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Chapter 158.1

Chapter 158: Holding Hands (Part 1)

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“I cannot reconcile with it! I hate it!” Chen Rou Qiu’s voice was filled with deep hatred . With her current wan and sallow appearance and her sinister expression when she said those words, even Shen Yue jumped in shock .

Shen Yue said, “Mother, what are you talking about?”


“You have saw this matter too . ” Chen Rou Qiu gritted her teeth, “Your Father and me were considered congenial to one another originally and had gone through so many things together . I had treated with all my heart and soul and even though one did not think that he could spend the rest of the days with me alone, he should not have found such a person to insult me like this . To even chase me out of the house and fight a lawsuit with the Chen family, it had made the Chen family suffer a blow and the Chen family people view me with all kinds of ridicule . It is your Father and Chang Zai Qing had forced me to such a situation and my reputation in the Ding capital is an old hen who cannot lay eggs . This is the thing that your Father pay me back with . ”As Chen Rou Qiu spoke, she sneered, “And that Old Undying One, ever since I married into the Shen family, she had been picking on my faults . This is all because she had a background of a third-rated songstress and could not see others better than her . This time it is her behind pushing the waves between Cang Zai Qing and you Father . Those people in the Shen family, none of them are of any good . ”

Shen Yue could not help but frowned as she felt that Chen Rou Qiu’s remarks were somewhat like a shrew on the streets scolding . However speaking of the Shen family, Shen Yue did not have any emotions now .

Sure enough Chen Rou Qiu looked at her and said, “In the beginning when your Father wanted you to marry to the Wang family, I was thinking that it was obvious that you had another person that you liked but your Father coaxed me saying that only the Wang family could protect you thus I agreed to it . Who knew that the Wang family were this kind of people? After they had Shen Dong Ling, they did not acknowledge you, making you lose your identity . This is bullying intolerably! If your Father did think about the ties of a Father and Daughter, he would have stood up for you but just see at what your Father did? He actually wanted you to apologise to the Wang family and also sit in the same position as Shen Dong Ling . You an official Di Young Lady of the Shen family have to sit on an equal position with a Shu daughter . This is just simply going against the entire land under Heavens! Does he ever thought of you as his own daughter?” Chen Rou Qiu’s words were all of provocation . Currently Chen Rou Qiu had nothing and no one stood by her side, now that her daughter was found so difficultly, she feared that Shen Yue would be coax by Shen Wan with a couple of words and she would really be all alone . If Shen Yue still stood by her side, Chen Rou Qiu would have a hope .

When Shen Yue heard it, her expression became serious . Speaking of which, it was not that there was no father and daughter ties between her and Shen Wan but she deeply hated the Shen family as they had used her marriage as a raft and at the end made her unable to return home . It was said that it was for her own good but Shen Yue felt that now she had suffered . Even though HuangFu Hao treat her well, she was after all a concubine and even if one was the Crown Prince’s concubine, it was the lowest rank of a Qie that could be thrown away after playing . Moreover the ‘other person in her heart’ that Chen Rou Qiu mentioned, now there would no longer be any chance with him . She sighed dimly, “Mother, don’t speak of these things that have passed . There is no possibility with His Highness Prince Ding . One will no longer think of him in this life time . It is likely that one do not have any fate with him . ” After speaking she laughed bitterly, “Moreover His Highness the Crown Prince treats me very well and I like him too . ”

Chen Rou Qiu understood her daughter the most so how could she not see the loss that Shen Yue’s heart felt? She was angry and upset that she even hated Fu Xiu Yi . Her daughter was so good so how could she not get what she loved? She took a deep breath, “The Shen family harm us, Daughter and Mother, till this state and one cannot just let it go simply . Don’t worry . Mother will definitely take it out for the both of us and not one of the Shen family can escape . Since I have been divorced and returned to my maiden family, then one do not have half a relationship with the Shen family thus even if the Shen family fell into trouble, it would not be counted on me . You also do not have the identity of Shen Yue, so you are safe . ”

“Mother, what do you want to do?” Shen Yue heard something wrong in Shen Rou Qiu’s words and asked worriedly .

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Chen Rou Qiu laughed coldly and answered, “Just wait and see . I am only here to give you a heads-up . Seeing that you are alright, Mother feel relief . ”

Shen Yue was unable to ask anything out from Chen Rou Qiu and could only drop the topic, however she had missed the flash of hatred in Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes .

After a few more days, it seemed that Ding capital had calmed down a little . There was nothing new happening but the New Year was quickly approaching thus the streets gradually started to be busy due to people rushing to get New Year’s stuff .

Naturally everyone in the Shen mansion was preparing for the New Year and Luo Tan was very happy about it . Ever since the last incident, Shen Xin did not let Shen Miao and Luo Tan out of the house easily and if they were to go out, they had to bring a bunch of guards which would make it uninteresting . In addition, Feng An Ning felt guilty due to the last incident and after coming over personally to apologise, she did not invite both of them out again, one did not know if it was like one feared ropes for ten years after being bitten by a snake once . Luo Tan was very bored in the residence and afterwards felt so suffocated that she followed Luo Ling and Shen Qiu to the training grounds to look at those soldiers train . She was dressed as a male and with Shen Qiu and Luo Ling by her side, one did not have any fear .

Shen Miao however stayed in the room quietly . She did not like noise and did not like to visit shops thus she was the most reassuring one for others .

On this day, Mo Qing came back and informed that Cang Zai Qing’s husband and son had reached Ding capital . In order to hide from other’s ears and eyes, he did not dare to casually bring them to Shen mansion and safely housed them in a commoner house at the Eastern part of the city .

