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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:22 AM

Chapter 30

Yan Qing Shan did not bother looking at the woman sprawled miserably on the floor . A scheming wretch like Yu Yan do not deserve her pity . She knew first-hand the danger and viciousness of people like her . Yan Qing Shan died under the hands of one, after all . She was not going to make the mistake of being merciful to their sort .

She sauntered lazily to the rouge settee before turning to the man standing majestically in the corner of the room . He was leaning on the wall with an absurd air of elegant indolence . His hand tucked carelessly in his pocket . Yan Qing Shan frowned at him . What was this man smiling about? His grin was so wide that his face was about to split . Not to mention there was a certain hint of smugness in it . Although, the smile made him a thousand times more attractive . Still, Yan Qing Shan felt that it was inappropriate for the occasion .

"Deal with that so we can have our lunch . Don't make the food wait . "

She said indiferrently as she reclined with her eyes closed . Yan Qing Shan ignored him afterwards . Although, she could hear his footsteps coming closer and settling beside her . Yan Qing Shan opened her eyes and met his fervent, dark gaze . He still had the same smile plastered on his face . It was looking a little bit foolish by now .

She turned her head away from him and closed her eyes again . The truth was Yan Qing Shan was struggling . Her wrath was not at all pacified . Though looking at him now, for some curious reason, calmed her a bit . Still, she can't risk the possibility of Zi Jue feeling the malicious killing intent Yan Qing Shan was keeping within her . The man was freaking observant when it's least expected .

The door noisily clicked and House Keeper Liu Ying excused himself to them . The man set down the food box and flask she brought with her . He then presented a new suit and a bottle of sanitizer and alcohol to Zi Jue .

"I'll go get cleaned up . "

Zi Jue quietly said . Yan Qing Shan merely nodded without opening her eyes . She heard the light noise of food boxes being opened and the sloshes of tea pouring out . When it stopped, Yan Qing Shan looked gratefully at the house keeper .

"Thank you, House Keeper Liu . "

She said lightly, her tone losing a bit of coldness . House Keeper Liu was one the people she has acknowledge aside from Nanny Rong and Meili . It was given that she would be gentler to them . Sometimes even more so compared than how she treats Zi Jue . But all of that is a moot point .

"No problem, Miss Yan . If there's nothing more, I'll be excusing myself . "

Liu Ying mumbled lowly . She half-smiled at him and nodded . Zi Jue came back minutes later smelling strongly of sanitizer and alcohol mixed with his personal perfume .

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Yan Qing Shan smiled to herself, satisfied . She took one of the boxes along with a pair of chopsticks and handed it to Zi Jue . The lunch she made was reminiscent of a bento so there was no need for a bowl . Afterwards, she took her own and started eating .

"Do you think I went overboard?"

Yan Qing Shan broke the silence that blanketed the two of them . She has been waiting for him to rebuke her . After all, she beat up one of his employees and caused a ruckus . Why was he not saying anything?

Zi Jue stared at her straightly for a long while before finally speaking .

"No . You didn't . Personally speaking, you were still too easy on her . You could have hurt her more . "

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He replied matter-of-factly . Yan Qing Shan paused and looked at him funny . What did she even expect? This guy was the devil . He was a thousand times more ruthless than she was . But still, isn't this a bit too indulging? She held back in consideration of him . What a waste of effort . Zi Jue seemed to have realized something from the look she had on her face .

"Oh no, baby did you hold back because she's my employee and we're at my office?"

Yan Qing Shan mechanically nodded . If she wasn't thinking of helping him keep an image of a benevolent boss, Yu Yan wouldn't be going out of that office with just two broken hands . She still has more or less 200 bones left for Yan Qing Shan to break .

"Sigh . Shan Er, baby, that was unneccessary . It's not good holding yourself back . There's nothing to worry about . What am I here for if not to pick up the aftermath?"

Disbelief brimmed in the cold face of Yan Qing Shan . Her eyebrows scrunched up prompting Zi Jue to playfully smoothen them up .

"You're not . . . mad? Me being so violent and unladylike . . . you don't . . . dislike it?"

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There was reluctance in her tone as she said it . Was she misinformed? Those articles she read before, were they somehow faulty? It clearly said there that men prefer women who were more . . . mild for the lack of a better term . Yan Qing Shan's frown deepened when Zi Jue suddenly chuckled delightfully .

She huffed indignantly . Why was this guy laughing at her? Even if his laugh were like glorious, tinkling bells seeping through her bones like warm milk and honey, it did not justify the need to laugh at her .

"Ah, baby girl . I can't take how cute you are right now . Have pity on my poor heart . It's not immune to your deadly charms . "

This time Yan Qing Shan officially concluded that Zi Jue has gone full-on stupid . What ruthless, smiling devil? What emperor of Z City? Those do not match up with this foolish, cheesy as heck person in front her . They're going to get devoured by mice at this point .

"Yan Qing Shan, my sweet adorable wife, even if you turn into a complete torture machine and commit murder in front of me, so what? Do you think I care? Rest assured, I'd clean up after you, bury the bodies, and compliment your hard day's work . "

Zi Jue said nonchalantly, as if he's saying something that was already given . Yan Qing Shan froze at that . A warm sensation bubbled up in her belly and flowed upwards heating her neck and face . She bowed down to hide her obviously red cheeks, not knowing that her ears were a dead giveaway of her embarrassment .

"Eat your vegetables . "

She mumbled . Which only earned another ecstatic laugh by the hotter than hell hunk in front of her .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!