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The Power of the Saint is All Around - Volume 2 - Chapter 6

Published at 27th of February 2018 09:29:46 PM

Chapter 6



Ten months have passed since I’ve been summoned.

Some time has passed since the subjugation in the West Forest.

It has become noisy around me since then.

That was inevitable since I went all out when I used my 【Saint】ability.

The mysterious magic I used at the subjugation was appraised and it seemed that it was the technique that was used by the 【Saint】.

The demons and the miasma swamp both disappeared because of that technique.

I remembered that the technique used by the 【Saint】was used to annihilate demons, but I never thought that the swamp would be gone too.

I don’t know anything about the swamp yet.

The Head Magician and I talked about various things inside of the carriage, on our way back to the Royal Capital, and we also spoke about the swamp.

It was only speculation but there was a high probability that the swamp was made from miasma; because of the demons gushing out of it and how it disappeared without a trace because of my magic power.

To his knowledge, the Head Magician had never heard anything about that swamp before.

The Head Magician and the Captain were also talking about the swamp when we had first encountered it and that was the first time both of them had seen something like that.

The Captain also agreed that the swamp had been made from miasma.

The cluster of miasma disappearing meant that this was probably the effect of the purifying 【Saint】technique that was recorded in documents.

The Head Magician had said that.

We also talked about the technique that the 【Saint】used inside of the carriage and not just about the swamp.

The Head Magician’s excitement didn’t show in his words.

His eye colour had already changed so he was already a little interested.

It felt like his excitement was from being able to see rare magic and not from finding out that I was the 【Saint】.

In other words, he was the same as always.

It wasn’t just the Head Magician, the Captain was also the same as always.

So I was a little optimistic.

I hope that everything remains the same when we return to the Royal Palace.


My delusions were destroyed a week after we returned from the subjugation.

I noticed that the attitudes of the people around me had changed on my way to the Royal Palace library to return a book I had borrowed.

An example was people coming my way.

The corridors of the Royal Palace were wide so I didn’t need to avoid people, even if they were coming towards me.

The only time I needed to avoid people was around corners, because it seemed like people were likely to bump into each other in that short distance.

Despite that, I suddenly noticed that people who walked past me avoided me and walked while looking at the ground.

It was as if they were passing someone important.

I was usually in deep thought when I walked so I never noticed my surroundings before, but I don’t think that something like this has happened before.

I became anxious when I noticed it, so I paid attention to see if anything else had changed.

I noticed that something had changed when I did that, even though it wasn’t noticeable.

For example, I would normally chat with the librarian behind the desk whenever I went to return my book but now they would receive me by saying, “An important person has arrived”, at the librarian’s antechambers.

The room where I had my lectures had also changed; it was now conducted in a more extravagant room.

The person who informed me about things related to my lectures was still the same Civil Official, but now he always seemed nervous when talking with me.

That type of action wasn’t limited to the Civil Official, there were a lot of knights and mages who acted that way also.

Ah, but the attitudes of the 2nd Knight Order knights, who appeared whenever I went to the library, hasn’t changed.

They worshipped me from the beginning.

The researchers also acted the same as before.

It might be because a lot of them weren’t interested in anything but research.

Or maybe they didn’t know about the subjugation rumours. Even if they did, it didn’t have anything to do with research, so they probably didn’t care.

It would be great if it was the latter.

If it’s the former then they might not act the same way anymore.

“What’s wrong? You’re spacing out.”

“Ah, Director.”

I zoned out a little whenever I recalled the recent changes.

The Director had called out to me because I had stopped in the middle of making potions.

How should I answer?

I didn’t tell the Director that I had used the 【Saint】technique in the subjugation.

He was glad that I had returned safely and didn’t ask me anything about the subjugation.

The stories about the subjugation seemed to have spread very widely, judging by the state of affairs in the Royal Palace.

The Director probably knows about it already.

“People around me have changed a little recently.”

“The people around you?”

“Yes. It’s like I’ve somehow become someone important. They treat me really respectfully whenever I go to the Royal Palace.”


I said that and he had already guessed what I wanted to say.

The Director’s face changed from his usual laugh to a wry one.

“Well, the topic of how amazing the 【Saint】technique was, is currently the hot topic in the Royal Palace.”

“So they also talked about who used that technique, right?”

“Of course.”

“I knew it……”

“I heard about the subjugation from Al. It would have happened eventually, considering your achievements.”

