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The Portal of Wonderland - Chapter 438

Published at 18th of January 2020 09:28:25 AM

Chapter 438

The Yan Kingdom was where the peak of Black Demon Sect resided .

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It was noon and the sun was shining but the peak of the Black Demon was shrouded in faint black fog, forming a huge black cloud at the top of the mountain .

From a distance, the clouds of the peak of Black Demon looked like thirteen giant mushrooms .

The black cloud cast a large shadow on the ground . From the foot of the mountain, the strange peak rock at the top of the mountain was faintly stained with a layer of blackness and a hint of ambiguity .

Under the thirteen peaks, the disciples of the Black Demon Sect were bustling as they were used this scene . Naturally, they were not at all concerned and continued to do what they were tasked .

The number of Black Demon Sect disciples had increased compared to the past . It seemed that there had been a good development .

A hidden attic was built at the foot of the 13th peal .

The attic seemed to have been abandoned for a long time . The windows and doors were now covered with cobwebs and the stone steps that connected to the mountains were now almost covered by the grass that was as tall as a person . It was obvious that no one had set foot here for a long time .

At this moment, a blue figure could be seen sitting on his knees in the attic . It was not other than Shi Mu!

This was the place where Young Master Ju used to live . After he died, the Black Demon Sect was clueless about what to do with it so they abandoned it .

More than ten days ago, Shi Mu had quietly come here without anyone from the Black Demon Sect noticing .

This ancient building of Young Master Ju was uninhabited and so it was alright for him to stay here for a few days .

Shi Mu hugged himself as the essence of the sunlight in the air gathered and integrated into his body .

In his dreams, Shi Mu had transformed into a white ape, crouching at the top of a tower on a dangerous peak in some strange posture . His body was full of clouds, like a fairyland .

In the middle of the sky, the white clouds fluttered and shone out around the sun . The golden light poured from the middle and into the white body .

The fur of the white ape was painted with a layer of gold and sparkles .

As time went on, the golden light on the white hair became more dazzling .

Just then, there was a sudden change!

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A large number of white clouds suddenly tumbled between them, blocking the sun and making the quiet sky suddenly dark .

Surprisingly, the surface of the white clouds was faintly golden .

Just as the white ape was amazed by the sudden change, the large white clouds fluctuated together and a pair of huge golden eye shadows emerged from the air . They looked at the white ape below with a poisonous stare .

Shi Mu, within the white ape’s body, felt a great shock .

At this moment, he could only feel himself being stared at by the wild beast . He felt a chill down his spine but he could not move at all, as if he was bound by an invisible rope .

A sense of fear and powerlessness rose in his heart, sweeping through his entire body .

The white ape suddenly paused the Sun-Swallowing Art . He rose his body and jumped up, looking dead at the golden eyes in the air . His face showed a fierce look but he seemed to be afraid of the sudden emergence of the golden steel figure .

As the figure drew closer and revealed itself more, golden lights were released from it .


The white ape rubbed his hands on his chest and let out a scream that shook the sky .

Above the attic, Shi Mu’s body gave out a shock and he immediately woke from his dreams, gasping for breath . His heart beat like a drum so fast that it felt like it could jump out of his chest .

“What is the meaning of this?”

His body was still trembling and took in a deep breath to calm himself .

Before he could do anything else, a shrill scream came from a distance like thunder . The sound was filled with endless anger .

Shi Mu could feel the blood in his veins tumbling, especially the tingling in his mind, as if he had been acupunctured . He could not help but changed his face and looked at the place where the sound came from .

The whistling sound was like a wave at sea . In an instant, the peak of the Black Demon was shrouded .

The whistling sound was deafening . As the disciples of the Black Demon Sect heard it directly, their ears oozed blood til they dropped without knowing whether they’re dear or alive .

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The elders who were above Hou Tian level began to cough up blood and fell to the ground . Their expressions were of horror and inexplicability .

In the main hall of the first peak, a ray of black light flew out and a middle-aged figure in a black robe appeared . It was the Great Elder of the Black Demon Sect, Jin Zhi .

At this moment, Jin Zhi’s eyes glittered and black light began to roll in .

“This is…”

He was confused as he looked out in the direction from where the whistle came .

On the thirteenth peak of the mountain, Shi Mu looked from a distance and a golden light suddenly emerged from the sky . It quickly came and went with amazing lightning speed .

Before all came down, the sky in front of Shi Mu flashed and a pair of huge golden eyes emerged out of thin air .

The golden steel figure turned and looked at Shi Mu . His eyes were filled with grief and the desire to kill . Its eyes mirrored the water of five lakes and seas . It was exactly the same as the golden steel figure’s right now .

