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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:37 AM

Chapter 16

It took a bit of a while for Yan Qing Shan to recover herself from the devil's sudden display of affection . She somehow already expected a change in their interaction after the previous heart-to-heart talk . Nevertheless, she couldn't help but be overwhelmed . This was all new to her . After all, the Zi Jue she knew was the exact opposite of this affectionate one currently guiding her to the living room .

As they were walking, Yan Qing Shan did not miss the stunned looks of Zi Jue's assistant Yu Yan and Housekeeper Liu Ying . However, it was Yu Yan's latter expression which caused her to furrow her brows, a dark conjecture forming in her heart .

'Heh . What an interesting reaction . It seems like I have overlooked this particular person . Too bad she got careless . ' She sneered .

"What happened to your hands?"

Zi Jue's worried question cut off Yan Qing Shan's train of thought . She smiled a pacifying smile at him .

"I cooked dinner . These are a few mishaps that went with it . Don't worry . They don't hurt . "

Yan Qing Shan gently said . Zi Jue tsked and asked Liu Ying to fetch the ointment . Yan Qing Shan looked at Zi Jue and then at Yu Yan .

"Will Miss Yu Yan be joining us for dinner?"

Zi Jue frowned and then turned at his secretary .

"You can go home for now . " He said tersely at the woman . The woman nodded stiffly before going back out of the door .

Yan Qing Shan turned to Zi Jue, the smile in her face taking a dark turn .

"How many years has Miss Yu Yan been working for you?"


Zi Jue felt chills in his back as he look mystified at his beloved woman's smile . It was even more beautiful than an ice lotus, and much colder too . Even the tone of her voice was frigid as she questioned him .

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He thought that this must be the way his subordinates feel when he smiles like that . Zi Jue finally realized how imposing it could be . He felt as if he was a small subject looking up at his queen .

'This woman is the only one in the world who could make me feel this way . Sigh . You've got it bad, Zi Jue . '

Zi Jue cleared his throat as the sudden realization that his wife might be reacting this way because she was jealous of his secretary . This was a huge leap!

He couldn't control the grin spreading in his handsome face .

"Are you . . . Are you jealous?"

Yan Qing Shan's face retained a cold indifference at his question as if saying that that was not the proper answer to her question .

Zi Jue touched his nose anxiously before talking again .

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"About four years now . "

Yan Qing Shan's raised a brow and the corner of her lips still hiding a faint trace of a sneer . Zi Jue shuddered .

"I see . You must be really close by now . Must be convenient, Master Zi . To have such a lovely and efficient secretary . "

Zi Jue gulped . His back straightened like a soldier in attention .

"Missus . I'll fire her immediately . "

She turned to him and stared pointedly .

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"No need . You don't have a reason to . And I haven't married you . . . yet . Let's have dinner . I have things to discuss . "

Although a Yan Qing Shan drowning in a pot of vinegar scares Zi Jue a bit, he still couldn't help but marvel at how can such a cold person be so cute . His heart couldn't handle it .

Not wanting to piss her off further, Zi Jue remained silent and followed Yan Qing Shan to the dining like an obedient puppy .


Housekeeper Liu Ying almost fainted as he watched the interaction between the two . He had been there the moment Miss Yan fired her dangerous question .

His brain had constantly been crashing unable to accept that his master was capable of such actions, of such humanly responses . And he even followed Miss Yan obediently . His master was never the obedient type .

'Master ah, it seems you will not be the one wearing the pants in this relationship . Aiyah . Anymore of this and it's either I die from shock or from envy . '

The poor housekeeper lamented in his heart as he followed the two with the ointment that he was asked to fetch .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!