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Published at 5th of May 2020 03:15:04 PM

Chapter 102: 102
A black SUV sped along the road swiftly like a panther making it's way into the wilderness . Aki glanced at the fidgeting form in the passenger seat . He had seen him during the party last time . In truth Aki wasn't particularly fond of him since he has been another source of Yan Qing Shan's heartaches . His dislike intensified even more when he was met with his devil-may-care attitude as he dealt with the people during the party . It was as if he had never experienced difficulties in contrast with Yan Qing Shan .

However, a seed of doubt sprouted within Aki when he saw how he interacted with his mistress . He fussed over her despite the cold exterior that his sister has given him . Aki thought that maybe Yan Qing Yu had his own adversities which he had faced during the years of seperation with his younger sister . And that during those days he had yearned for the companion of his family just as much as Yan Qing Shan did . That maybe he was enduring an even more hardship due to the fact that he couldn't run away from where he is .

Aki sighed . Somehow, this brother and sister were a handful . In terms of spontaenity they certainly resembled each other . Aki's morning started with Yan Qing Yu barging in on the Ace Villa with the intention to surprise his sister . He came bearing an assortment of sweets and pastries which were met by the Aces, Yan Qing Shan's friends, with much enthusiasm . Aki could only helplessly sighed in resignment when his Ojou's friends readily sang her whereabouts to Yan Qing Yu in exchange for the desserts . What a bunch of gluttons they were rearing! Aki lamented in his heart . They had beem informed by Yan Qing Shan that she would be taking the day off today and that Zi Jue will take her to a picnic to unwind . And that the Aces and the four of them as well could do the same and take the day off .

Aki had intended for the group, Aces and Guardians, to deepen their camaraderie even more for it was crucial since they were all under Yan Qing Shan's banner . He was brainstorming for appropriate activities when Yan Qing Yu declared that he would be going after Yan Qing Shan . The man insisted that he can't possibly leave his sister alone with 'some' guy . A description that Aki knew would surely tick off his mistress . At this point, he has been made numb to the depths of Yan Qing Shan and Zi Jue's affections . It was something that was beyond his comprehension . After all, he was the type of person who found romantic ties quite tedious .

And so they all found themselves being roped up into Yan Qing Yu's absurd plan . How that had happened, Aki didn't really know himself . In that way, he acknowledge that Yan Qing Yu was formidable in his own way . The man urged the prodigy of computers, Qin Jiran and even begged Yui to help with the tracking . In truth, he was surprised of how utterly privy he was to the specific information regarding the people that Yan Qing Shan had under her . Yan Qing Yu may be as laid back as he wanted but Aki knew he had some pretty dangerous secrets of his own . The callouses on his hand proved that much . Nonetheless, Aki will never pry himself into his business unless Yan Qing Shan oredered him too . After all, he was her brother . Aki could only monitor and report his actions to her and brush off all the unnecessary details .

"Aki-san, we need to be faster . The longer that scumbag is with my precious and cute sister, the higher the risk . We can't let an angel spend her time with a devil . " Yan Qing Yu urged Aki to step up on the speed . The latter could only bite his tongue and comply . On the one hand, Aki also had the urge to laugh . It looks like this Yan Qing Yu had a slight siscon syndrome .

That aside, Aki held a slight worry in his heart . Qin Jiran and Yui may have successfully tracked Yan Qing Shan's location and keeping tabs on her . Yet, he couldn't get rid of the suspicion that Yan Qing Shan may have been able to see through them . Yui assured that their snooping was safe and secured . Nevertheless, Yan Qing Shan, as far as Aki knew, was shrewd in her own kind of way . The four of them have never been able to one-up the other, a lone woman at that .


Simultaneously, another black car also sped up along, tracing the route leading to the specific location flashing on a smartphone map . Tartarus along with his three comrades, the generals of Hades, basked in a tense silence . They have breached their Master's phone and was able to obtain his location . However, Tartarus has this nagging feeling that everything has been too easy . He feared that Zi Jue may have laid out a trap for them . But they have no choice except to push through with this measurr . Who asked them to be loyal subordinates geniunely worrying for their master's safety and well-being despite him being strong enough to take down a division? Ai, how utterly sorrowful .

