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Chapter 29.1

Although Jiang Ruan’s heart was like an immovable rock, when she saw the person before her clearly, she could not help but become distracted for a split second .

The youth dressed in black clothes was roughly in his twenties . His peerlessly graceful appearance was one that was rarely seen in the world: shapely eyebrows, cold eyes, snow-white skin and thin lips . Yet, she did not feel that this man was feminine . On the contrary, the sharpness of his features were distinct and he had a unrelenting heroic spirit . With drooped eyes, he looked at Jiang Ruan . Like specks of paint, that pair of eyes was extremely clear and cold like a still lake without a single ripple .  (TN: “specks of paint” HOW is this a compliment??!!)

The two people were too close in proximity . Their breath was ice-cold, and she could feel an icy-cold sensation around her waist as well . In this kind of situation, it should have been an ambiguously romantic scene between them, however, one was cold hearted and the other was on her guard . Therefore, the two of them experienced no rush of excitement that one felt when they fell in love .

In this position, it was as if she had been disgraced[1] . In a flash, Jiang Ruan roused back into action . Inwardly, she felt irked and just felt that beauty could be such a seductive danger . In a blink of an eye, she retreated two steps and placed a distance between herself and the youth dressed in black clothes .

[1] Qīng Bó ( 轻薄 )- This phrase has several meanings such as being teased; of an item being light in weight/thin and scorned or disrespected . In this case, it refers to being disgraced as women were not allowed to be without a chaperone in ancient Chinese history . They also had to remain pure and untouched by any male . To be even seen by a man without a chaperone was considered a scandalous matter and made a lady impure and undesirable for marriage as they would be labelled as ‘promiscuous’ .

Suddenly, she heard a faint clanging clash between swords from the outside . Jiang Ruan was shocked and quickly reacted . The black-dressed youth wordlessly and indifferently stared at her .

Originally, the temple was overtaken by Xia Yan’s assassins, however, she would not have sent two groups of people to kill her . If she was not the target, then these people might have been lured in because of this young man . While she had just resolved a problem, she was unfortunately entrapped in these circumstances now . Moreover, she was unsure if these people would silence her with murder . After all, her appearance here was an accident .

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By the time Jiang Ruan raised her head to take a measure of him again, the man had already leaned against the door while she had been retreating from him . She was unsure of when he had brandished an elaborate dagger, but at the moment, he was fiddling with it in his hands thoughtfully . His gaze was not facing her at all, but Jiang Ruan knew that if she made the slightest movement, this person would definitely react too .

As she took a moment to ponder, Jiang Ruan slowly walked forward . Her movements were deliberately slow to demonstrate that she was completely harmless and without any ill will .

The fiddling stopped, as the youth watched her step forward until they were only a finger’s width apart .

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Standing on the tip of her toes, Jiang Ruan could only just reach his chest height . Strenuously, she moved closer to his ears and lightly spoke in a hushed tone, “I did not see a thing . ”

The youth dressed in black clothes was slightly shocked and lowered his gaze to study her . Jiang Ruan frowned and noticed that he was clothed in ice-silk fabric that had a black and scaly pattern . She knew he was definitely not any ordinary person . Thinking for a bit, she then added on, “Sire[2], please hide here . Naturally, we would not want to expose what is now happening in this room . If you killed me, I’m afraid it would be a bit of a problem . Although this problem would not be unsolvable, undoubtedly, it would definitely not be what you have planned . ”

[2] Géxià ( 阁下 ) – Your distinguished self / your majesty / sire

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“Who are you?” The youth garbed in black raiment finally spoke and his voice was as cold and clear as an icy-cold jewel .

“The eldest di daughter of the minister in the Ministry of War, Jiang Quan,” Jiang Ruan stated . In Chaozhong, Jiang Quan’s status could be considered as important . When this identity could be utilised, she would use it without any reservation . She was not afraid that an incident would occur . Firstly, in the memories of her past life, the Jiang family did not have any enemies . Secondly, even if she was that unlucky, if someone really had any history with the Jiang family, they would definitely know that she had a humble status in the Jiang family . She merely occupied her station as the di daughter in the family and would have no influence in the pecking order .

There was no benefit in killing her and would most likely bring forth complications into the situation . Jiang Ruan had already delineated some of the gains and losses so now she could only wait to see what decision the other person would make .