Shen Miao said, “You have done a good job . ” She remembered that Cang Zai Qing’s husband was a gambler and would be rough when drunk . Once this kind of people entered the Shen mansion, it would be like a sticky taffy in the future when one had other thoughts, one would spend a lot of energy to clean it up . Moreover the Shen residence was not monitored every day thus one feared that there would be gossip when one encounter the father and son .

Mo Qing declines the praise and asked Shen Miao, “When does Young Lady plan to visit the father and son?”

Shen Miao had brought both father and son to Ding capital thus she would definitely have use for them . However before using them, she should also definitely have a talk with them face to face .

Just as Shen Miao was about to reply, she thought about something and suddenly paused .

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In Pei Lang’s letter, Fu Xiu Yi had already gave a difficult problem to Shen Wan which was to marry her to Prince Zhou . Even though Shen Miao did not know what kind of methods Shen Wan would be using, she could more or less guess that it would be some cheap and dirty means . Thus if she were to step out of the doors of the Shen mansion, perhaps there would be dangers everywhere . It was peaceful these days, perhaps it was because she had not gone out . If she went out, perhaps the other party would not give up the opportunity .

She did not have such a big heart to jump into the fire put, knowing it is there . Moreover it was not a matter of a few words when resolving a relationship with the Heaven’s family .

Shen Miao asked, “How many people are there in the residence that have good martial arts skills like you?”

Mo Qing was startled and frowned as he said, “There should be some under Eldest Young Master and some under Master . In total there should not more than thirty people . ”

Mo Qing was considered the top ones thus it was really only a few at his level . Most likely no one would dare to have any other thoughts when thirty of such people was protecting but this would be way too conspicuous when walking on the streets and it would be strange if one did not attract attention . Moreover to suddenly need so many guards to protect, Shen Xin and Shen Qiu wouldn’t be fooled . Shen Miao shook her head, “Understood . ”

“Is Young Lady worried about the safety of the journey?” Mo Qing asked, “One can transfer more people over . ” Mo Qing also felt that it was rather strange as Shen Miao was never a timid person and it was someone abnormal today .

“No need . I know what to do . You can withdraw first . ” Shen Miao said .

Mo Qing no longer spoke and silently retreated . Shen Miao looked around and her eyes landed on the half opened window before her heart suddenly moved .

She instructed Gu Yu, “Open the windows wider . ”

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Gu Yu was surprised, “Young Lady, it is windy outside and one would catch a cold . ” She really felt strange . Shen niao was one who was scared of the cold when young but one did not know why she rather liked to sleep at night with the windows opened . However it was still daytime and she still wanted the windows to be opened?

“I am not cold,” Shen Miao said calmly, “Go open it . ”

Gu Yu took a glance at Shen Miao’s thick cloak but she dared not refute and went over to open the windows up .

For the entire day, Shen Miao stayed in the room and often looked towards the windows that even Jing Zhe and Gu Yu also followed her and looked over, thinking that there would be some flowers blooming but there was nothing at the windows at all . Shen Miao read a while of book before walking over to the window and stood there for a while, one did not know what she was looking at .

Unknowingly the skies turn dark . After having dinner and washing up, both Jing Zhe and Gu Yu withdrew . Shen Miao trimmed the wick in the lamp . One did not know how many times the wick was trimmed but one only felt it was rather quiet outside, as if the entire Ding capital was sleeping but the area by the window was still empty .

There was a trace of disappointment in Shen Miao’s eyes as she knocked the lamp with the chess piece in her hand in boredom and the little sparks fell onto the table and quickly disappeared . Shen Miao gradually became sleepy and her eyes close as she lay on the table .

When Xie Jing Xing entered the room, the first thing he saw was Shen Miao laying on the table fast asleep . The windows were not close as it was specifically open for him and the light from the lamp slightly shook due to the cold wind brought from outside . Shen Miao’s hands were folded as she buried her head in her arms, sleeping quietly .

He walked over to Shen Miao’s side and looked at Shen Miao before pausing and taking off his cloak to cover Shen Miao gently .

Shen Miao was a vigilant person and his movements made her body slightly twitch as she lifted her head up without opening her eyes and mumbled, “Xiao Li-zi, message BenGong’s shoulders . ”

Xie Jing Xing, “…”

He simply leaned against the cupboard and looked at Shen Miao as he said with a laugh, “Hey . You are dreaming of being an Empress again?”

This abrupt statement made Shen Miao sobered up in an instance and at the same time a cold wind blew into the room . She sneezed and was no longer sleepy .

Xie Jing Xing walked to the windows and closed it, making the room warmed up . He folded his arms and leaned against the windows asking, “Why sleep here?”

Shen Miao looked at the purple clad youth and rubbed her eyes, “Why only come now?” There was actually some grievances in her voice when she said that . Most likely it was because she just woke up and her brain had yet to clear up and did not realise anything wrong with her words .

However Xie Jing Xing noticed it .

In an instant, the silence fell in the room . He walked forward step by step till he reached in front of the table were Shen Miao was sitting and placed both of his hands on the table before leaning over to ask, “You are waiting for me?”

Shen Miao immediately recovered to her senses and answered swiftly, “No . ”

XIe Jing Xing’s lips lifted up and his tone of voice had some traces of pity, “Oh . One heard that you have been waiting for me for a day in front of the window but it was not true . Since there is nothing then I will leave . ” Finishing he turned around to leave .

“Wait . ” Shen Miao shouted at him .