

Before he could see her person, he had already heard her voice .

[This Xue Er, has she forgotten her own identity and position again?] Huangfu Che shook his head helplessly and put down his book, going out through the door to welcome her .

“Che… . . ”

The moment Duanmu Xue saw Huangfu Che, she immediately pulled him along as she ran her way inside the sleeping chambers .

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“Xue Er, slow down a little . What has made you so anxious… . . ”

Once inside the sleeping chambers, Duanmu Xue quickly dismissed all the palace attendants .

Outside the palace, the attendants were looking at each other with meaningful glances, with some of them even whispering softly to each other .

“Her Majesty was so eager . ”

“Yah, right in the middle of day when it’s still so bright and… . . ”

“His Majesty is really so highly favoured . ”

“I can’t help but agree… . . ”

“You all don’t want your heads anymore do you?” A firm shout suddenly interrupted the attendants’ hushed discussion .

When they saw Long Xing and Long Cheng, the attendants immediately clamped their mouths shut .

Long Xing and Long Chen were the Phoenix Empress, His Majesty’s most trusted subordinates and with the Phoenix Empress so highly favoured by Her Majesty, these two men were people none of them could afford to offend .

“Xue Er, you are… . . ”

Huangfu Che’s brows creased up, his face puzzled .

“Che, do you know? Little Xi is coming back soon . ”

When she saw Huangfu Che stunned into a daze, Duanmu Xue grabbed his arm and shook it vigorously .

“Che, did you hear what I said? Our Little Xi is coming back!”