Shi Mu’s expression changed again but the next moment, he was back in a dream . He could not move at all, which scared and worried him .

His blood suddenly boiled within his veins as a burning sensation rose from all corners of his body, smashing into his limbs . The invisible force bound to him, almost depleting him of any strength left .


Shi Mu let out a shout which contained a mighty whistling sound to it . It was so sharp that it spread out to the thirteen peaks of the Black Demon in an instant, waking everyone up who were previously in a deep sleep .

After the whistling, there was a crisp sound within Shi Mu . Muscles bulged and his body inflated, its surface covered in white needle-like hair .

In the blink of an eye, Shi Mu had transformed into a white ape that was twenty or thirty feet tall .

The golden pupils of the white ape shot out two golden lights but it was very different from the previous violent anger control . This time Shi Mu did not lose his mind but stayed awake .

If he could not control the white ape, he could only be an observer .

But the shock in his heart was like a river that fell into the sea and could not be calmed down .

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The white ape stepped on the attic below and it collapsed immediately . For a moment, the huge body of the white ape had turned into a huge white shadow .

The white ape flew up and Shi Mu felt the golden light flash in front of him . The next moment, the huge body of the white ape was hit by a horrible invisible force, flying backwards into the mountain .


The mountain with a height of more than 100 feet was directly broken by its waist and countless stones rolled toward the mountain . Fortunately, this mountain peak was not the main one of the thirteenth peak of the Black Demon as there were not many disciples there .

However, this scene had been witnessed by the eyes of the Black Demons elders and disciples . They were in total shock .

It was obvious that they had no idea what monster resided on the thirteenth peak of the Black Demon .

The white ape had been marked with a few deep wounds on its chest from the invisible attack . A thick layer of blood began to pour out of the wound until his chest was colored with red thick blood .

The white ape was furious and let out a low groan .

Near the wounds, a layer of white light emerged and the blood stopped quickly . It began to heal at a rapid speed that was invisible to the naked eye . After several breaths, the terrible scars turned into several shallow red marks .

Within the white ape, Shi Mu sighed and looked forward as his face changed .

Right in front of him was a middle-aged man in a golden robe . His hair was golden, as were his whiskers and eyebrows . His expression was cold and blank as iron .

Compared to the white ape, his figure was pitifully small but his whole body had a wild and proud mien compared to the white ape .

The man’s hands were large with golden dragon-like claws that shone with a metallic luster .

It seemed that the wound on the white ape were made by the dragon claws .

Inside the white ape’s body, Shi Mu’s thoughts rolled in .

From the figure of the middle-aged man in golden robe, he could vaguely see the shadow of a huge Golden Flood Dragon . He had only seen such a combination twice in his life .

“This is a nine-headed Golden Flood Dragon! No, it couldn’t be the same as its own body…” He was shocked but immediately guessed the identity of the middle-aged man .

Although the man’s breath was strong, it was still of Heaven-rank .

Deep in Shi Mu’s thoughts, the white ape smashed its mouth and roared with full force . The thick, atrong arm squatted with such force that the mountain crumbled, leaving it half its size . The white ape flew up and swooped toward the golden-robed man .

Its body was as tall as the snowy white mountain peak, creating a large shadow that covered the man .

“I knew you would never die so easily!” The robed man said with a condensed expression painted across his face . His voice was as cold as the face of the mountain . He immediately charged at the white ape with a blank expression .

His right hand stretched out and a large piece of golden light emerged from his hand and rolled like a wave of water . With just a blink, a huge golden tornado formed, withstanding the huge body of the white ape, making it impossible for it to get through .

The white ape raged and its body lit up . His hands and feet waved and kicked as the dense palm shadows fell like a storm, bombarding the golden wind column .

The column shook but would not break down . It continued rising rapidly and trapped the white giant ape inside .

The middle-aged man in the golden robe showed a sly smile on his face, and as his left hand volleyed, the golden light gathered in his hand and condensed into a golden war spear .

“Kill!” the middle-aged man in golden robe man shouted and waved his arm .

The golden war spear turned into a golden thread and the flash of the thorns smashed into the chest of the white ape . Wherever it passed, the void would be filled with a black line .

In the eyes of the white ape, a golden light flashed and slammed as it burned in a blazing white flame .

The flames rushed at the huge white ape and the rainbow was shot on the golden wind column .


The wind column became fragile before the white flame . It was now broken into two pieces and collapsed .

The white ape grabbed the ends of the lance with its two hands and smashed the weapon .

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