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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:24 AM

Chapter 28

Zi Jue felt as if the heavens were playing a big joke on him . He had continuously prayed to see Yan Qing Shan . It was granted, but what the hell?! Is it necessary for him to see her in this type of situation? Do the heavens want him to be forever alone? Is this retribution?!

He abruptly stood up and flung the leech incarnate off of him . Not caring to hold back his strength . If the leech was injured, then it would be better .

Zi Jue's concern now was how to calm the disastrous storm coming off from his beloved . He cursed Yu Yan a thousand more times . And then cursed himself once for being unguarded . He should have been more suspicious of the damned leech . What if his baby girl decided to revoke her promise? If that happens, he would make sure to give Yu Yan a fate worse than death .

"Shan Er, this . . . Don't have the wrong idea, alright . You're mistaken . "

Zi Jue was scrambling for his words . He was actually panicking big time . Yan Qing Shan was looking at him emptily . It was the look that he hated the most . It was as if her eyes were dead and that no matter what he does he could never bring life into it .

"Shan Er, baby, I'm innocent alright . This is not what you think . Please believe me . "

He dashed off to her side and clutched at her hands . Zi Jue was desperate . If Yan Qing Shan did not speak yet or reacted in any way aside from staring at her, he would kneel down and beg . To hell with his pride, clearing things off with his baby girl was more important .

"Missus, please spare me . Let me explain"


Yan Qing Shan raised her brow . Her eyes slowly recovering a dim sparkle when she saw Zi Jue's desperate attempt to explain . However, she was still fuming . The scene she had stumbled upon burned in her mind .

She was excited when she arrived at Zi Jue's office . Her high spirits were evident in her gait as she walked towards the door . She was looking forward to his reaction to her makeover . However, all of her excitement and good mood plummeted to a negative when she opened the door .

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Who in their right mind would be glad to see such a scene? A woman other than her was in the arms of her devil! Yan Qing Shan was livid . It took her everything to not let her killing intent leak out . But she couldn't stop the coldness from seeping in her whole being . A searing and discomfiting pain enveloped her heart . She frowned internally at such a feeling . She wondered if what she felt was jealousy .

Yan Qing Shan ignored the thought and let logic numb her out . She knew there must be an underlying reason behind the scene she witnessed . After all, she was already aware that Yu Yan had set her eyes on Zi Jue . Yan Qing Shan also held Zi Jue to his word of honor . Thus she remained stoic, stared at Zi Jue and waited for him to explain .

Her conjecture was proven right when she saw how roughly the devil flung the poor secretary to a side . At some point, she even felt a tinge of pity . Which thoroughly vanished when she recalled how she touched her devil .

Yan Qing Shan took pleasure at how Zi Jue fumbled to explain everything to her . She believed him when he said he was innocent . She, of all people, know her position in Zi Jue's heart was unshakeable . She also knew how loyal he was . Though she still could not make out her feelings toward him, Yan Qing Shan held a high degree of trust in him .

But then again, she can't let him off that easily . Who asked him to be molested by an insignificant canon fodder? Tsk . That chest of his was hers alone to touch .

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"Explain then . You have a minute . "

Yan Qing Shan coldly replied to him, not bothering to refute his term of her like she always do . Somehow, hearing missus from at the moment calmed her nerves down . She even wanted to laugh . Zi Jue somehow looks so adorable being in a state like this .

"This woman purposely tripped herself, okay? I already told her that I did not have time to waste in talking to her . But she was too stupid to understand . I was busy dealing with paperwork so I was unguarded which gave her the chance to pounce on me . Shan Er, baby, missus, I'm so sorry . I know my wrong . "

Zi Jue spouted his explanation quickly . Yan Qing Shan was amused but she didn't let him notice . However, her cold eyes had considerably warmed after he talked . She frowned at his hand which was holding her .

"Hands . Don't touch me if you haven't disinfected yourself yet . Don't contaminate me with germs . "

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Zi Jue immediately pulled away his hand and turned to the Liu Ying who shrank himself into non-existence behind her .

"Liu Ying, get me a bottle of hand sanitizer and a change of clothes quickly . And burn this suit after I changed . "

Yan Qing Shan felt a gust of wind as the poor housekeeper immediately complied to Zi Jue's command . She turned to the devil whose head was downcast .

"You stand there in the corner . Don't talk to me unless you have cleansed yourself . "

She said apathetically before striding towards the other woman who was rubbing her waist in pain . Yan Qing Shan saw Zi Jue without even a squeak of protest for his manly pride, obeyed her order and meekly stood at the side silently . Her heart fluttered at his actions . This guy is really too cute for his own good .

She took her attention away from him and contemplated how she would deal with the presumptuous secretary in front of her . Daring to covet her, Izanami's personal devil, Yu Yan was specifically asking for an endless torment .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!