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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:34 AM

Chapter 19

"Miss Yan . A moment please . "

Yan Qing Shan stilled her steps and questioningly looked at the people rushing her way . These three men looked like staff of the Media faculty .

She recognized one of them as the one who administered the admissions test . He was behind two other men who seemed insconspicous . The taller one who wore plain black-rimmed glasses had strict features . The other one fell a bit on the short and stout side, his visage was that of a friendly uncle . However, despite being discreet their covertly imposing manners did not miss Yan Qing Shan's eye . She figured they might be higher ups .

She tilted her head, waiting for them to continue . Yan Qing Shan wasn't really sure if she was the one they were calling . After all, Yan Xiaoyi who is also a Miss Yan was still at her tail .

"Ah, Miss Yan . It's good that we were able to catch up to you . Congratulations!"

The friendly uncle said jubilantly while shaking Yan Xiaoyi's fair as jade hands . She looked dumbfounded at the man .

"Ah Assistant Dean, why are you congratulating Xiaoyi?"

It was Shen Ling who voiced the other's obvious thought . Yan Qing Shan merely stood there, looking very much like an uninvolved observer .

The tall man with the strict features lifted up his lips in a small smile, obviously pleased . He turned to Yan Xiaoyi as well, before answering . The teacher behind them who Yan Qing Shan knew, stood agitatedly wanting to interrupt the other two in their felicitudes but failing miserably . She raised her brow at this .

'Heh . I wonder . '

Yan Qing Shan discreetly grinned . Now, this is what she was waiting for . A proper show . The actors were cooperating quite splendidly, as well . It would be a loss to miss it .

"Of course, we will congratulate her . I've seen your work Miss Yan . Truly, it is a masterpiece . You deserve qualifying as our long awaited Ace . "

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The two were momentarily stunned before Shen Ling released a zealous squeal while looking fervently at Yan Xiaoyi .

"Xiaoyi, you're our Ace? Why didn't you tell me? I thought the only title you have was the Campus Belle . I never would have thought my dearest friend would also be the Ace of the Department . You've hidden deep Little Xiaoyi . "

Shen Ling's voice was hyped up that it caused even the students passing by to notice and stop to spectate at them . Yan Qing Shan's grin widened . The audience have arrived .

Yan Xiaoyi blushed at Shen Ling's words . A faint blushed spread in her cheeks to which she tried to 'cover up' with her hands . Yan Qing Shan rolled her eyes . She wouldn't be surprised if she strained her eyes with all these eye-rolling that they were inducing .

"That . . . Dean, Assistant Dean it's not . . "

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The poor teacher was once again interrupted . This time by Yan Xiaoyi herself .

"Ling Er, stop teasing me . I knew you were going to act like this so I didn't tell you . "

That's it . She really was going to have an eye strain because of their shameless buffoonery . Yan Qing Shan observed the teacher who was being ignored . Tsk . These people didn't even let him speak up . But Yan Qing Shan thought this was better . The bomb he was going to throw later would be enough to maim the limbs of Miss Shameless and Miss Stupid .

"Nooo . That's unfair Xiaoyi . You should have told me . Aaaah . I'm so proud of you . You're not only a beauty, you're also a genius . "

Shen Ling's flattering words sparked murmurs in the crowd . This was to be expected . After all, Z University was renowned for its topnotch, quality education . They impose the most rigorous of training and tests for the students of different specialization . It was, in a way, the manufacturer of the country's exceptional experts and geniuses .

One of its unique highlight is the Ace system . The Ace is basically the one best of the best . The one at the top . The elite of the elites . Each department would determine an Ace of every year . They are then gathered in the Ace class .

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Every Ace had privileges and freedom an ordinary student would die for . They are exempt to all expenses, are provided allowances, and lodgings at the Ace Villa . They had considerable freedom with their schedules and were given VIP treatment at all the university facilities and affiliates . The only requirement for them is to create a self-sustaining project that would contribute to the country, which of course was easier said than done . But this was enough to test their capabilities .

What made the Ace system even better was that it was open to all students, given that they qualify a certain test the department would conduct . As to when and what test, only higher ups in the department would know .

Usually, the news of a new qualifying Ace would not cause much of an uproar . However, in the media department no one had ever qualifed in the past five years . Until now .

The commotion in front of the Media Department continued to escalate . Until a sudden booming voice successfully interrupted the conversation of the two elated women and the two beaming middle-aged men of the Media Department .

Yan Qing Shan smiled, a certain wickedness enveloping her .

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