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Chapter 157



Samaka’s command is precise . Almost all of the Pirates got caught .
I was honestly surprised with his Magic Artifact, but still, the most amazing thing about Samaka-san would be his capable and competent .


『It was a hard work . Now, we only need to go into post-war processing .
First of all, give compensation to the people who have lost their homes first .
Let’s start with the removal of rubble while summarizing the areas that need repair .
As for the Pirates, we will decide their sins one by one later, lock them all in the prisons』(Samaka)

『Samaka-sama~ Should I leave the injured to Arge-sama?』(Eldera)

『… May I ask of you, Argento?』(Samaka)

『I will do it, but I can not cure the dead, so please give priority to those who are about to die』(Arge)


It was something that I did from the very beginning .
It is awkward, but I will do that much .
It would be weird to stop halfway .


『Ah, I see… that’s right,
You are very helpful as here…
…No, well,
It’s no use crying over spilled milk now?』(Samaka)

『…!? What’s happen?』(Arge)


Somehow Samaka-san seems flustered .
He had a bit of a sense of incongruity in reaction .


『No … what to say . Well… it’s very hard to say…』(Samaka)

『Samaka, have you done it?』(???)


A moment .
The air changed as soon as I heard the voice said so .
The dignified voice stopped even the sounds and conversations of people moving around here for reconstruction .

As I turned around to look at the Lord of the voice .
He has golden hair, the glows of the gold shaking in the sea breeze and taking the sun was as beautiful as a crown .
His pale eyes are gentle, but it seems to suck you in if you keep looking .
The face was well in order .

Though he looks refreshing as a whole .
From what he is wearing, I can clearly see the quality, he isn’t just a simple person .


『Your Majesty!』(Samaka)


More than anything, Samaka is instantly kneeling and says dignified words with respect show who he was .

… Oh, I guess he has said that before .

Surely, Samaka-san said before 《In the presence of the king》

I simply thought that he wanted to say that this port-town was the land of the king to raise morale .

Apparently, the king was really coming .
The person who was called the king, watching us comfortably .


『… Are you the Angel of the sea breeze?』(King)

『I don’t like that name though…』(Arge)

『… Genius Magical Girl Vampy?』(King)

『And, that one is what I don’t allow even more . 』(Arge)


I wonder what he is saying with a serious look, this person .
Perhaps he is a bit natural .
When I was thinking about such a thing, he tilted his head .


『Was I wrong …?』(King)

『Ah, uhm…』(Arge)


I was troubled, it was a bit hard to play .
Well, it’s enough to forget strange nicknames .

From the talk, he seems to know what kind of person I am .
I used to be in Arlesha, using recovery magic, and what I have been doing now .

As Samaka-san told me before, my recovery magic is on demand .
So, if the king thinks that, he might come directly to catch me . He doesn’t seem to be eager about it though .


『… That’s fine . The important thing is the power you used just now . 』(King)


However, it doesn’t mean that he will leave me alone as it is .
The opponent’s tension is unique, perhaps it’s his personality or just natural .
I don’t know the situation .
The other’s eyes are obviously aimed at me .
I can not leave my place silently and I can’t run away as well .

Samaka-san doesn’t even say anything . I can’t expect a helping boat here .
He also has a position .
It is commonplace that he can’t do careless things .


『Where do you come from?
What is your purpose being here?
That power alone can be either a goddess or a demoness depending on how you handle it』(King)



As I thought about what happened, there was something I came up with .
My Blood box has an effect of storing goods by dissolving the existence itself in the blood flowing through my body .

From that storage skill, I took out a letter and handed it .
The word to say is one .
I breathed lightly and spoke the words .


『I am a goodwill ambassador』(Arge)

『… …?』(King)

『I’m the goodwill ambassador who brought a letter from Queen Kutira who ruled the ocean floor city R’lyeh』(Arge)


There was no lie in what I said .

I raised the letter that Kutira handed over to me,
I decided to call myself the ambassador of goodwill .
It seems funny but it will be much better than being detained


『Since the harbor town Arlesha is a town that faces the ocean, I thought that as a civic city, I should bring a letter here first, so I brought it . 』(Arge)

『……I see』(King)


The eyes of the king were deep and seemed to see through here .
Eventually, he nods slowly and speaks .


『This is the first time I hear such name, but I don’t see any lie .
I will confirm the letter and show you hospitality .
My name is Subaru, Subaru Pleiades…
The current king of Pleiades Kingdom』(King)

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