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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:40 AM

Chapter 14

There was a long silence on the other line . Yan Qing Shan waited patiently . She knows that the old man was surprised with her words .

Only people from the underworld knew the truth behind the internationally renowned and century-old hotel empire in Japan . The Monarch is actually the stronghold of the Asahi-gumi, the most powerful yakuza family . Although the Asahi family have considerably laid low the past decades, they have retained their strength and influence in the underworld .

Asahi Reo was the current kumichou . And her, Yan Qing Shan who was given the japanese name Asahi Ami, is the heiress of the entire Monarch empire . The Ojou* of the Asahi-gumi . In the underworld, she was known as the notorious Izanami, goddess of life and death .

[Why? I thought you'd already left that part of your life behind?]

Yan Qing Shan heard the change in Reo's voice .

"I can't leave, Jii-chan . Not when one of the underworld's forces is involved with my mother's death . If Zhao Ming Hua has reached her clutches into the darkness; why should I, someone who is part of that darkness, not do the same?"

An audible gasp rang out from her phone .

[Y-you know? H-how did you . . . ?]

Yan Qing Shan clenched her fists . Her nails digging deep into her palms .

"I also know that you knew about her involvement . It doesn't matter how I found out about it Jii-chan . The main thing is I'm coming for them . "

She said, her words dripping with unconcealable rage .

[Ami, you are putting your life in danger . Even until now, with our power and influence both in the civil and underworld I haven't discovered Zhao Ming Hua's supporter . From this, that supporter is most likely powerful . ]

Yan Qing Shan sighed . She was well aware of that . But she was not that weak herself . Besides if the enemy is powerful, then she just had to grow even more powerful than them . She was not in a rush, and it wouldn't be fun if she doesn't play with them first .

"I know what I'm doing Jii-chan . You just need to believe in me . "

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She said firmly . Yan Qing Shan heard him sigh .

[Alright . Do what you want . I'll settle whatever the aftermath . ]

She chuckled at that . Her grandpa was always like this . Doting to the extreme .

"You love me the most, Jii-chan . On that note, I have to trouble you to send those people then . "

Asahi Reo snorted . Yan Qing Shan could almost imagine him rolling his eyes .

[Those good-for-nothings . Ever since you left, all they did is idle around . I'll gladly send them off . We'd save up on the expenses . ]

"I'll expect at the soonest possible time Jii-chan . Have them contact me when they arrive her at City Z . "

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[Alright . You take care of yourself, okay?]

"I will, Jii-chan . You take care too . I'll try to visit some time . "

[I won't expect on that too much . ]

Yan Qing Shan laughed and then said her goodbyes .

She has started to lay down her pieces . All she needs to do is wait for the game to start .

'Heh . I wonder how much delight they will be able to offer?'

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Yan Family Estate

A silhouette silently opened the door to the master's bedroom . The figure rummaged through a drawer and brought out a bottle of medications .

The figure then poured out the contents of the bottle and changed it to similar looking pills, then brought it back to the drawer .

A sinister smile appeared in the silhouette's face .

"Yan Tian Yu, don't blame me . You should have chosen me from the very beginning . I should have been your first wife, not that bitch Zhao Ming Yue . Now, I'll make sure everything will belong to Xiaoyi alone . I'll get rid of your dog-daughter and make your dog-son suffer . Everything that Ming Yue loves, I'll destroy all of them . "

Zhao Ming Hua muttered to herself, a menacing look distorting her pretty features . Upon going out the door, her expression transformed to that of a gentle and kind demeanor .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!