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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:36 AM

Chapter 17

The atmosphere in the dining was awkward, Yan Qing Shan felt guilty about it . She couldn't believe that she got caught up by the green monster of jealousy . Where the hell did her everlasting calm indifference fly off? Why was she even jealous? She discreetly pinched her thigh as a reprimand for her unacceptable behavior .

She gauged Zi Jue's mood . Yan Qing Shan looked up at him and was met with a smug smile . She furrowed her brows .

This guy even have the nerve to be smug at this time . Yan Qing Shan huffed in annoyance, her cheeks puffing a bit .

"I'm planning to stay at the dorms when I go back to school this weekend . "

She started . The smile in Zi Jue's face was immediately replaced with a frown . His entire being seemed deflated .

"You're leaving me here alone?"

Zi Jue said pitifully, and looked at her with his eyes downcast . Yan Qing Shan nearly choked when he said this . That escalated quickly . Is this really Zi Jue? Who was this big man looking at her with puppy dog eyes? Where's the fierce man from her past? Where's he gone? Where has his image gone to? Yan Qing Shan cleared her throat trying to dispel the laughter that was about to spill out, though it was quite a futile effort because the corner of her lips still perked up . She lowered her head to hide this .

"I'm not . What made you think that? I plan to transfer to the Media Faculty . It would be convenient for me to be at the dorms since I have to catch up on a lot of things . Besides, it's not as if I won't be here on weekends . "

Yan Qing Shan explained and looked up guardedly .


Hear that? That's the sound of Zi Jue's lofty and devilish image breaking into unsalvageable pieces . Yan Qing Shan's image of him at the moment was an abandoned puppy with his ears flopping down . She gulped .

'This kind of Zi Jue is deadly . I actually . . . Oh my lord, I actually find him too cute to handle . '

Zi Jue's eyes were watery and his moist, red lips in a slight pout while he kept his silence . His fork brutally stabbing the steak in his plate . Yan Qing Shan was confused . Wasn't she the one who was supposed to act like that?

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"Why will you transfer? What's wrong with you taking Finance?"

Zi Jue spoke lowly . She shrugged and then put a piece of flower-shaped carrot in his plate . The guy was neglecting his vegetables .

"I only took it because my good father wanted me to . I actually wanted to pursue screenplay and filmography . "

Yan Qing Shan reverted back to her indiferrent and cold tone with the mention of her father . She saw Zi Jue furrowed his brows and sighed internally at this . She knows that he's aware of the issues about her family . But Yan Qing Shan was sure it was not in-depth . No matter how hard his men investigates, they would only find out the surface problems . Only she was aware of how deep and dangerous the quagmire her family was in .

"Is this one of those things that you need to do?"

He said after a long pause . Yan Qing Shan nodded .

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"Then, alright . But there are things that we need to agree on . "

She raised her brows, mirth playing in her phoenix eyes . Seems like the devil has regained his bearings . . . and dignity .

"You need to come back here every weekend . No attracting those of the opposite sex . No drinking . No going out in bars . No attracting those of the opposite sex . Have I said that already? Hmm . On second thought, I'll just write you a list . "

Yan Qing Shan stared at him . She smiled wryly . Alright, she already knew that he could be unreasonable when it comes to her . Might as well placate him .

"Fine . Whatever you say . Eat . Don't leave out your veggies . "

She conceded . Zi Jue returned this with a blindingly bright smile to which she couldn't help but shake her head, then proceeded to devour all of the dishes she made .

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Yan Qing Shan stared at the majestic building of her new department . She smiled to herself . It was true that she wanted to pursue screenplay and filmography . It was a passion of hers .

Ami Saunniere . A mysterious yet renowned novelist and screenwriter . Every novel she released was a sure best-seller and critically acclaimed . Her screenplay were always a blockbuster hit . No one knows who she really was nor what she looked like . Even her publisher .

Ami Saunniere was Yan Qing Shan's pen name . The time she spent in that prison library of hers in the past was not in idle . She actually immersed herself in doing one of the things she liked most, one of the things to elicit a reaction from her . Writing .

However, taking back this achievement was not Yan Qing Shan's only purpose of transferring . In fact, her main purpose here was Yan Xiaoyi . She looked at the papers in her hands and smiled wickedly .

'Yan Xiaoyi, enjoy your good days . '

Yan Qing Shan was immersed in her evil thoughts when she heard an irritatingly sweet voice sounded out behind her . She stiffened briefly .

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