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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:30 AM

Chapter 23

Yan Qing Shan stared down at the opulent door in front of her . A platinum plaque hovered on the top bearing gold stenciled calligraphy, exuding the very essence of what it represents .

Ace Class .

In the past Yan Qing Shan subdued herself to the maximum and ended up dropping school altogether . She was more than capable of getting into Ace class, but she found it tedious . But now, she wanted to be able to experience the most of it . High School wasn't much since she was homeschooled in Japan .

Only her grandpa Reo and her companions back in there knew how much of a genius Yan Qing Shan was . She had an eidetic memory and an IQ over 200, which has compromised her EQ .

This was a common occurence amongst intellectual people . They unconsciously suppress emotions for it clouded their judgement . Aside from the fact that they most often could predict the outcome of scenarios and situations . Because of the vast expanse of their knowledge, they disdain to dabble in what they think as trivial and fleeting aspects .

They don't see the point of dealing with these aspects when they already know what would happen . They fail to see the point of it all . And Yan Qing Shan had embodied this trait to the utmost and most precarious: apathy . It took death for her to be aware of what normal people treat as something common . If not for her rebirth, Yan Qing Shan would still have been indifferent to everything . Losing everything gave her the spark of life and to make use of her abilities .

She held on to the door's handle . Yan Qing Shan knew that it would be hard to deal with the people inside . After all, in a way they were all similar to her . They had pride equivalent to Olympus Mons . Though they still haven't reached Yan Qing Shan's apathetic state back then . She surmised it's because of the companionship that they had formed .

It seemed that Yan Qing Shan forgot that her social skills were not that efficient . And that just a week ago it was practically non-existent . But then again Yan Qing Shan was not easily intimidated, she would deal with them on her own somehow .

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After a deep breath, she turned the knob and went inside . The original chatter within the room faded into silence when she walked in .

The room for Ace Class was not the typical classroom . Instead it is more like a luxurious conference room . There was an oval table which could seat around ten people . On the far right corner was a mini bar . Opposite it was a set of navy couches and consort chair around a glass coffee table . There was also a huge bookshelf and an LCD wall . Two doors were on the other end . Yan Qing Shan figured that it was probably a bathroom and the other a mini kitchen .

'Ace class really lives up to its name . '

She shook her head . Yan Qing Shan was used to the simplistic and understated Zi Jue and thus prefer it more .

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This year's generation of Aces have eight people excluding Yan Qing Shan . She did some research about these classmates of hers . And most of them are from prominent families . There was two who came from middle class but had abilities beyond exceptional .

Eight pairs of eyes looked in her direction . Yan Qing Shan entered battle mode . If she wanted to conquer these group of people, her perpetually stoic, cold face came in handy . She walked to a chair at the back silently, but kept her head straight and unwavering . She chose the place where could covertly observe the people who went back to their own businesses .

She looked at them one by one assessing and cross-examining their actual characteristics as compared to the information she had gathered .

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The first one she landed her eyes on was Chen Luo . The Ace of Law . The second young master of the Chen family . Having grown up in a family of lawyers and prosecutors, his nature leaned to strict and conforming . His simplistic silver-lined eyeglasses added sharpness to his serious face . Yan Qing Shan was not surprised to see him seating near the bookshelves . She saw a kindred spirit in him, as a fellow bibliophile .

Lounging at the sofa, on the other side, was the twins Jia Yi Lan and Jia Wei Ren . Their Jia family was a renowned family of doctors . They own the world-class Imperial Z Hospital and was the spearhead of innovative health care and medicine in the country . Jia Yi Lan, herself, was already a genius surgeon and a numerable specialization in her age . Her brother,

Jia Wei Ren was a scientist in his own right . He had a hand in the development and improvement of various medicines in the health community . Yan Qing Shan noticed the way Jia Wei Ran fussed over his sister . Seems like the guy was a bit of a siscon . Though she couldn't blame him . Jia Yi Lan was the epitome of gentleness . Her every move exuded grace .

Yan Qing Shan tapped her fingers lightly at the table . As expected, integrating herself to them was not an easy feat . She was brooding over this matter as she observed the others . When suddenly, a handsome, smiling visage blocked her eyes .

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