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The RavenHill Vampires - Chapter 20

Published at 5th of May 2019 11:06:18 AM

Chapter 20

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Going back through the corridors was I nightmare, there were constant footsteps thudding through the halls and every so often a door would slam shut . Angel cradled the boy in her arms like a kitten or a newborn baby, they tiptoed around searching for a way out . For an escape, Angel looked down at the boy in her arms and smiled, it felt good knowing someone else was there with her feeling what she felt . Fear, pain, and adrenaline, it seemed that they would be able to escape until she saw it . or smelled it a rather . The pale blue door was swung open just a crack, Angel didn't know why but she was drawn to this room, it had a familiar smell . . .

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Angel almost screamed when she saw a figure lying crumpled on the floor, a man in a grey lab coat was still on the ground with a pool of blood around him . She stood there and started to cry, the trauma getting to her and the memories of what had happened . She opened her eyes again to a shocking sight, the boy who had just a second ago lain in her arms was now on the ground near the man with a hungry look in his eyes . Angel gasped when the boy leaned over and licked the blood off the floor, then she remembered that the boy was probably mentally unwell . She sighed and cringed inwardly at the blood dripping down his chin, she stormed over to him and tried to pry his hands of the cold,dead corpse "hey come on" she said when he wouldn't budge . she started to get frustrated and opened her mouth to yell at him "COME O-" she was cut off when he put a bloodied finger in her mouth . Then her senses went crazy, she melted in her own brain, she had the powerful desire to lick all of the blood on the ground and even drain the corpse . . .

"wait- DRAIN?!" she thought, then she shuddered as her teeth started to tingle and all of a sudden she couldn't talk and thick Silvia filled her mouth . The boy studied her shocked face with an amused look on his face "this must be your first one then" he said with smirk, Angel was going insane with pain . Her face felt itchy and blotchy and she couldn't breath properly, then she felt her back spasm and she cried out in agony . The boys eyes went wide with excitement "wow your turning already!" he said . Angel looked at him through glazed eyes, when the pain subdued a little she managed to swallow the tears in her throat and speak "What the hell was that?" she asked before gasping at the sound of her own voice . It was growly and malicious sounding, like the voice of someone cold and uncaring .

The boy shrugged "you just turned" he said, licking the blood off his fingers . Angel suddenly felt rage swell inside her "TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED NOW!" she yelled in his face, the boy sighed and got up . He searched around for a couple of minutes before making a sound of triumph "here you go" he said and handed her the little hand mirror . Angel scoffed and looked at him "what kind of joke is this?!" she said coldly . He returned her gaze with one of anger laced boredom "look at your reflection" he stated, Angel scoffed again but needed to get her mind off the still throbbing pain so she did as asked .

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