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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:17 AM

Chapter 34

Qi Xia came forward as Yan Qing Shan exited the arena . A sliver of smile in his lips . Compared to Hong Zhen Yue, he didn't dare be complacent . As he sees it, Yan Qing Shan was far from being simple .

"Miss Yan is very formidable, I see . However, my challenge will not involve brawns . May I invite you to a chess match instead?"

The other aces stiffened while Yan Qing Shan raised her brow at their reaction . Jia Yi Lan's gentle voice raised a notch as she protested Qi Xia's challenge .

"No! Absolutely not! That's going to be really unfair . Qi Xia, you're a freaking nationally renowned grandmaster in chess . You expect her to compete against you? Where's your integrity?"

She chided to which the man merely shrugged . Qi Xia was proclaimed a chess grandmaster at age nine . Add up the years of his leisurely plays and competition experiences he was basically unbeatable in the game . Hence, Jia Yi Lan's argument .

Yan Qing Shan found this amusing . Sigh . These kids are really just . . . kids . One underestimated her . The other is unconsciously showing off . This further strengthened her resolve to them 'kindly' ingrain to them some of her well-intended principles .

"It's fine . If it's a chess match you want, then it's a chess match you'll get . "

Yan Qing Shan patted Jia Yi Lan's hand and gave a brief smile . Qi Xia nodded with a smile and their group went to the recreation room of the villa . An elaborate crystal chess set was taken out .

She tsked to herself . The luxury of being an Ace was beginning to get to her nerves . That or her miserly ways was acting up .

If Zi Jue were to hear her thoughts, he would for sure nod vehemently and even say that the only thing she knows how to splurge on was books .

"Let us begin then . I'll take the black ones . "

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Yan Qing Shan settled herself to the seat where the black pieces were arranged . While Qi Xia took to the other side, though his expression was careless, his fox eyes were guarded .

He was quite confident of his chess skills . Frankly, he may deny admitting it but he refused to believe that Yan Qing Shan will be able to defeat him . This may be his ego as a chess grandmaster talking . Nevertheless, he still kept that voice of reason which was telling him to take this seriously .

He looked at Yan Qing Shan's poker face . He commended her in his heart . Being able to keep an unchanging expression was crucial to the game . At least she had this spot on .

Chess was a game of tactics and strategies . Being the Ace of Business, he was aware that the corporate world was one big chess game . And it was where he thrived . Qi Xia wondered how long this indifferent woman would last against him . His perpetual sly smile was pasted in his lips .

Without further ado, he made his first move .

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. . . .

"Checkmate . "

The cold voice froze Qi Xia to the core of his very being . Disbelief was written in his face . She beat him . And he didn't even realize that he was losing until she uttered that single word .

But despite being incredulous about it, Qi Xia wasn't a sore loser . Yan Qing Shan beating him in the game simply meant that she was an even more outstanding strategist that he is . Qi Xia was not in any way stifled .

"Really, you are quite an amazing woman Miss Yan . It is an honor to be beaten by you . "

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Yan Qing Shan gave Qi Xia a half-smile . To be honest, she was amazed by him too . He was not easy to beat . If she had lowered even a bit of her concentration, Yan Qing Shan wasn't sure that the outcome would be the same .

Qi Xia would pose a huge problem to whoever crosses him . Anyone who falls for his schemes wouldn't even know how they died . She surmised that anyone with him on their side was bound to be formidable . Yan Qing Shan was also confident that Qi Xia would make his family's empire bigger than it is now .

The other aces felt surreal at Hong Zhen Yue and Qi Xia's defeat . The two of them were their group's lead brain and brawn . The top brass of this generation's Ace Class . But they lost just like that to the same woman . They couldn't help but look at Yan Qing Shan in a brighter and renewed light .

The lot of them shuddered when Yan Qing Shan looked at their way . They felt their futures suddenly going bleak . Well, except for Ning Xie Zhi, who was quite excited at the prospect of Yan Qing Shan yummy food . And Jia Yi Lan as well, who resolved herself to voluntarily losing since the beginning .

Yan Qing Shan's blank look was directed to no one in particular . Her voice still as cold .

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