The Director was right, but if possible, I wanted everyone to act like they have been up until now.

I think they’ve been courteous thus far and was happy about it.

“If you weren’t there then the guys who went on the subjugation would have been annihilated.”

“That might be true.”

“This wasn’t the only time you helped them out. The closer the guys were to the scene the more grateful they are to you.”

“They don’t have to be. I was just doing what I could and I was also in danger at the time.”

“Even if you say that……”

“Honestly, if you’re thankful then I want you to treat me like you always do. I’m not used to it……”

“Well, you’ll get used to it.”

“I don’t want to.”

I sullenly said and the Director laughed as if he was troubled.

We left it at that and the Director muttered, “Sorry”.

I glanced at him and he looked serious for once.

Why was he apologising?

Was he apologising because of the situation?

I don’t think it’s something he should apologise for.

I was the one who didn’t refuse when they requested for support.

I tilted my head and he told me the reason:

“Even so, I’m still grateful to you. I’ll want to grant your wish as much as I possibly can.”


“But things will be a little difficult from here on out. I probably can’t grant all your wishes. You probably can’t understand this, but the 【Saint】is a very special existence for us.”

I’ve heard this before and experienced it a little, but the 【Saint】was a special existence to people in Slantania after all.

I didn’t experience it much with the researchers or the 3rd Knight Order because they treated me normally, but the 2nd Knight Order worshipped me a lot.

This was all the more true when I saw how people’s attitudes towards me had taken a complete 180° change.

Furthermore, the next words that came out of the Director’s mouth were too much.

“By things getting harder, do you mean that I have to stop working at the research institute?”

“I don’t intend to ask you to stop, but if you get invited to subjugations then your time at the research institute would decrease.”

“That’s true. I was away for a few days this time also.”

“The West Forest is still close by. They’ll probably recruit you for subjugation in rural areas. That takes more time.”

“Rural areas?”

“Yes. There’s a large outbreak of demons in rural areas and the people are worn out. They requested for the Knight Order many times.”

“So the capital’s outskirts aren’t the only place with an overflow of demons?”

“That’s right. You can’t just leave it be. They will proceed to the rural area after the demon outbreak in the capital outskirts settle down.

A rural area, huh?

I’ve heard that it took a week to get to a neighbouring kingdom.

That was probably the shortest time it could take to get to a neighbouring kingdom. It could possibly take longer depending on where the place was.

The subjugation probably wouldn’t finish in a day.

The outbreaks probably wouldn’t occur in the same places.

If it was like that, then a round trip plus subjugation could take up to a month.

“If I go to a rural area then would I be gone for more than a month?”


“1 month, huh……? I don’t know how often I would go there to subjugate but it’s highly possible that I won’t be at the research institute much.”

“Well, I think you would rest at the capital, but it would be like that until things settle down in the rural areas.”

That’s right.

I wouldn’t be at the research institute much and I don’t know how long it would take.

There was no telling when things would settle down in the rural area.

I don’t think I can continue to be a researcher in that situation.

It was inexcusable to be a researcher when I don’t work.

If it was like that then it’s better to change my workplace to the Court Mage Division.

Because subjugation would also be considered work there.

But the research institute was a good place for me to work.

It’s fun to research about potions.

My thoughts apparently showed up on my face.

The Director called out to me worriedly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’d like to keep my job but it doesn’t seem like I would be able to do my work so……”

“You feel bad about it?”

“Yes. After all, I would have to move to the Court Mage Division or somewhere else.”

“Isn’t it fine?”


“There are medicinal herbs and potions unique to each region. Inspecting them could also be considered working, so I don’t see a problem with you being employed at the research institute. “

“Is that alright?”

“I’m saying it’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it.”

The Director, who said that while he narrowed his eyes and laughed, looked like he had a halo on his head.

If I wished to remain a researcher then the Director would make it happen.

Even if the people at the top said that I had to transfer, the Director said he would use every means to keep me here.

Director, thank you!

Well, why is it that this wish of mine keeps getting harder and harder to bring about?

“Ah, that is……”

I asked him about it and he shut his mouth as if it was a little difficult to say.

I was curious so I wished he’d tell me sooner.

“Didn’t you say before that you wanted to live your life as an ordinary person?”

“I did.”

“I don’t think that’s possible now.”

Come to think of it, I remember having this conversation with the Director before.

He clearly said it was impossible and I thought so as well.

It was impossible to have my way after coming this far.

