The Red Lands - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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Getting his wounds tended, Chu recalled how it all ended up this way .

With Lucy's arrival, the group was now all together .

On weekends Mr Thomas would drive the wagon to the village . Accompanying him would be his wife and three of the children .

They did not cut across the grasslands but traveled east until they met the old army road . This was the north south road that ran parallel along the forest border . It was normally only used by the local farmers and peddlers around their respective villages .

Because of its distance from the forest, it was considered a safer route . The road also linked the farms in the area together .

Chu had Mr Thomas use this road for two reasons . First he wanted to establish cordial relations between the surrounding farms . That way in the event of trouble they would not be seen as strangers .

The second reason was to introduce Mr Thomas as the new farmer in the locality . This way would cut any strange talk or rumors from starting . It would also keep any unscrupulous persons eying their farm away with his Military background .

As for Mr Thomas name being spread Chu was not the least bit concerned . Their were dozens of like named individuals farming in the Empire . Not to mention, these people were near confined to this remote place struggling to survive .

No matter which universe, the boondocks was the place to go if you did not want to be found . In remote locations like this, nobody had time to question your name . Everyone was too busy struggling to survive .

On reaching the village, they stayed at the family home .

The ladies would tend to keeping the house cleaned and shop for necessary items in the village . Main supplies would be handled by Chu during negotiations with the Trading Post .

They usually spent the night in the house before returning the next day . This way the house would not be taken over by anyone . Of course no one sane enough would try to claim a house bearing the crest of the Trading Post .

The week after the goals had been set, Mr Thomas sent out a letter to Simon . John had confirmed with them that Griz and his family were now comfortably settled in Karst .

Knowing this information, Thomas wasted no time in sending out the letter to procure some items .

He covered himself saying that he had found a suitable protege . This would help him increase his protection . The boy was adamant in getting books so he decided to help . It would be a good help for his daughter .

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Using these legitimate excuses, Thomas first looked to secure a suitable leather armor for Lucy . He knew that Simon would only seek out the best in this type for him . Thomas did not forget to mention the suitable accessories and the weapons he needed .

He next wrote a list of books ranging from the history of the Empire to Military training books . He hoped Simon could use their contacts left behind in Frost to gain as much of these as possible .

Sooner or later these kids would have to travel . A well-educated traveler had a greater chance of surviving the world than an ill-informed simpleton .

With this done, he was confident Simon could use the Trading Post contacts to get these items from the Cities . Quality workmanship were always found among places where people with money could afford to buy it .

Chu made use of his agreement with Griz to grab all the supplies he needed to start-up the farm . He grabbed everything from seeds to ropes . He did not forget to take his new deed from John .

On the last month of Spring during one of their visits, Chu received a letter from Griz . The contents were mostly of his boasting about his newfound luck and merchant positions . It included a most important piece of information .

His father would be on the next convoy due in a week time .

That week Chu made the trip early and loitered around the village . Soon the convoy arrived with some familiar guards .

His father was in high spirits . Griz had given them a small house in his compound and hired him as the gardener . His mother was working in the kitchen for the household . His sister was the same age as one of Griz's daughter and joined her during the home tutoring .

Chu was happy for his old man . Doubly so since he was now safe in Karst . He did not have to worry about the family if those Goblins did raid the area .

John was a true successor to the position of Master . He had already made a full load for the convoy to pack and depart the following day . Chu had his old man spend the night in their old home .

He introduced him to Thomas and quelled the worry about his safety . Chu knew this would ease the old lady's mind back in Karst .

The next day they waved goodbye again . Chu mentioned to his father not to worry about returning to the village . Now that the family was better off, he could send them letters to inform them of his situation .

He was adamant in this stance and made his father promise they would not return . This was alleviated when he added that by next year he would visit them in the town . Last thing he wanted was for the man to be caught up in some danger while trying to visit .

John called Chu into the Trading Post lodge when the wagons left . He brought Chu and Thomas into his own room . Chu was no stranger to this room, it had once belonged to Griz .

