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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:39 AM

Chapter 15

An unseen gale of cold air seemed to envelope the conference room . The men and women inside, all influential in their own rights, felt their backs drench with cold sweat while a man with a gentle, solemn smile looked around them one by one . He sat there in front of them like a lord overseeing his subjects .

The man was of course the emperor of City Z, and the one and only smiling devil, Zi Jue . He was in the middle of Zi Corporation annual board meeting . And as of now, anyone looking at his smile would know that someone was about to meet their doom .

Zi Jue was just about to snap at the people stupidly gaping at him, when his phone suddenly rang a familiar tone . It was the tone set for his little hermit at home .

He raised his hand signalling them to keep silent .

[Zi Jue, are you busy?]

Yan Qing Shan's sweet voice rang out in his ears . Though a hint of aloofness was still present, it was hugely different from the tone she had used on him in the past .

His dark, abyssal eyes shone with warmth and his smile transformed into a genuinely sweet one .

The people in the room were flabbergasted at the sight and an uproar started in the hearts and minds . The signal for silence thoroughly tortured their curious, gossiping mouths .

Who was this smiling devil talking to? Was he really even the devil? Where in the world did this angelic bishounen* in front of them materialize from? They seemed to be suffering from folie à deux* .

Zi Jue was unaware of the turmoil his employees were currently going through . His sole attention was now on the woman who suddenly called on her own volition . Zi Jue felt like a kid on christmas day .

"No, not really . Just sorting out something . " He answered curtly, however there was a tinge of joy in his tone .

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The people around him nearly vomited blood .

'Boss ah . You're nearly killing us . How is that just sorting out . You're blatantly lying . ' Was their collective cry .

[That's good then . I have something to talk to you about . Make sure you go home early, 'kay?]

Zi Jue's brows furrowed . He wondered what Yan Qing Shan wanted to talk about . It seemed really important judging from the slight trace of uneasiness in her tone .

"En . I will . "

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[Good . Then I will wait for you here at home . ]

Zi Jue smirked at her words . Yan Qing Shan did not seem to realize how much she sounded like a wife telling her husband that she'd be home waiting . It made him feel unexplicably giddy .

After ending the call, as if nothing had happened Zi Jue restored his previous demeanor and uncaringly commanded his subordinates to continue .

And thus the pitiful souls who were given a reprieve with that phone call, bitterly endured a few more hours of torture in that purgatory of a conference room . All the while fervently praying to all gods they could think of .


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Yan Qing Shan had just finished cooking a full course meal . All of it was Zi Jue's favorites . She was hoping this would be enough to coax the devil into allowing her to live in the university dorms and avoid unnecessary paranoia . She had spent quite the effort for this feast, the small cuts and burns are evidences .

Though she'd much rather stay in the comforts of Ying Yue Garden, staying in the dorms gave a considerable freedom for her to what she needs to . Especially since she would have to frequently meet up with those people . Yan Qing Shan feels that it's not yet the right time for Zi Jue to know about her other identity . Silly as it may seem, she didn't want Zi Jue to see that side of her yet .

Yan Qing Shan was lounging about in the living room when she heard the familiar sound of Zi Jue's Maybach . She promptly went to the door to greet him .

"Hi . Welcome home . "

She said as Zi Jue's figure entered the door . The was a faint smile on her lips as she met his dark eyes exuding a warmth entitled to hers alone .

"I'm home . " He replied in his gentle, mellow voice . Yan Qing Shan was about to talk again when suddenly a familiar mint and chocolate scent attacked her nostrils . She just found herself in his embrace, petrified . Which he took as an opportunity, and landed a soft kiss on her forehead .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!