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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:53 AM

Chapter 2

Qing Shan gazed at that bottle with melancholy . Up until the end, this was her bad habit . She did not try to resist . Qing Shan never put up any fight against things which she had deemed set . For her, it was better to go with the flow . At some point, she also knew that this was her fatal flaw .

She wasn't really this distant and detached when she was young . It was the contrary . She tried hard to belong with her family . Qing Shan had tried to like and get along with her aunt and half-sister . She had a bunch of close girlfriends as well . But in the end, despite everything, she ended up alone . Her father focused on his other daughter, who was more coquettish and on his only son . He doted on his new wife endlessly to forget that whom he lost . She was left out . Her so-called girlfriends were only there because of her status as the Yan Family's big miss . So when they noticed that Xiaoyi had more of the Yan Family Head's attention, they also left her alone .

With that, Qing Shan concluded that no matter what effort she put into, it will only be useless . Caring was not an advantage . It gave her no benefit at all .

'Maybe I really am just a coward . '

Qing Shan chided herself at this thought . Thinking about it however, it was this detached personality that had caused a certain demon to be attracted to her . Zi Jue, 31st Family Head of the Zi Clan . Emperor of City Z . No one could match him in terms of power, money, status, and even looks . Although he possesses a face that could cause the downfall of an entire nation, his sadistic and power tripping tendencies could cause an even bloodier tragedy . He was a devil incarnate, one that smiles sweetly as he kills .

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They met at a party of one of the prominent families . She didn't have any plans to attend that party, but Xiaoyi pestered Father Yan for her to go . She was made into a wallflower, a foil, a backdrop to make Xiaoyi shine that night and hopefully catch the eyes of the infamous Zi Jue .

Unfortunately, it was her, the wallflower who the devil took an interest to despite Qing Shan's shabby gown and bare face . A week later, unbeknownst to her family, she was suddenly whisked away to Ying Yue Garden and confined there by the damned smiling devil .

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She became a bird trapped in an elaborate, golden cage . Zi Jue provided her everything, as well as a certain degree of freedom . After all, it was only her first year in university . Qing Shan tried to flee once but it failed miserably . It also made Zi Jue a lot more guarded . She didn't try anymore after that . She knew it was futile . Thus, Qing Shan became more withdrawn . She stopped going to school, and just stayed in that beautiful prison like a doll in a luxurious doll house . Treating everyone in the place coldly, speaking only when she was spoken to . The more she was like a puppet, the more Zi Jue tried to elicit a reaction from her . He tried every means possible . Both good ones and bad once . But it was like hitting cotton . In the end, he set free thinking that that would make her become human again . Qing Shan jeered at this vain attempt of his .

Qing Shan wondered how Zi Jue would react when she died . She laughed at herself internally at this thought . He had already ceased to care .

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"Do you really think Zi Jue would succumb to your daughter just as my father did to you? I wish her all the luck in the world then . She would need every single bit of it to have that smiling devil in her hands . I sincerely advice that she do not bite off more than she could chew . "

Zhao Ming Hua's gaze turned ferocious . She walked nearer to her and grabbed hold of her neck .

"You bitch! Even if you are lucky to have gotten Zi Jue, you didn't last long enough to enjoy it anyway . I really wonder what he saw in you, you slutty trash . "

The hand on her neck tightened even more . Qing Shan wanted to claw at it but she was too weak to do so . Although the poison that Zhao Ming Hua first gave her was intercepted, she still hadn't recovered from it and was still weak .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!