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"Master Griz sent this chest for you . He said to consider it his gift for all the work rendered . Mr

Simon also sent this chest for Mr Thomas . He said that every month he would try to gather as much books you need . He says he has high hopes for his niece . "

That evening they returned from the village to the barn .

The group crowded over the large table in the dining room . When the small chest was opened, it drew gasps from all around .

Within it was a small sack filled with gold coins .

Chu gave the first mission to his pair of accountants .

"Count it . "

They held the bag greedily and rushed over to the other end of the table to count it .

Clod thoughtfully placed a small lamp at that end to help them in their business . He had already inventoried and stored his farming supplies . Since then he was beaming like a lighthouse .

Mr Thomas opened the large chest to find a cloth bundle . He fished it out and unwrapped it to find a well-oiled and supple leather armor . The detailed workmanship could only be described as exquisite .

Wrapped in another smaller cloth were two sheathed foot-long daggers . The weight and well-balanced features screamed of superior quality and craftsmanship .

These items drew a slew of comments from the gawking crowd .

"Wow, That is so well made . "(Miki)

"This is just as heavy as our short swords . What kind of metal is this?"(Clod)

"Hey old man . We got scammed! I am using a sword not a pair of daggers . Now we have to waste time in returning this and reordering!"(***)

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Chu was still admiring the leather armor . This was his first time actually being able to hold something he never imagined in his previous life . Many times he had reminded himself that if this was a dream it was too realistic .

"This leather armor is good quality . Even the ends are riveted and sewn for durability . "(Chu)

"What the hell man! How can I wear a skirt! Chu, these bastards messed up . As our champion I refuse to be humiliated . How can I wear a get-up like this and wave around two kitchen knives?"(***)

"I think this would be perfect for Lucy . Simon always had a good eye for equipment . Look the armor even has fasteners to adjust for her size and growth . "(Mrs Thomas)

Even Mrs Thomas who spent most of her life in Frost City could tell that this equipment was at a higher level than those issued to the Military .

"Chu! These things can't fit me!"(***)

"Thank you Elder"(Lucy)

"What the heck? Is no body listing to me?"(***)

The happy voices of the accountants drowned the dissenter .

"Chu we got 1000 gold coins . Dad we are rich again!"(Amanda)

"What?! 1000 gold . Thais a lot of hundreds isn't it? Chu buy me that bead in the store . John that bastard keeps saying I can't afford it! Wait, forget that . Chu fix my armor!"(***)

Mr Thomas slowly emptied the chest's contents amidst the wailing of a teen .

The rest was all books, parchment paper and ink .

"Holy crap! It's the things Chu calls schoolwork! Shit!"

"Oh perfect . Simon got a manual on Hound training . It's the general volume used by Trainers . Dyna this is all yours, whatever you do not understand you can ask me for help . I might remember some things I probably had seen before . "

Dyna was nearly toppled over with the large book that buried her in size and thickness . Chu found that the rest of the books covered topics from History to Military training . It was perfect for them to use since they were all general topics and were basic level .

It was looking like they had struck it rich to others, but to Chu they were still in the red .

First, this money was the result of a near death experience . By a fluke of luck they survived . From here it could only be spent until it was gone . Right now their funds were already running low . He had already begun paying for items at the Post .

If he wanted to live a normal farm life it might have lasted . But he was aiming higher, this was a far cry from being enough .

That armor and weapons for Lucy might have been worth just slightly less than 1000 gold . Gold!

This heavy cost factor is what led many in this occupation to an early death . In this world knockoffs and cheap equipment were also available .

Unlike his past world a cheap imitation or product here actually meant the difference between life and death .

'How much would it take to arm them all to that standard?'

This could be considered a gift from Simon to his friend . Chu could not try to milk another man's generosity for his own gains . He would not be the one to break a friendship between blood brothers apart . No favors mean no obligation to anyone .

Slowly but surely he was putting all this to good use . A successful business was not built in a day . His organization would take all the time they had to gain knowledge and experience .

Only then could they step on this world stage .

For now, he had one pressing matter to attend to .



"You stupid idiot! This armor is not for you!"