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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:23 AM

Chapter 29

Yu Yan felt chills running down her spine . She held on to her sore waist as she tried to stand up from the floor . Never did she expect that Zi Jue would really be that violent .

She had been doubtful of the rumors about him . Yu Yan did not want to believe that someone who smiles that gently would be able to hurt a woman . However, her belief was torn down when Zi Jue didn't even take a glance at her after he ruthlessly threw her off .

It was all because of that bitch . If she hadn't arrived a while ago, Zi Jue wouldn't hurt her . Why does she always get in the way? She even made Zi Jue apologize to her subserviently . Yu Yan believed a great man like Zi Jue should never bow down to anyone, especially to a slut like her .

Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching . The air around her turned stifling and chilly . Yu Yan felt like she was choking . She clutched onto her throat trying to relieve the tension . But to no avail, it seemed to increase even more .

Yu Yan lifted her head to look at the person approaching . A pair of malevolent eyes met hers . Those eyes were so cold, so empty . Yu Yan felt as if she was staring straight at the abyss which was inching closer and closer .

She was going to be swallowed alive! She was going to die!

Scared was an understatement of what Yu Yan was feeling . Yan Qing Shan stopped right in front her . Yu Yan felt an oppressive pressure similar to an invisible mountain crushing her underneath .

Yan Qing Shan lowered herself down to meet her face to face . She gulped hard . Yu Yan couldn't turn her head away from her no matter how hard she tried . The fear she felt kept growing and growing . Everything faded out from her sight except for the beautiful form of her most hated woman .

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"You are just a secretary . "

Yu Yan was struck hard by those words . That cold voice tainted with contempt seemed to have risen from the underworld, whispering out in her ears repeating every word . Such simple words but they dealt her a brutal blow . Those five words have degraded her whole being . As if gazing in a mirror, Yu Yan saw how insignificant she was . Her image was nothing but simply a pitiful little secretary tailing around Zi Jue .

Yu Yan recalled how Zi Jue had treated her in all the years she worked for him up until this day . Yan Qing Shan was right . She was just a secretary . Zi Jue never treated her anything more than that . Yet, it was Yu Yan herself who fostered hope . She thought she could get Zi Jue, but she miscalculated everything . Her mind shattered as the realization dawned on her . Yu Yan slumped lifelessly on the floor .

"Tell me, what should I do with you? . . . Should I gouge those eyes out? They've been looking lecherously at him for all these years . Hmm . No . That's too messy . I'll just break these hands then . These sinful hands that touched what's mine . A pity though . They look quite dainty . "

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Yu Yan shivered in fright . She had no doubt this woman would do what she says . She felt her intestines go green with regret . Yu Yan was about to beg for leniency when she felt a sudden excruciating pain . Her eyes widened in shock as she saw Yan Qing Shan burying her right hand underneath the heel of her shoe .

To someone watching, it looked like Yan Qing Shan just took a light step but Yu Yan knew that step broke her hand . Tears flowed from her eyes mixing with snot . She didn't even realize she was wailing so loudly . The only thing that registered in her mind that moment was pain .

Yu Yan wished for it to end . But it didn't . Another searing pain welled up from the other hand clutching her right . It has been broken too just like that . Then a slap followed one after the other .

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She glared hatefully at the woman who caused her this pain and humiliation . For someone like Yu Yan to experience this was much too great of a burden . The last string of her sanity snapped .

Yu Yan stood up with all her might . She ignored the pain of her broken hands and tried to attack Yan Qing Shan head on .


Yu Yan fell to the floor again . And all it took was a slap . Her eyes blankly staring at Yan Qing Shan who gazed at her stoically . Yu Yan was unreconciled . She wanted to curse her but the words weren't coming out . She wanted to protest . Why did this happen to her? She only wanted Zi Jue for herself . That wasn't wrong, was it?

"Pathetic . "

That frosted word laced with indifference was the last thing Yu Yan heard before she finally lost consciousness . Her hands were swelling like pig trotters . Tears and snot stained her face, her make up smearing all over . Her thoughts cursing Yan Qing Shan to the depths of hell .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!