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Chapter 80

The PE Storage Room Ninja

Since I had lost at rock paper scissors, at the beginning of October, I became a member of the organizing committee for the sports festival .

The last time I had my second-year sports festival, there wasn’t anything particularly great about it . I didn’t have any point where I appealed greatly, nor did I show shameful points as it passed over with no problems . Now, what about this time?

After school, organizing committee members gathered in the biology room, where I ended up seeing Hiiragi-chan . Come to think of it, she said that she became the teacher in charge of the sports festival .

“Ah . Sanada-kun is also part of the organizing committee?”

Hiiragi-chan was displaying a delighted aura… She’s like a pet dog that just saw her owner .

“It’s because I lost in rock paper scissors . ”

“Heeh, I see I see . ”

While grinning, her face seemed to want to say, “You became part of the organizing committee since I was the teacher in charge, right? I get it, I get it . ”

No, I’m sorry, but I only did this because I lost at rock paper scissors .

Once all of the committee members were ready, Hiiragi-chan started her explanation .

“Basically, you guys will be helping out by doing things to allow the program to run smoothly . ”

In simpler words, it would be preparing props, cleaning, or other miscellaneous jobs .

In the first place, the program was already decided, so we just went to the storage room outside, and as Hiiragi-chan confirmed with the printout in her hand, she explained the equipment and tools that would be required .

“—So, whenever you’re done putting in the balls, you need to lower this big bar like thing over here . ”

Hiiragi-chan looked back at the students .

Please stop making a smug face that seems to say, “Seiji-kun, I’m hard at work right now!” every time you end an explanation .

We had the same printout as her, which had a map of the school grounds drawn, indicating the location of where things would be placed and installed . It was really easy to understand .

Hiiragi-chan had a tough time making the printout though, so about 70% of it was made by me .

From the nearby gymnasium, the basketball team and volleyball team began their practice with loud voices .

“It isn’t anything very hard, so thank you for your help . ”

After Hiiragi-chan lowered her head slightly the rest of the organizing committee also returned an appropriate greeting .

“Sensei still has things she needs to confirm, so we’ll end it here for today . ”

The other students left, leaving only me .

“Sanada-kun, things are done for today, you know?”

“I’ll help . What do you need to confirm?”

“… I-if you do that you’ll also have to be nice to other girls, right!? Just now, even Sensei had her heart skip a beat!”

What are you saying with such a loud voice? The door was closed, so I wasn’t worried .

“To indiscriminately scatter heart throbbing excitement, Seiji-kun, that’s one of your bad points . ”

“I basically don’t talk to any of the girls in our class, so it’s okay . I’m not making scattering heart throbbing excitement anywhere . ”

… Scattering heart throbbing excitement, what’s with that? I turned my head after once again repeating that weird phrasing .

“I’ll count the beanbags over here . ”

“Dodging the conversation like that, fine—Thank you for doing that . ”

I silently did the work, and when I finished checking, I noticed it . Come to think of it, the door, it’s been closed for a while now…? It can’t be… there’s no way, right…?

Using a finger, I try pulling on the handle .

Gashan .

It won’t even budge!

“Haruka-san, the door is locked . From the outside . ”

“Really? I guess the two of us are alone and can rest easy for a bit ♡”

“That positivity!?”

In here, there isn’t any equipment used by the basketball team or volleyball team that are practicing right now . If anything, this place is more of a warehouse than a storage room . If it stays like this… we’ll be locked in here for a while .

Hiiragi-chan had the keys, but it’s a key used to open the door from the outside, so even if she has it, the door won’t open .

That means, seeing the organizing committee break for today, some thoughtful teacher decided to close the door that was slightly open…!? I was silently working in the dark, so I didn’t even notice .

“Seiji-kun, it doesn’t seem like anyone is coming…”

Petan, Hiiragi-chan sat down on some piled up mats .

It’s fine that the two of us will be alone for a while, but being unable to leave is a little worrying .

“From now on… we can use this time when we’re alone…!”

“That positivity!?”

“The mat is a little musty, but you can still lie down on them ♪”

Even now, she’s fully intent on enjoying this…!

