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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:21 AM

Chapter 31

While Yan Qing Shan was busy beating up a scheming leeche and eating a sumptuous lunch with Zi Jue . Eight people convened at the grandiose dining table of the Ace Villa .

They were surrounding a suspicious exquisite lunch set, all the while arguing with one another . Complaints such as the food not being enough, or one of the other was guzzling the food down too quickly echoed one after the other .

Yes . These glorious prodigies were busy fighting over the left overs from the dishes that Yan Qing Shan made for her and Zi Jue's lunch . Reputations were trampled . Dignities were dismantled to nothingness . The Aces that Z University boasted of, have been transformed into shameless gluttons by Yan Qing Shan's cooking .

"Chen Luo, you fiend! Leave some for us . "

The perpetually calm and collected Ace of Law ignored Xu Lei who reprimanded him . His chopsticks not even faltering a bit . Despite the fast movement, he still looked graceful as he stuffed his mouth with food .

"Damn it! F*ck these cocky bastards, if this is how you're going to play then so be it . "

Another pair of chopticks moved lighting fast, not caring whether it be vegetable or meat all of it went straight to his dainty lips . Everyone else looked at the innocent angel that was Ning Xie Zhi . However, they weren't really surprised with how colorful the words coming out from his mouth were . This was what they call the gap moe* . He may look like a teenage cherub with his fair face, puppy eyes, and cute pout . But beneath that misleading exterior is a notorious male-version of a shrew who is well-versed in cursing than a sailor .

Jia Yi Lan sighed loudly . Why does she even stay aound these children? Oh right, because they ARE children . She shook her head lightly . She should have just invited Yan Qing Shan out . Despite her cold and indifferent manner, she was actually quite adorkable . Jia Yi Lan smiled when she remembered the look on her face when she was having her hair done .

"Sis, you're not eating anymore?"

She glared at Jia Wei Ren before gesturing at the devoured dishes at the table . Not even a speck was left . Her twin smiled sheepishly .

"Now that you're done being gluttons, what do you plan to do regarding Yan Qing Shan's test?"

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Jia Yi Lan inquired . She was worried about Yan Qing Shan but she was also aware that gaining the acknowledgement of these men would be more beneficial .

"Well, I plan to challenge her to a shooting duel . Then some hand to hand combat . Pretty much fighting . If she's able to hit me even just once, I'll acknowledge her . The usual . "

Hong Zhen Yue answered directly . Everyone in the room facepalmed . There was no helping this combat maniac . All of them, even the frail Jia Yi Lan suffered his challenge . It was a good thing that they all had some fighting capabilities and was able to land a blow on him .

"Why don't we make it a bit more interesting?"

Qi Xia, this devious profiteer had his signature sly smile . Being the Ace of Business, he was always like this . No one would disagree if someone said that he was, in reality an old, wily fox . His schemes and strategies were top-notch . That includes his pranks . They couldn't help but silently light incense for the poor girl .

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"How do you plan to do that, Qi Xia?"

It was Qin Jiran who asked . Qi Xia's smile grew wider .

"Since it's for gaining our acknowledgement, why would it be only Zhen Yue testing her . Why don't we all test her?"

Jia Wei Ren frowned at him . Do they really need to go through so much trouble? Oh well, all of them has experienced being played with by Qi Xia . Naturally, since Yan Qing Shan was new she was the subject of the fox' pranks . But somehow he felt that Qi Xia's suggestion was a bit over the top .

"Wouldn't that be unfair? After all, we have different specialties . Testing her through that would be one-sided pummeling . "

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The aces fell into silence . Jia Wei Ren's words did make sense .

"Consider it as gauging the extent of her potentials . Who knows she might be good at some of the other specialties . We'll get to know her better that way too . Besides, it is up to you how you want to test her . My suggestion doesn't necessarily mean that you should challenge her through your expertise . "

Qi Xia justified . The other aces finally agreed with that arrangement .

"Well, you f**kers can do all you want . I'll just have her cook me something delicious . "

Ning Xie Zhi's mouth had taken the stage once again . The others looked at him in question .

"What? You wondering why? Maggot heads . Haven't you realized that the food you just ate were cooked by her? She already moved in here . None of you bastards can even brew tea much less cook . Yi Lan's kitchen skills are pretty much non-existent . Who bloody else would have been able to cook what you just ate?"

The Aces were slackjawed . Ning Xie Zhi, the ultimate glutton . . . erm . . . foodie had hit the nail . They were too taken by the food to even think of who cooked it . Until he pointed it out . Now all of them are secretly hoping that she passes their challenges . For the future of their stomachs .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!