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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:44 AM

Chapter 10

Qing Shan was looking straightly at the wall the moment she asked that question . She looked composed and tranquil but the ripples in her eyes betrayed the truth . Anxiety was brimming inside her and she was afraid that if she looked at Zi Jue, everything would spill out .

A long silence dragged on between them . Qing Shan was nearly losing her mind and was about to snap when she finally heard Zi Jue's voice .

"I don't like you . "

He said curtly . Qing Shan felt an explosion in her mind . She completely blanked out at his unexpected answer . She questioned herself . Was she just assuming all along? Was she mistaken? Her mind was jumping to all sorts of conclusion but it was cut off when Zi Jue spoke again .

"I don't just like you, Yan Qing Shan . I love you . "

From the sudden drop to hell, to an abrupt shift to heaven, Yan Qing Shan's mind had long turned to mush . Multiple explosion had already gone off in her head . The emperor of City Z, head of the century-old Zi family, this smiling devil really do love her . Yan Qing Shan's eyes were wide, her jaw opened in shock . She had an inkling about this, still his actual confession is a hundred times more potent . Yan Qing Shan was insta-killed .

'Yan Qing Shan get a grip . You must straighten things up with him tonight . This is the first step to changing your fate . Calm the hell down . '

She chided herself internally . Trying to recover her long gone composure, Yan Qing Shan cleared her throat before turning her eyes to the evildoer beside her .

"You love me? Why hurt me then?"

Yan Qing Shan asked solemnly . She saw Zi Jue stiffen .

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"You were trying to leave me . Yan Qing Shan, don't you realize it yet? I can handle even heaven's calamity except you leaving . You don't know how far I'll go just to keep you from doing that . "

Zi Jue honey warm voice deepened . His words shook Qing Shan to the core .

They say love is the most vicious motivator . She finally believed it now . A man in love is capable of everything . This emotion takes captive even the most powerful, and it turns them completely weak for one person . And this man's weakness was her .

Yan Qing Shan's heart felt full . She was so wrong about him in the past . She might not know much about being in love but she knew that there were only a few men like him left . She didn't know what to say to him . Yan Qing Shan was rendered speechless .

"Shan Er, I know it's presumptuous of me to even ask for forgiveness . Nothing could change the fact that I was the one who forcefully took you away . And even more than that, I have hurt you with my own hands . Believe me, the pain I feel now is even more than yours . I have hurt the woman I cherish the most, taken her freedom away . It's something that I'll make up for my entire life . But I can't bear it . I can't bear for you not being mine . "

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Yan Qing Shan saw him clenching his fist . Guilt, desperation and yearning strewn in a conflict all over his face . Right now, Zi Jue was not one bit of the majestic person he made people see . He was just him, Zi Jue, a man .

Never in Yan Qing Shan's life, both of it, did she imagine Zi Jue kneeling before someone . But the next thing she knew, he was there in the floor . On his knees and holding her hands as if his very life was depending on it .

Yan Qing Shan swallowed hard . Her expression unreadable . Suddenly, she felt hot, wet tears trailing down her cheeks .

'The devil is too OP . My heart and conscience can't take your begging . '

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"Shan Er, I'm not going to ask for anything from you . I'm not going to force you to love me too . Just please, grant me one thing . Don't leave me . "

She stared at him hard . She had already decided to take him, and stay . Even if he hadn't asked for it . But what he did today had moved her . Yan Qing Shan felt an unexplainable bliss and security in her heart . Despite her uncertainties, there was one thing that's for sure . Him .

She unclasped his hands from hers . Zi Jue's shoulders slumped at her action .

'This silly man . '

Yan Qing Shan thought as she then held his face and met his eyes glimmering under the light . She gazed at him trying to fathom the thoughts in that brilliant mind of his . After a long while, she dropped him a bomb .

"Zi Jue, take responsibility for your words . You should marry me . "Please download our sponsor's game to support us!