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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:26 AM

Chapter 26

Liu Ying was taking notes of the revisions that his master, Zi Jue, wanted to make in the countless proposals scattered at the office table . These past few days he noticed that Zi Jue was giving him half the work that Miss Yu Yan, his office secretary, was supposed to be in charge of, on top of his usual duties .

He was curious as to what happened but he held it in since it was not his place to ask . Though, Liu Ying found it strange since Miss Yu Yan was not even fired nor transferred . He was given a reprieve from the note taking when the devil asked him to bring in some black coffee .

His master have been irritable the past few days, the documents he was handling magnified it even more . Zi Jue was a perfectionist when it comes to his work and the quality of the presentations, he surmised, must be tap dancing on the devil's last good nerve .

So, Liu Ying promptly went to make some immediately . He was just about to take the coffee back to his master's office when his phone buzzed with three consecutive texts .

His soul nearly flew away when he read the texts . It was from his prospective Lady Boss, Miss Yan .

[Housekeeper Liu Ying, good day! I'm going to Zi Jue's office for lunch . You don't have to order our food or anything . I already prepared some . So, could you please meet me later at the front . I'm afraid I might get stopped at the lobby since I have no appointment . ]

Liu Ying processed the first text message slowly . His face ultimately drawing to a blank disbelief . It was not the part where she was going to the office for the first time or the part where she made lunch for the master to eat with him that he found incredulous .

It was the part where she said that she might get stopped at the lobby because she doesn't have an appointment . Who the hell would have the guts to aske her for an appointment? Master Zi Jue would drop anything the moment she calls for him .

He shook his head at this and proceeded to read the next messages .

[By the way, this is a surprise alright? You can't tell Zi Jue . ]

[I repeat . Don't tell, Zi Jue . Thank you, Housekeeper Liu!]

The messages were basically her repeating her orders . Liu Ying was helpless . He didn't want to hide anything from the devil . Who could even hide anything from that man, right? But he also knew his master would be happy with this surprise .

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Ultimately, Liu Ying comceded with Yan Qing Shan's plans . With this he brought the coffee to him with an uneasy and nervous heart .

After serving Zi Jue's coffee, he was dismissed from the note taking as well . Liu Ying couldn't help but sigh in relief . He was afraid that he couldn't escape there before Miss Yan arrived .

Thankfully, his master seemed to want to be left alone . Liu Ying settled several more documents while he waited for Miss Yan's message . After an hour and a half of waiting, his phone buzzed once again .

[Housekeeper Liu Ying, I'm here at the entrance already . Could you come fetch me now?]

Liu Ying scrambled to his feet as he typed in his agreement and plea for her to wait for him there . He rushed to the private elevator of his master . It was good that the elevator was situated in front the secretarial area and not within the CEO's office itself . Or else, Miss Yan's surprise would be ruined before she could even say the word "Surprise . "

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Liu Ying arrived at the lobby of the office and looked around for the figure of the Lady Boss . But he couldn't find her . He was about to call her when a familiar voice calling him . Liu Ying turned around and was met a beautiful celestial goddess garbed in mortals clothes .

His jaw slackened, opening involuntarily in shock . He knew Miss Yan would be beautiful if she had dressed up a little . But he did not expect her to be this beautiful . This transformation was simply inhumane, ah .

Liu Ying led her to the private elevator . The lady seemed to not care about the eyes that trailed her every step . He sighed and lamented internally .

'Master, ah . May the force be with you . With Miss Yan looking like this, you're going to need all that force to drive out the countless peach blossoms around her .

With the sharp ding of the elevator, they have reached the CEO's office . Some time in the elevator, he had already taken the lunchbox and the flask of tea in Yan Qing Shan's hands . So she was the one who opened the door to Zi Jue's office .

Liu Ying three steps behind Yan Qing Shan . That's why he found it strange when she stopped just passed the door frame . His question was answered when he finally saw the scene which unfolded right there beyond the sinful door .

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Liu Ying's soul really flew out of his body this time . He was surprised that he didn't drop the food box and flask in his hands . Because there, past the opulent, teak office table, Miss Yu Yan was in the devil's embrace .

He silently prayed for his master's fate when he felt the room grew darker and the temperature dropping drastically around Miss Yan . Standing behind her, Liu Ying seemed to have found himself right smack in the middle of a heavy snow blizzard .

'Aiyah, Master! What have you done? Do you want to kneel on an iron durian for the rest of your life?'

Liu Ying regretted his thought a while ago . It seems that his Lady Boss needs the force even more than his master does .


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