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Published at 8th of May 2020 05:55:04 PM

Chapter 105: 105
Yan Qing Shan leaped agilely from the branches of the trees . She even deliberately made them rustle about just so the gentlemen below would notice an abnormality . She sighed in resignment, deciding not to dwell too much on it . The fighting principles of Zi Jue's men was something she didn't have anything to say about . They didn't need to be experts of tracking down, stealth, and detection . With the skills they have now, they'll be able to survive in a myriad of environments, even if it was a tropical forest oozing with predators . Their senses were capable of that much . Except, humans were different from animals . If they were hunted by humans, by enemies whose concealing abilities were superior they would face their demise if not find themselves hovering between life and death .

This was a fact that was engraved in her mind by her grandfather Reo and reinforced by countless assassinations she had to face when she became his successor . Just because she was young doesn't mean that such heinous people would spare her . Just because she was weaker than them doesn't mean they would let her live . It was quite the opposite in fact . The more lacking you have, the more they would exploit you until you keeled over and died . Hence, self-preservations instincts were something crucial .

She proved as much back then when Yan Qing Shan was still in Japan, back when her dearest and treasured maid attempted to take her life as she was sleeping . That particular maid went above and beyond to conceal her killing intent and was patient enough to wait until she had gained her trust and those of the people around me . It was quite the elaborte plan . If it hadn't for the instincts she tried desperately hard to master and keep in her daily life, she wouldn't have come out unscathed from that event .

That's why she emphasized this particular skill set and got angry for Zi Jue's men to have taken it for granted . She didn't want them to lose their lives . Yan Qing Shan stopped after sorting and calming her wrath . She waited for Zi Jue to reach her location .

"You were too fast there, my love . Why are you rushing about?" Zi Jue asked as he leaned towards her . His forehead touched hers .

"We'll wait for them here . Hide your presence . " Yan Qing Shan ignored Zi Jue's question and directed him instead .

Zi Jue sighed in defeat . "Fine . If you say so . "

Yan Qing Shan eyed him for a short while before clearing her throat and handing out a hair tie to him . Zi Jue gaped at her in confusion .

"What . . . What is it?" Yan Qing Shan puffed her cheeks and breathed her reply .

"My hair . Tie it . It's getting in the way . " Zi Jue stared at her with lost eyes . In truth, Yan Qing Shan could have tied her hair by herself . However, she had been acting up for quite some time now . Though Zi Jue wasn't voicing out anything, Yan Qing Shan felt conscious of her 'bratty' ways . So, she decided to appeal to him . She wasn't exactly someone one would call cute, her features were too sharp and cold to begin with . But Yan Qing Shan just found herself being like this to Zi Jue . Asking him to do the smallest things for her, things she was very much capable of doing . It felt different when it was Zi Jue who did those ordinary things for her . Is this how it is when one is in love? How pleasantly silly .

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"Alright . " Zi Jue took the hair tie from her hands and carefully held her hair . There wasn't any comb with them hence, Zi Jue gently brushed her tresses with his long, slim fingers . Yan Qing Shan felt ticklish when he did this but also uncannily warm . Zi Jue braided her hair expertly . When he finished Yan Qing Shan caught a big, pleasant smile he had on his lips . With this as a prompt, Yan Qing Shan gave him a peck on the lips seeing as he was off-guard .

Zi Jue's eyes widened in surprise as he stared dumbfounded at her . Yan Qing Shan shrugged her shoulders in response .

"Thanks . Now, hide your presence . They'll be hear any minute and I plan to welcome very warmly . " Zi Jue didn't say anything and heeded her command . Yan Qing Shan did notice a suspicious blush decorating the beauty's face which made her grin internally .

'Ah . . . it's really fun teasing him . ' After such thoughts, Yan Qing Shan then focused on her surroundings . The distinct sound of footsteps belonging to men sounded out from beyond .


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Tartarus has been feeling an observing gaze since they had entered the forest . As they walked around, he couldn't help but look up at the canopy of trees currently surrounding them . He knew it was not his ear playing with him . There were peoply leaping about above the branches . He just couldn't zero in on them . Tartarus was pretty sure it was either Miss Yan or his master .

"Tartarus, have you been hearing that?" Asphodel jogged nearer to him and asked . Tartarus gazed at the man and nodded in assent . He wasn't surprised that Asphodel had detected what he did . It was a specialty if his after all . If only the other were as sharp as he is then they wouldn't have so much problems .

Cerberus and Thanatos bickered at the littles of things . It was an everyday sight but it was highly inappropriate at this moment . He was about to tell off the two when he felt a cold, sharp wind passed the side of his cheek . Tartarus stiffened when he saw a dagger had been embedded into a tree . Just now, he had just brushed so closely with death . It was too late for him to sense the oncoming weapon . The killing intent behind was cleverly and expertly hidden . His head snapped up to the source of his handshake with death .

Tartarus' eyes was met by the frowning form of Yan Qing Shan clad in black sportswear with straps of daggers and a small gun on her thighs . At her back was their master in the garb he was wearing before they left Ying Yue Garden . Tartarus wanted to call out to him and give him a piece of his mind for leaving without bodyguards except the deadly glint in Zi Jue's eyes seemed to command him to recall what his sins were . Tartarus couldn't help but ponder what he did for Zi Jue to be so annoyed . Aiyah . His life truly was pitiful .

"Housekeeper Liu, I'm quite disappointed . I expected more from you . " The statuesquely beautiful woman, the love of his master's life suddenly remarked . Her cold voice was biting and made Tartarus squirm from where he stood .

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"We've been tailing you from the very moment you entered the forest . You've noticed as much yet you have not put sufficient guard up and even gave me the opportunity to throw a weapon at you . Tsk . Tsk . If I was truly out for your blood, you'd be on your way to heaven by now . " Yan Qing Shan continued with a sigh . The other three who was with him looked on at her in question .

"You should give him a little bit of leeway, my darling . He's trying his best . At the very least he and Asphodel were able to notice us . Unlike the other two . " Zi Jue interjected . Yan Qing Shan tilted her pretty head at him in ponderance . Zi Jue's voice contained gentleness and indulgence which the other three had never heard from him before . Tartarus found their expressions quite comical . This was an every day occurrence for him by now . Being fed with dog food has been added to his job description . Sometimes, this couple's antics would get to him and he would yearn to be able to go home earlier and bask in the comfort of his own wife's arms . Seriously, this oblivious couple . Somehow having others suffer the same fate as him gave Liu Ying an unxpected pleasure .

"Oi, Tartarus . What is the meaning of this? What happened to our ruthless Master? Am I dreaming?" Cerberus asked out of the blue, unable to believe what was unfolding im fromt of him . His master was known to be a ruthless, smilimg devil . But the way he is now, despite his smile was a far cry from his usual self . He looked like someome madly amd fooloshly in love . Cerberus felt his world view shatterimg .

"Cerberus, am i dreaming?" Asked Thanatos om his side .

"I'm afraid you're not . That really is master . " it was asphodel who amseered .

"Hmm . That is true . Then I should start with those two insensitive people then, shouldn't I Ah Jue?" Yan Qing Shan responded . dhahabsbz wjdjshsbs hdhdhs wjshshd ejshshs uehdhdhd ejdhd ejshsbs idjdhd rjejdje djdjdhd

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