“That’s already something that can’t be helped. I’ve already given up half way.”

“Only half way?”

“Yes. I wanted to live a quiet life if I could.”

“I see. I’ll try my best to fulfil your wishes.”

He lightly retorted as he laughed wryly.

After that, he told me that he would do his best but……

Director, did you really want to fulfil it?

He said it kind of seriously and kind of like a joke but I’ll trust that he’ll fulfil it!


“Then, let’s finish here for today.”

“Thank you.”

The Director said and the magic lecture ended for the day.

The lectures continued even after the subjugation.

Even if it was magic or whatever, it wasn’t something that was easy to remember straight away.

No matter how interested in it I was, my intellect was only normal.

Well, if I had the Head Magician’s brain then I could probably remember it straight away.

“Will you be heading to the 3rd Knight Order today as well?”

“Yes. That’s the plan.”

“Is it fine for me to observe?”

“Don’t you have work to do?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem if I only go for a little while.”

The Director’s smile felt ominous, but was it alright?

I had a hunch that Intelligent Glasses-sama would drag him back to work.

The Head Magician had gone with me to the 3rd Knight Order before and at that time, Intelligent Glasses-sama came to drag him back.

The Head Magician was so absorbed in observing the training that he’d missed his meeting.

It wasn’t just Intelligent Glasses-sama, the mages also ran around the Royal Palace looking for the Head Magician.

I don’t know if it would be like that today as well but I’ll tell someone to send word to Intelligent Glasses-sama about where we’re going.

It’d make it easier for him to come and collect the Head Magician.

“Then let’s go.”


I nodded at the Head Magician, who was grinning and ready to leave, and left the room.

I caught the Mage, who had passed us on our way, and told him I am going to the 3rd Knight Order with the Head Magician. He said, “I will inform the Deputy Head Magician” as if he knew what to do.

That person was probably involved in the Head Magician’s search party.

The Head Magician spoke about magic on the way to the 3rd Knight Order.

He didn’t talk about the magic I had learnt today.

He talked about the 【Saint】technique that I had used during the subjugation.

There were many things that I didn’t know about the 【Saint】technique.

The same went for the Head Magician and, after we had returned from the subjugation, he had asked me many times about what the 【Saint】technique was.

We both agreed that it was a 【Saint】technique because of what it had done.

That much was fine, but we still didn’t know how else I could invoke it.

That was obvious since I, the person who had cast it, didn’t even know.

Even though I cast it in the West Forest, I didn’t know what I did to activate that golden magic.

Magic had suddenly overflowed from within me and activated.

I tried to remember if I had done anything special at that time, but nothing came to mind.

It happened suddenly and during a critical time.

I noticed that it was noisy in the front while I was walking and talking with the Head Magician.

I walked to a portion of the corridor that didn’t have walls and looked out into one of the Royal Palace courtyards.

I wonder what’s happening.

I looked at the Head Magician and he also looked puzzled.

“I wonder what happened.”

“I’m not sure. It’s on the way, so why don’t we check it out?”

The number of civil officials and maids increased as we approached the location.

Everyone gathered around because they noticed the uproar, didn’t they?

A lot of people passed through this courtyard, so it was easy for them to gather around.

I couldn’t hear what people were saying because they were whispering to each other.

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I heard a racket at first and then I understood that a woman and man were arguing when I got closer.

Is it a lover’s quarrel?

Arguing in this kind of place, they’d definitely become gossip material for the maids.

There were a lot of people in the Royal Palace who liked to gossip; probably because they didn’t have entertainment like TV or magazines.

A lover’s quarrel was the easiest topic to gossip about.


“But, Your Highness……”

I slipped past the people that had gathered around and heard a familiar voice.

Huh? This voice……

There was a man and woman arguing and the woman sounded like someone I knew.

I sped up and then I saw the pair who were arguing.

I knew it, it’s Liz.

“It’s not in her best interest if things continue as they have. Please reconsider.”

“You’re saying this is in her best interest, but is that true?”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I heard that you’re leading the group that’s ostracising Aira.”

“…… What are you talking about?”

They were talking about something disturbing.

People had gathered around them, but they all watched from a distance.

That was because of that.

The one arguing with Liz, was the red-haired Crown Prince, whom I’ve seen before.

Yeah, no one wants to get dragged into the prince’s argument.

Even if they were curious.

I noticed that the Crown Prince wasn’t the only one with Liz.