'Hmm . The possibility of that is quite low especially since their master Zi Jue was with his beloved Yan Qing Shan . Yet Tartarus also knew that it is one of Zi Jue's taboo to disturb his lovey-dovey time with her . He would bet his head that he would thrash them the moment he catches a glimpse of their hides .

'If that happens, I'll implore the Madame for help . I hope she doesn't abandon me, her spy on master's side . '

'My brothers forgive me for betraying you . I have seen how formidable Miss Yan's power is over the future wife doting club president, our Master . ' Tartarus planned internally . He looked at the others and sighed . They have yet to meet the Madame and thus were unaware of her prowess, wit, and influence over the Emperor of City Z . Tartarus knew they were in for quite a spectacle . He can only light some incense sticks for them in his head and pray that their problem children tendencies don't act up lest they offend the all-powerful Madame . They have yet to be baptized to the rule that the Madame's words are their Master's law .

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"When you meet Master's date, remember your manners and be respectful . " Tartarus sighed . In the end he gave them a reminder . If they take it too heart, good . If not, he could truly only pray for them .

"What are you saying, Tartarus? Why do I feel like you're scared of the woman Master is with . What? Is she that great?" Thanatos commented off-handedly . He meant it to be a lighthearted joke but Tartarus' silence unsettled him .

'What? Why is he looking at me like I'm some kind of idiot?' Thanatos furrowed his brows when he saw the serious countenance of their top 1 general . No shit? It's that grave? Thanatos blew an anxoius air .

"Heh, interesting . Who is this Miss Yan that Master is keeping? Are you sure that Master isn't just toying with her? You know how Master was never really interested in such kinds of things like relatio-- ugh!" Asphodel wasn't able to finish his statement for Tartarus had suddenly slammed the brake hard causing them to be thrown forward .

"The hell you're doing Tartarus? Careful with the driving now . " Cerberus reminded him . But instead of apologizing for his blunder, Tartarus eyed Asphodel sharply . His eyes glinted with a dangerous gleam .

"Asphodel, take back your words . Never ever let the Master hear you saying that . Never ever let any foul word, statement, or opinon regarding Miss Yan escape from your lips no matter what . For if you do, even I will not be able to save you from Master's hands . The same goes for you two" Tartarus said gravely, sternly causing the other three great confusion .

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"What do you mean, Tartarus?" Cerberus asked in confusion . He thought that the latter was being exxagerated and unreasonable over something so trivial .

"You'll see what I mean for yourself . Don't say I didn't warn you . " Tartarus replied in dismissal . He has done his part . These people need to witness firsthand the things he was saying before they believe . But that was no longer his scope of responsibility .

'I just hope those two won't plan any pranks against us, their employees . Aah, it's a little bit tiring worrying about those two lovebirds . And these guys are even adding to my difficulties . What have I done to suffer so?' Tartarus lamented in his heart .


While the two groups of 'prey' ventured the road to their inevitably pitiful fate, the two people responsible for carrying out this fate were leisurely strolling their way into the woods .

"How long before those people on your side come?" Yan Qing Shan asked as she fiddled with her hair in excitement .

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"About 20 minutes tops . " Zi Jur answered with a shrug .

"Oh, so they'll be arriving earlier than the ones on my side then . That's just convenient . Let's deal with them first then since they pose a slightly better struggle compared to the ones on my side . " Yan Qing Shan declared . Zi Jue quirked his lips in an amused smile .

"My love, why does it feel like you're underestimating our 'preys?" They might be sturdier than you expect . " Yan Qing Shan giggled and snuggled up to him playfully .

"Oh, I'm just excited . I'm not really undermining them . Let's have lots of fun in this hunt alright?" Yan Qing Shan beamed . Zi Jue sighed and gave her a peck on the forehead .

"So long as you're happy . "

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