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The RavenHill Vampires - Chapter 14

Published at 5th of May 2019 11:06:24 AM

Chapter 14

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Angel awoke slowly, the harsh morning light flooding through her curtains . She felt strange and dizzy, slowly she tried to sit up in bed but immediately flopped down again . The whole world had flipped in a crazy painful circle when she had tried to sit up, but Angel felt thirsty so she did the only thing she could think of "muuum" she cried out in a croaky voice

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Someones footsteps quickly thudded up the stairs and Angel could hear the worry in her mothers voice "honey are you okay? I'm coming", her mum burst into the room and placed a tray with some food and some juice in a small glass on Angels dresser . She crouched near Angels bed and touched her forehead softly "oh honey your burning up" she said and quickly got the juice "you want some" she asked . Angel nodded and slowly sat up to drink the juice, suddenly Angel felt the urge to spit the juice out for some reason it tasted absolutely horrible . Not at all what she was craving . . .

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After Angels mum left for work Angel ran to the kitchen and practically ripped the fridge off its hinges, she pulled at the cap on a bottle of milk and chugged it . She threw up all of it into the sink afterwards, nope she still can't figure out what she wants, Angel paced in the living room getting more and more agitated every second . Her brain was going around in manic circles, Angel yelled out in frustration and punched her fist into the wall . Slowly her knuckles begin to bleed, Angel stared at the blood dripping from her hand and had the strange urge to lick it up . Angel shook her head and reached into the back cupboard for bandages but as soon as she did the blood dripped down her arm and into her mouth . Angel gasped and tasted the metallic taste in her mouth, it was just what she had been craving . . . @@

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