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The RavenHill Vampires - Chapter 19

Published at 5th of May 2019 11:06:19 AM

Chapter 19

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Angel felt a surge of adrenaline as she flew through the corridors, yelling and cursing could be heard behind her . Yet they still hadn't caught her, Angel ran down a dark hall and ran into the first room with an open door . After slamming the door Angel leaned against it, her heart beating wildly in her chest . She finally calmed down slightly when she heard the footsteps rush past the door, something fluttered in cage near the floor with a giant black sheet draped over it . Angel felt curious when the sound got louder, the curiosity finally over through her and she tiptoed over smoothly to pull off the sheet .

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With one swift movement the sheet was lying on the ground, Angel gasped at the sight infront of her . A boy her age with a messy mop of black hair was hunched in the corner of the cage with his head in his lap, he was bruised all over . Angel blushed despite her worry when she realised he was only wearing boxers, her breath caught in her throat when she saw what was on his back . There on his back were a pair of beautiful red wings, tears threatened to storm Angels eyes when she saw a big scar across one wing . He looked up at her and a tear really did slip down her cheek when she saw the sorrow in his green eyes, she managed to swallow the lump in her throat "a-are you o-okay?" she stuttered out .

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He stared at her before finally looking away to the look on the front of the cage, Angel understood and summoned all of her sorrow for this boy into a source of energy . With one quick cut the bars were lying on the floor and she was dragging him out of the small,cold space . She grimaced when she felt how weak and fragile he was "were getting out of here okay" she said gently as she helped him up, he only nodded meekly but Angel could see the fierce determination in his eye . . . @@

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