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Chapter 721

Chapter 721: The Little Princess Of Ye Family

It was a very delicate doll, the latest limited edition of LS brand, hand-made by world-class handicraft masters . The doll had a crown decorated with nine carats of top-grade pink diamonds, wearing a suit exclusively designed by Di Ao and crystal accessories of Royal World Curiosity . The doll, only five of them worldwide, cost $4 . 8 million, indeed very expensive .

Of course, such luxuries could only be afforded by such a big family as Ye’s .

Because his daughter liked dolls, Ye Hao had bought many kinds of dolls back, about seventy to eighty in total, all of which were very expensive . The cheapest one even had cost thirty to four thousand dollars .

Only half a year old, Xixi began to like dolls . As long as she saw beautiful dolls, she would be very happy and would even sleep with them at night . Without a doll, she would not sleep .

Ye Hao took the doll to his baby daughter and then took her to his bedroom on the third floor in arms .

During this period, as long as he was free, he would accompany his daughter at home . Only with his daughter around would he not feel so empty in his heart .

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Xixi had been used to staying in her dad’s room, where there were also many dolls, twenty or more . She would sleep with her dad occasionally in the evening, habitually as well .

“Dad…” After a while, Xixi patted her little belly, telling her dad that she was hungry .

Ye Hao bowed his head and kissed his daughter’s pink face . A rare tenderness could be heard in his deep voice .

“Well, dad will ask them to bring you something to eat . ” After that, he called the kitchen downstairs .

Shortly afterwards, the cook brought some food for Xixi, a glass of milk and a small bowl of fish paste .

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Xixi drank milk herself with the bottle in hand . As long as dad was beside her, she was usually cute and clever, seldom making any noise .

Especially in dad’s room, she was a quiet and good baby .

Ye Hao sat beside his daughter, watching her drinking milk in gulps . He remembered that when the baby could not hold the bottle safely by herself, he usually held her in arms and fed her . Now his daughter grew up a lot, who could walk and call him dad .

In a few days, she would be one year old exactly .

Time had passed so quickly . At this time last year, he was still immersed in the expectation and joy of becoming a father . Now his daughter was almost one year old .

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His mother reserved forty tables of feast at the biggest restaurant in Ye City for the birthday party . Five days later, all the relatives and friends of Ye family would send wishes to his daughter for her first birthday . By that time, Xixi would receive many red packets and beautiful gifts together with many relatives’ wishes .

Except for her?

Would you come?

Thinking of something, Ye Hao suddenly turned his head around . His face sank in an instant and soon his amber eyes were surging with deep sadness that could not be dispersed .

He stood up, took out his cell phone from his pocket, clicked on the Wechat and on her head image .

As usual, her head image remained unchanged and her moments had not been updated . Of course, there was no response to hundreds of messages he had sent out .

But he still sent:

—- XX Restaurant, the third floor, 11 at noon, the first birthday banquet of Xixi . I hope you will be present .

Very simple words though, Ye Hao’s fingers were obviously shaking when he typed these words .

After the message was sent, he stared at the cell phone screen for a few minutes, also waiting . However, to his disappointment, his mobile phone did not ring .