“My cellphone is left in my bag back at the biology room . What about Haruka-san?”

“Mine as well, is inside a drawer in the staff room . ”

It was a hopeless situation where we couldn’t even ask for help . The window is too small, and it doesn’t seem like anyone can get in or out of it . What can we do…?

“After we get out, we should dry the mats, and by some new sheets—”

“Stop getting so comfortable!”

“There will probably be a teacher that will notice that I didn’t return, so they’ll come looking for me… I wonder when that’ll be . ”

Hiiragi-chan’s tone was relaxed as usual . Lying down on her side, she pat down on a spot next to her .

“Come here . Let’s sleep side by side ♪”

“No, this isn’t the time to be…”

“… Don’t want to?”


I ended up intruding next to Hiiragi-chan .

“What am I doing!?”

Hiiragi-chan’s sweet kisses are the best thing in this world .

“There’s no need to scream so loudly . It’s okay, it’s okay . ”

It is possible that another teacher could come, struggling right now is of no use… For now, I should wait for help, just like Hiiragi-chan while being held tight by her like a stuffed animal .

… It’s so comforting .


“Is something wrong, Haruka-san?”

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“N-nothing… it’s just, I thought I would go to the restroom in here . ”

“Restroom… there’s no way that exists here . It’s a storage room . ”

“O-of course…”

Her voice wavered a bit .

—Ah . It can’t be, she’s barely holding on!?

Her expression stiffened, and the number of times she blinked increased unnaturally .

“… might…”

“Eh, what? Are you okay?”

Hiiragi-chan shook her head .

“It, might…”

“It might?”

“It might leak!”

Her face turned red, and Hiiragi-chan’s eyes became slightly teary . She started fidgeting her legs .

“A-aaaaannnyyoonnnnneeee! Is anyone theeeeeerrrreeeeee!”

I didn’t say anything, rushed over to the door and started to pound on the door . I can’t very well have a mature lady leak on herself . More so if it’s my beloved girlfriend .

Even after desperately calling for help, I couldn’t sense the presence of anyone .

“Se-Seiji-kun… D-don’t call out so loudly, the ringing…”

“Ah, sorry . ”


“Eh, what!?”

“I-I can’t…”

Twitching her nose and with tearful eyes, her expression was already one that could not be revealed .

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“After I leak, I’ll kill Seiji-kun and then die myself!”

“Do your best! Also, don’t just casually drag me into all of this . ”

“Fumiiiiiieeeeen, I-I can’t keep going… . ”

Hiiragi-chan, who had seemed to reach her mental limit, finally started to cry . At that time, gacha gacha, a sound could be heard from the door .

“S-sana was waiting . Nii-san, never came to the entrance at all! Nii-san, you’re there right!?”

Gara, the door opened .


Demonstrating the agility of a ninja, Hiiragi-chan left the storage room in an instant and disappeared .

“Fuwaah!? W-what was that just now!? A ninja!?s”

“Sanaaaaa! You saved us! Not me… mostly… the ninja . ”

I firmly hugged her .

“Yaaaaaaah!? W-what are you doing!? Let go, Nii-san you idiot, pervert, siscon!”

Since she was violently struggling, I let go of Sana .

“Why do you let go so easily!?”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“It’s fine now…”

Hmph, she swept her hair, adjusted it, and said, “Let’s go home?” before walking away .

On the way home, I asked her, and apparently, she just happened to see us and the organizing committee enter the PE storage room . However, we weren’t coming out at all, so she thought it was weird and went to borrow a key to open it .

“Mou, Nii-san is quite the handful . Be grateful, okay?”

“Yeah yeah, thank you . ”

Hiiragi-chan wouldn’t be able to thank her enough . The texts that I received from Hiiragi-chan were filled only with smiley face emojis . Apparently, she made it in time .

“Sana, I’ll treat you to a drink . Ice cream is fine to, you know?”

“What? That’s unusual…”

Although Sana was suspicious of me, she didn’t hold back at all . Ice cream, drinks, and snacks, I ended up treating her to a total of 500 yen worth .