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Chapter 518

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His Xin'er deserved the best in the world . She should never have to settle for less .

"I would know best whether or not he is suitable for me . Who are you to decide for me?" Shangxin rebutted him sharply .


Tang Yuansi tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he said, "You've called me Brother Xiaosi for so many years . You should know that I'm your brother . "

Shangxin: "…"

Throwing a glance sideways at Shangxin, Tang Yuansi asked, "The same hotel as last time?"

Shangxin bit her lip, refusing to answer .

Tang Yuansi did not continue speaking, but stepped on the accelerator and headed straight to the hotel from the previous time .

No one spoke a word throughout the journey .

The car was filled with silence as well as the familiar scents of the two people .

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Soon, the memories that they had been trying hard to forget started flooding their minds, including what had happened that night .

It was an accident that was waiting to happen .

Shangxin had asked for a hug, but the hug became the catalyst that unshackled Tang Yuansi's tight resolve .

He carried her right into the bedroom .

Cradling her like she was a fragile porcelain doll, he placed her carefully on the bed .

She had been crying so bitterly and refused to let go of his shirt that she was holding onto .

Then, his passionate kisses suddenly came showering down on her like a ball of fire that set her aflame .

This was the man that she had loved for 20 years .

She had no resistance against anything about him .

She would give him whatever he wanted .

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That night . The two of them .

She had never seen Tang Yuansi so wild before .

He held her in his arms as he made love to her again and again .

It was as if he wanted to knead her into his body .

Just before she dozed off, she could hear him whisper into her ear that he loved her and loved only her…

At that moment, she thought that she must have been too exhausted, which was why she started to hallucinate .

If he wasn't drunk, he surely would not get intimate with her . How could he even love her?

If he loved her, how could he bear to reject her so many times?

Very quickly, she fell into a deep sleep .

When she woke up, there was no one by her side .

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Shangxin wrapped the blanket around herself and searched around the room, but could not find Tang Yuansi .

Just when she was convinced that he had left without a word after sleeping with her, she saw someone standing on the balcony .

Without a word, Shangxin walked over and lifted the curtains gently .

Tang Yuansi was still around .

He had put on a bathrobe, revealing his muscular chest .

The breeze at dawn was quite chilly, but Tang Yuansi did not seem to feel a thing .

Clasped between his index and middle fingers was a lit cigarette .

Half of the cigarette had burned away, and the greenish smoke twirled around his handsome face .

There was a bunch of cigarette butts on the floor next to his feet .

Shangxin wondered how long he had been sitting here and how much he had smoked…

Fatigue and self-reproach was written all over his face .

Seeing Tang Yuansi like this made Shangxin's heart throb with pain .

This was the man she loved . No one else would know better than her what every expression on his face meant .

He was regretting it very much .

He was not a smoker, but suddenly he was smoking so much .

His eyebrows were furrowed, and his lips were pursed .

Every part of his facial expression reflected his regret .

Shangxin remembered that whenever Tang Yuansi was troubled and could not vent his frustration, he would turn to nicotine to numb himself .

Now, he was hiding here and smoking right after they had sex…

Shangxin bit her lips as her tears flowed uncontrollably .