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The RavenHill Vampires - Chapter 23

Published at 5th of May 2019 11:06:14 AM

Chapter 23

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Angel paced around the cave nervously, she would have gone by now besides the fact her wings seemed to stop working every time she tried to leave . She sighed and tried again to jump from the edge of the cave with her wings spread wide, she flew for a few seconds and felt her chest swell with smugness "yes!" she said . Then as fast as her wings had started working they stopped and before she knew it, Angel was plummeting towards the ground at full speed .

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Angel screamed most of the way down before realizing that it was useless, tears slipped down her face and whipped away in the wind . She remembered the last time she had been in this situation, except last time her wings didn't fail her . She closed her eyes as she neared the ground and willed her wings work .

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Angels eyes flew open when she felt a pair of warm hands grab her, as they slowly glided through the air . She fought against the person's grip when she realized where they were going "let me go!" she yelled in frustration . She could feel the persons soft, hot breath on her neck . The person chuckled and tightened their grip on her further "no" they said coldly and continued to fly towards the cave . Angel gritted her teeth and tried to think of ways to escape, she could bite the person's hand? But no that would only result in her falling towards the ground again . Angel thought of several more options but each one led to her falling to the ground at high speed, so she came to the conclusion that she would just have to wait it out .

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He smiled in satisfaction when he felt the girl slump against him, he knew that she was thinking of ways to escape but had failed to reach a conclusion that did not result in her death . He laughed when he thought of his colleges, what would they think in his gentle manner towards this girl? they would surely be shocked beyond belief, he would have to make sure the girl kept her mouth shut . He didn't want anybody knowing about the state she had found him in, they would laugh at him and he would be tormented for days .

The girl grunted beneath him, his smile widened when she melted into him even more . He softly hummed to himself as they got closer to the cave, when they reached the stony lair he set the girl down for the second time that day . He looked down at her to find that she was fast asleep, he smirked and lay down next to her on the bed of feathers he had made when she was asleep even earlier . He couldn't contain his laughter when she turned and buried her face in his chest "mmm warm" she muttered in her sleep, he snuggled closer to her as he felt the heavy weight of sleep overtake his thoughts "night princess" he whispered before falling into a deep slumber

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