They’re probably his followers.

There were several men that I recognised besides the Crown Prince. They were all standing still behind him.

The girl from the same country as me, whom I hadn’t seen for a year, was standing beside the Crown Prince.

It’s Aira-chan.

I was relieved to see that she hadn’t changed much since the last time I saw her.

It looks like she’s eating properly.

I’m glad. That’s good.

I can tell she’s being treated well from the cute pink dress she’s wearing.

However, she didn’t look so well.

She was looking between the Crown Prince and Liz with a worried expression on her face.

The conversation continued as I was observing Aira-chan, but there was something missing about with their conversation.

I heard from Liz that the Crown Prince thought that Liz instigated the way the Young Ladies acted towards Aira-chan.

For example, accosting her, giving her candid advice and on top of all that destroying her textbooks and other equipment.

No, Liz tried to stop them.

Because of that, we talked about how it wasn’t just the young ladies who needed to change but Aira-chan too, or else nothing would improve.

I remembered that Liz was angry that she couldn’t talk with Aira-chan because the Crown Prince got in the way.

“Perhaps, you did that out of jealousy……”


“That’s right. You’re my fiancée. You didn’t like how I’m always with Aira.”

“Phew. Why didn’t you accept my proposal, when you’ve reached such a conclusion? The gentlemen behind you as well. Is it not obvious that it would become a problem if they always spend time with someone that isn’t their fiancée?”

“Certainly. But, it’s my responsibility to oversee the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】. We summoned her for our own convenience, so I must protect Aira from harm. It’s not like I have anything to be guilty about.”

“…… Aira-sama wasn’t the only one summoned, you know? You’re not doing anything about the other person.”

“Other person? You’re talking about the woman from the rumours? That isn’t the 【Saint】, is it?”

“What are you saying?”

“Even though the 【Saint】summons had succeeded, Aira still needed to get used in subjugations. I know, however, that people have been demanding that the 【Saint】should get involved in subjugations. Perhaps, in order to respond to those demands, they probably announced that the 【Saint】joined the subjugation and pretended that the Knight Orders’ achievements were the 【Saint’s】.”

“Do you understand what you’re saying, Your Highness?”

Ah, Liz snapped.

The young men standing behind the Crown Prince were startled by Liz’s serious attitude.

Thanks for getting angry for me, Liz.

I also wanted to hit him a bit.

It’s fine to call me an imposter.

If possible, I wanted to live as an ordinary person.

But even as a joke, how could he say that the person at the top is promoting 【Saint】propaganda?

If that was actually true, then everything would have been ruined with his exclamation.

The story about the fake saint would spread around the Royal Palace tomorrow as if it’s the truth.

I felt lightheaded at the Crown Prince’s attitude and suddenly met Aira-chan’s eyes.

Aira-chan’s eyes widened as she recognised me.

I wonder what’s wrong?

Ah, Liz also noticed me.

The Crown Prince also noticed me.

The Crown Prince looked like he wanted to say, “Who the heck is that?”


“Mm, how do you do?”

Liz called out to me and this time, everyone focused their attention on me.

It probably wasn’t my imagination but the complexion of the civil officials, who were watching from afar, paled.

That’s right, because the person, who their own Prince, had called an imposter was standing right in front of their faces.

There were even some people who had rushed off somewhere.

They’re probably running off to inform someone higher up, right?

If possible, I want them to bring someone that can control this situation.

“Who are you?”

The Crown Prince said and I met his eyes.

Who are you……? He doesn’t remember who I am?

It would be bad if I didn’t answer but I didn’t feel like answering him.

Even so, it would be immature of me not to answer so I unwillingly greeted him.

“My name is Sei.”

I bowed like I was taught in manner class and gave my self-introduction.

I want them to forgive me for doing the absolute minimum.

It was the minimum, but the Crown Prince noticed that I was the rumoured 【Saint】from the colour of my hair.

“So you’re the fake 【Saint】?”


I ignored the Crown Prince’s question and turned to face Liz.

I could tell that the Crown Prince was annoyed, but I’ll keep ignoring him. Ignore him.

This much is fine, isn’t it?

“Hey, Liz. If you’re going to argue, isn’t it better to do it in a room somewhere? It’s too conspicuous here.”

Liz laughed embarrassed at my words.

Liz probably proposed the same thing to the Crown Prince but he didn’t accept it.

I don’t know the current situation, but just how hot-headed was the Crown Prince?

If he thought through it calmly then he would notice that causing an uproar here would be harmful in various ways.

His followers were the same.

Huh? Did they do it on purpose?


I thought that and the Crown Prince grew impatient and he reached out to grab my shoulders.

Mhm, it’s something I learnt in manner class, but wasn’t it a violation for men to frivolously touch an unmarried woman?

Did he think that he’d be forgiven because he’s the Prince?

I thought about brushing him off but the Prince’s hands never reached me.

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The Captain had appeared unnoticed and stopped the Prince.

“Captain Hawk!”

The Crown Prince, who had been grabbed, raised his voice but the Captain didn’t care and quietly let him go.

I could tell that the Captain had rushed here because he was breathing heavily.

The Crown Prince looked at him in frustration.

A while later, someone else came.

“What’s this racket?”


The person who had come was His Majesty.

And behind him was the Prime Minister.

The civil official had called them.

Would they control this situation?

“These people are……”

“Enough. I heard about it. You’re causing a foolish fuss in front of all these people.”


“Furthermore, you were extremely rude to the 【Saint】.”

“It is not I, who is being rude, but the people over there.”

“Oh. I heard that you were calling the 【Saint】a fake.”

“You’re using her to act as the fake, aren’t you?”

“…… Why do you think that?”

“Aira was the only person summoned in the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.”

“This person, Sei-dono, was also summoned by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.”


“It was still alright for you to overlook this face at the beginning. But, several civil officials have reported that two people were summoned with the ceremony. Have you not heard about this?”

“That is…… But……”

“According to Head Magician Dreves’s appraisal, there’s no doubt that Sei-dono is the 【Saint】.”

Huh? Really?

I reflectively turned to the Head Magician but he was looking at His Majesty and bowing. He wasn’t looking my way at all.

Ah, did it become like that because of what we talked about during subjugation?

I concluded that on my own and His Majesty kept talking.

“This isn’t just coming from the Head Magician. The Captain Hawk of the 3rd Knight Order also reported that Sei-dono had worked performed her duties splendidly as the 【Saint】during the subjugation that happened a few days ago. Of course, the 2nd Knight Order, who went with them, also reported this.”


“I understand that you’re protecting Aira-dono because you were overseeing the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】. So, why didn’t you protect Sei-dono, who was also summoned? Furthermore, you treat her as a fake. Everyone acknowledges that Sei-dono is the 【Saint】because of her achievements. On the other hand, what has Aira-dono done? She hasn’t achieved anything yet, has she?”

“That is……”

“Even if you don’t take her achievements into consideration, you have no basis on which to decide that Sei-dono is a fake. Well, let’s move somewhere else to continue our talk.”

The Crown Prince remained silent at the King’s words.

The King looked disappointed for a second and returned back to normal. He instructed the knights to take the Crown Prince and his followers elsewhere.

The Crown Prince and his followers, who were disheartened, followed after the knights silently.

The people, who were watching on the side-lines, also returned to what they were doing.

“I want to ask you some questions, so could you accompany me, Lady Ashley1)?”


“We will ask you for your report another time, Sei-dono.”

“Ah, yes.”

Looks like they’re letting me go here.

The King sent me an apologetic look, ignoring his surroundings, nodded and followed after the Crown Prince.

The Prime Minister and Liz followed after him.

I don’t know what was happening, but it came to an end. Would the problem at the Academy, which I heard about from Liz, be settled with this?

I left with the Captain and Head Magician while thinking that it would be great if it was solved.


I followed Marie-san through the Royal Palace corridors.

There were also two maids and knights accompanying us. Everyone gave way and lowered their heads when I wore the white robe I wore at my audience with the King.

What’s with this situation?

The people in the Royal Palace have become increasingly polite towards me ever since that happened.

Well, things that can’t be helped, can’t be helped.

The people working at the Royal Palace were completely convinced that I was the 【Saint】.

I’d already given up, but I still haven’t gotten used to the way they treated me.

I resisted the urge to sigh and walked quietly through the corridor.

We were heading to a room in the Royal Palace.

We arrived in front of the destination and Marie-san knocked on the door.

Someone answered and the door opened from the inside.

I passed Marie-san and entered. There were two young ladies waiting inside.

One of the ladies bowed gracefully while the other one bowed a little clumsily.

That was the signal for the door to be closed.

The knights that had accompanied me waited outside of the room. The only ones inside of the room was the two ladies, myself, Marie-san and the maids.

A tea party was being prepared in that room filled with only females.

“How do you do, Sei?”

“Good afternoon, Liz. And……”

I turned towards the girl standing next to Liz.

Her lips were shut together, she seemed to be very nervous.

“I guess it would be better for me to say, nice to meet you?”

I asked and Aira-chan smiled awkwardly.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Misono Aira.”

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Takanashi Sei.”

I must have been infected with Aira-chan’s nervousness because I felt like my smile was very stiff.

We had finished our greetings for now.

It feels awkward to stand like this so let’s sit down.

“Let’s sit down for now.”

“Yes, let’s.”

I urged the two and walked towards the round table that had been prepared.

Marie-san poured our tea and presented it to us when we sat down.

I sipped the tea and looked at Liz and Aira-chan again.

We gathered today to deepen our friendship with Aira-chan.

It was decided that the Crown Prince, His Highness Kyle, would be removed from any matters relating to the 【Saint】after that uproar.

Also, he had to take responsibility for causing the uproar, and was being held under house arrest.

His Highness Kyle would be graduating from the Royal Academy in a few months, so he would probably be released from house arrest just before the graduation ceremony.

The Second Prince, Rain-dono would be taking care of Aira-chan in place of His Highness, Kyle.

The King explained this to me after he had dealt with various things after the uproar.

Of course, this was because I was the person concerned.

His Highness Kyle’s followers were also under house arrest until the graduation ceremony.

Fortunately for them, they were all excellent students so their attendance wouldn’t affect their graduation results.

Aira-chan was the only one not placed under house arrest.

The reason was that she didn’t directly do anything during the uproar.

The problem was that she was put on a pedestal and acted as she was told to, but they couldn’t find fault in her, considering the environment she was in.

Well, that’s true.

Aira-chan and I were both summoned from Japan by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

Moreover, if this was Japan then she would still under the protection of adults.

I couldn’t blame her for relying on His Highness Kyle and his followers because she was suddenly summoned into this world and she was alone.

Well, there was also politics involved so they couldn’t just get rid of Aira-chan.

The problem was that all the children around her were put under house arrest.

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According to Liz, no one else could get close to Aira-chan apart from His Highness Kyle and his aides, so she didn’t know anyone apart from them.

It was irresponsible of them to leave her like that, so it was decided that she would hang out with Liz.

His Highness Rain was responsible for her and there was also the thing that happened with His Highness Kyle, so they probably thought that Liz would be more suitable for her since they were both female.

This plan worked really well and Aira-chan was finally able to make some female friends.

Various misunderstandings were solved by Liz.

It was then possible for them to peacefully live their school lives, and they hosted this tea party after things had settled down.

After some time had passed since she started getting along with Liz, Aira-chan told her that she wanted to meet me.

We were generally from the same hometown and she had always wanted to talk to me, ever since she saw me at the uproar.

She was also concerned about how I spent the past year.

That’s why we decided to talk about various things today.

“I heard that the Academy has calmed down a lot.”

“Yes. Things have finally settled down.”

“I heard that you influenced a lot of things Liz. Thanks for your hard work.”


Liz laughed bashfully when I thanked her.

I heard that it was really difficult to meditate between Aira-chan, who had accumulated so many misunderstandings, and the other girls.

There were still some who were discontent, but most of the girls were getting along with Aira-chan thanks to Liz’s efforts.

No one could openly defy Liz because she was the Crown Prince’s fiancée and the daughter of a Marquis.

There were rank differences even within the Academy.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t enforced. It probably went well because Liz was dealing with it.

“Have you also settled down, Misono-san?”

“Yes. Every day has become fun thanks to Liz.”

I brought up the topic with Aira-chan and she smiled happily.

She said that her female friends had increased and she could talk about girly things like she did in Japan, so it was really fun.

She had a lot of fun talking about fashion. Then our conversation derailed and she told me about fashion in the capital.

She noticed half way that she had derailed from the topic and apologised, but I didn’t mind.

I wanted to say how attractive! as I watched her talk with excitement. Even the way she apologised was cute.

It was really soothing to see Liz smile beside her.

The soothing effects of beautiful girls was amazing.

“How about you Sei? Have things calmed down for you?”

“Well, it’s probably calmed down but……”

“It seems that it’s already been established that you’re the 【Saint】-sama.”

“Don’t say it……”

I felt down when she said that and Liz giggled.

Like Liz said, it was settled that I would be treated as the 【Saint】.

It was my own fault that I was recognised as the 【Saint】, so I resigned myself to that fact; but I was tired of being treated like a VIP.

Did they think that I, who was a commoner, could stand it when people bowed their heads at me just for walking through the corridor?

It’s impossible!

Liz understood my inner thoughts.

She was teasing me because she understood my thoughts.

It wasn’t just Liz, Aira-chan seemed to have understood my feelings as well.

She looked at me with sympathy as she listened to our conversation. She nodded as if saying, I understand.

She, herself, was treated as a VIP inside of the Royal Palace when she was with His Highness Kyle.

We probably felt the same way because we were both Japanese.

“But, it seems like I’ll be busier from now on.”

“Will you?”

“I have to go to rural areas for a while.”


My treatment had settled down, but from what I overheard from other people, I would be getting a bit busy from here on out.

The demons around the capital had settled down after the recent subjugation in the West Forest, but they were still overflowing in the rural areas.

They had sent requests to the civil officials to dispatch knights to the rural areas after things have settled down at the capital.

The swamp that we saw in the West Forest was being investigated and there was a high possibility that one had appeared at the rural areas because of the demon outbreak.

If that was true, then it would be up to me to purify it, so it was highly likely for me to go to a rural area.

Liz had heard that kind of story and noticed that I was only talking about light things.

Her smiling face took a complete turn and she now looked anxious and apologetic.

Ah! Don’t make that kind of face!

It’s not your fault, Liz.

“Will you be resigning from the research institute?”

“It looks like I don’t have to resign. The Director said he’ll do something about it.”

“Oh! I’m glad.”

“Yes. I have to be thankful to the Director.”

Liz smiled happily again when she heard that I didn’t need to quit the research institute.

It looks like Liz was worried about it too.

Was it because she knew that I liked working at the research institute?

I heard Aira-chan whisper, “Excuse me”, while Liz and I were laughing.

I tilted my head and looked at her wondering what was wrong and Aira-chan spoke while looking nervous.

“Have you been working in the Royal Palace ever since you came here, Takanashi-san?”

“Yes, I have. I’m working as a researcher at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.”

“Can I ask you something?”


I asked her what was wrong since she wanted to ask me something and she told me that she wanted to consult with me.

She had been living at the Royal Palace as the 【Saint】as instructed by His Highness Kyle, who had been looking after her.

But since that uproar, she had been separated from His Highness Kyle, so she thought about how she should live her life from here on out.

It didn’t mean that she couldn’t live as she had until now, but she wondered if it was alright for her to do so and was filled with anxiety.

She said, “Because I don’t have any achievements”, half way through the conversation. It seemed that having this pointed out to her in the middle of the uproar was the source of her uneasiness.

She was really worried about what would happen after she graduated from the Academy.

“Do you not have anything you want to do, Misono-san?”

“Well….. I wanted to study magic a bit more if I could.”

“Study magic, huh? Then why don’t you join the Court Mage Division?”

“That’s a great idea.”

Liz raised her voice and approved of my idea.

Of course there was an exam to join the Court Mage Division, but it shouldn’t be a problem with Aira-chan’s abilities.

Besides, Aira-chan had magic talent.

It was normally good to have aptitude in a single attribute magic but to have three was really rare. Liz excitedly told me that it only happened once in a hundred years.

Aira-chan has only been raising her holy attribute magic so far, just because of His Highness Kyle’s plan, so her other attribute levels were still low.

Aira-chan wanted to study magic a bit more because of that.

“It would be better for you to join if you’re that talented in magic. The people at the Court Mage Division are experts in magic, so they can teach you a lot of things. I’m also receiving magic lectures from the Head Magician.”


“Yes. It’s better for you to reach out to them since you have great magic talent. Also, you can also go on subjugations if you join the Court Mage Division, that way your achievements will build up, you know?”

Aira-chan seemed like she wanted to join the Court Mage Division after listening to my story.

Liz constantly advising her might have also influenced her decision.

More than anything else, she liked that she would be able to meet me more because I went to the Court Mage Division a lot for my lectures.

Her eyes shone a lot when I told her that.

Was it reassuring for her to be with someone from the same world as her?

Liz also talked about various things and Aira-chan decided that she would join the Court Mage Division after she graduated from the Academy.

At that time, Aira-chan’s expression changed for the first time since this conversation started, she was smiling cheerfully.

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